Top 10 reasons to pickup a PS Vita, now

If you've been waiting on the right time to pickup a PS Vita, now would be a great time to do it! Here are at least ten reasons why...

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iamnsuperman1704d ago (Edited 1704d ago )

My reason to get it is right now is Price, Remote play and Killzone coming soon. If you do pick it up try out LBP Vita (in my opinion best in the series), sound shapes and gravity rush

chestnut11221704d ago

Don't forget Persona 4 Golden. 1 of a kind Experience for JRPG :)

GdaTyler1704d ago (Edited 1704d ago )

If you are a fan of the Uncharted and Assassin's Creed series, don't shy away from their Vita iterations. They are awesome. Killzone and Tearaway are coming soon. If you're picking up a new Vita. The Walking Dead bundle is the way to go. Also pick up PS+ so much bang for your buck!

Everyone is entitled to their own opinions anyways so that's fine. I for one was blown away by Uncharted by the level of detail and the length. The only thing that hurt it was the gimmicks. Assassin's Creed was actually pretty cool to me though. The framerate didn't bother me too much and it wasn't that glitchy to me at all. I really enjoyed them both. This is why I don't always trust game reviews as most of the time the game is much better than people make it out to be. I'm glad I went for it. I enjoyed both experiences and found it to be a large advancement from the PSP.

LBP Vita is awesome. Must buy for Vita owners hands down. So is Persona 4.

iamnsuperman1704d ago

I disagree about Uncharted and Assassin's Creed. Uncharted was fine but it wasn't spectacular. If you can find it at a reduced priced then get it but it really didn't do anything for me. Assassin's Creed Liberations should be left well alone. That game is just a glitchy mess with an incoherent story. That game is the definition of half-assed development.

Tearway looks really good but I would like to try a demo before I buy or see some reviews on that. PSN+ is a must for any Vita owner.

GribbleGrunger1704d ago

Not after the patch it wasn't :)

iamnsuperman1704d ago

@GribbleGrunger I got it in January. What patch are we talking about?

Sithlord-Gamble1704d ago

I actually liked Uncharted better on the Vita to be honest.
I also felt AC was a worthy purchase.

Ive enjoyed almost every Vita game ...
Even Resistance & CoD.

And yes ... Persona 4 is a must buy.
And if youve played the KZ beta ... that is also a must have. Its excellent. Much better than the other 2 FPS listed above. (Although thats not hard to do)

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ShwankyShpanky1704d ago

All those (except KZ) and my PS+ Vita backlog.

The only thing that was really holding me back was wondering if they'd release a new model, but it doesn't look like that will be happening, so it's definitely on my buy list for the near future.

(got nothing against KZ:M, just don't think I'll need another KZ since I'm getting SF)

metsgaming1704d ago

i agree lbp vita is the best in the series as far as the single player goes.

PSjesus1703d ago

Persona 4 and Gravity rush for me
by the way this week Ultimate M vs C3 and DOA 5
are 10$ each for PSN plus.Also moramasa is 20$

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PSnation41704d ago

i will wait till black friday in november to pick one up..

GdaTyler1704d ago

Wow, that'll be a steal!

Williamson1704d ago

I'll give one, Console quality on the go.

faysal1704d ago

just got the killzone beta and god dam it looks like ps3!!! love the game!

GABRIEL10301704d ago

KILLZONE MERCENARY the beta is amazing......

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