The PS4 And The Xbox One Will Both Lose November 15th

The PS4 and the Xbox One have the same release date in the US, and pretty much the same release schedule everywhere else. It’s going to be a tough, bloody holiday season for both consoles, and ultimately neither will come out the winner. Here’s why.

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iamnsuperman1739d ago

It is possible that these system will suffer a similar crisis that the Wii U is experiencing. But I think one factor cannot be over looked. Nintendo basically burned third party developers with the Wii. The Wii was popular but a game couldn't be developed on a 360/PS3 and then appear on the Wii. Which then lead onto one of the issues they have now with the Wii U(which isn't helped that Nintendo went after the tablet crowd with a tablet controller and did a horrible job of explaining what the Wii U was to the mass market).

kingxtreme811739d ago

I don't agree with this at all.

Wii U is widely considered overpriced - PS4 and XBO are not overpriced. $400 and $500 isn't cheap, but both pack very powerful hardware (and XBO with Kinect) meaning the price is in line with what you get. The same really cannot be said for Wii U.

PS4 and XBO will not suffer from lack of support from 3rd parties, meaning that while exclusives continue to be developed, PS4 and XBO will see a steady stream of games that gamers want to play.

PS4 and XBO will continue to cater to and make happy the multiplayer crowd, something Nintendo still lacks big time.

Wii U doesn't get games day and date with the PS3 and 360, something the PS4 and XBO won't suffer from.

I could go on and on, but I do not believe there are too many similarities between PS4/XBO and the Wii U.

MasterCornholio1739d ago

I agree with you that the PS4 and the XBOX One will not flop in the market like the Wii U.

Im expecting the PS4 to sell the most followed by the XBOX One and then the PS3 and 360 with the Wii U falling behind. These are just my predictions for the holidays.

Tales RPG addict1739d ago

Lose are you fucking kidding me. Lets see PS4 launches in 32 territories, M$ launches in 13 territories. Who will sell more at launch SONY duh

MasterofMagnetism1739d ago

Not only launching in more countries but also at a cheaper price too. Sony will definately sell more consoles.

MysticStrummer1739d ago (Edited 1739d ago )

Not only launching in more countries at a cheaper price, but also with more powerful hardware and more features that aren't hidden behind a paywall.

I can buy a PS4 with two games, and even without PS+ I can be playing five or six games in the next few months, online and off, without buying another title.

PS4 is the choice for planet Earth.

alexkoepp1739d ago

Hmmm, PS4 launches in 32 territories and produced 1 million units, Xbox in 13 and produced 3 million units... who sells more? The number of launch territories is basically irrelevant, there are other important factors.

SwordandShield1739d ago

3 million?? Where the hell did you hear that or are you just making that up?? Is that why they are giving FIFA 14 for free because they are so far ahead in preorders??

avengers19781739d ago (Edited 1739d ago )

When did MS give there release dates, cause I have not seen any.

Chaostar1739d ago

Did Microsoft announce the Xb One release date?

Chaostar1739d ago

lol beaten by a millisecond :D

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