The Rebirth of Killer Instinct and my love for fighting games.

My story on the rebranding of Killer Instinct and how important the game was to my youth.

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ZBlacktt1456d ago

I used to play this like 20 years ago, lol....

AngelicIceDiamond1456d ago

They need to show that cyborg guy with the blue wolverine claws.

AngelicIceDiamond1456d ago (Edited 1456d ago )


hey its been a while.

thetruthx11456d ago

This game will be my 1st fighting game purchase in over 10 years and for a good reason :)

EdoubleD1456d ago

You missed out on a lot of fighting games man.

XboxFun1456d ago

KI has definitely quieted all the haters on this site.

I'm glad too, with every video shown this game looks to be a beast and sit right up along side the other great fighters we all know and love.

MizTv1456d ago

I do think it will be fun
But I also think it does not look like a NextGen game

XboxFun1456d ago

What is a next gen game suppose to look like?

You have to remember that a lot of these 3rd party devs were given rumored specs to work with in order to bring out the game at or close to launch.

You probably won't se a huge leap in graphics from both systems until maybe a year from now.

Loki861456d ago

Let's just get rid of an entire genre, because this guy doesn't like them. Try contributing next time.

KI looks excellent and 20 dollars for 8 characters isn't bad.

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