CastleStorm Pixel Judge review

PJ: "With CastleStorm, Zen Studios are making an attempt to combine different gameplay mechanics, from some of the most addictive games found on PC and mobiles, into one game. But does tower defense and Angry Birds really go together?"

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3-4-51704d ago

Sounds good. Was thinking of getting this but haven't decided yet. Game looks fun and I love the Art style.

PixelJudge1704d ago

It has some flaws but don't get discouraged by the score, it's really worth a buy.

3-4-51704d ago

How long of a game is it ? Is it a 10 hour game or can I play this a few hours every day for a few weeks and still have content ?

PixelJudge1704d ago

There's the skirmish that's always fun but the campaign is probably 10-15 hours maybe, on hard difficulty.