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Top 10 reasons to pickup a PS Vita, now

If you've been waiting on the right time to pickup a PS Vita, now would be a great time to do it! Here are at least ten reasons why... (Borderlands 2, Dragon's Crown, PS Vita, The Walking Dead: Episode 1 "A New Day")

iamnsuperman  +   494d ago
My reason to get it is right now is Price, Remote play and Killzone coming soon. If you do pick it up try out LBP Vita (in my opinion best in the series), sound shapes and gravity rush
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chestnut1122  +   494d ago
Don't forget Persona 4 Golden. 1 of a kind Experience for JRPG :)
GdaTyler  +   494d ago
If you are a fan of the Uncharted and Assassin's Creed series, don't shy away from their Vita iterations. They are awesome. Killzone and Tearaway are coming soon. If you're picking up a new Vita. The Walking Dead bundle is the way to go. Also pick up PS+ so much bang for your buck!

Everyone is entitled to their own opinions anyways so that's fine. I for one was blown away by Uncharted by the level of detail and the length. The only thing that hurt it was the gimmicks. Assassin's Creed was actually pretty cool to me though. The framerate didn't bother me too much and it wasn't that glitchy to me at all. I really enjoyed them both. This is why I don't always trust game reviews as most of the time the game is much better than people make it out to be. I'm glad I went for it. I enjoyed both experiences and found it to be a large advancement from the PSP.

LBP Vita is awesome. Must buy for Vita owners hands down. So is Persona 4.
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iamnsuperman  +   494d ago
I disagree about Uncharted and Assassin's Creed. Uncharted was fine but it wasn't spectacular. If you can find it at a reduced priced then get it but it really didn't do anything for me. Assassin's Creed Liberations should be left well alone. That game is just a glitchy mess with an incoherent story. That game is the definition of half-assed development.

Tearway looks really good but I would like to try a demo before I buy or see some reviews on that. PSN+ is a must for any Vita owner.
GribbleGrunger  +   494d ago
Not after the patch it wasn't :)
iamnsuperman  +   494d ago
@GribbleGrunger I got it in January. What patch are we talking about?
Sithlord-Gamble  +   494d ago
I actually liked Uncharted better on the Vita to be honest.
I also felt AC was a worthy purchase.

Ive enjoyed almost every Vita game ...
Even Resistance & CoD.

And yes ... Persona 4 is a must buy.
And if youve played the KZ beta ... that is also a must have. Its excellent. Much better than the other 2 FPS listed above. (Although thats not hard to do)
miyamoto  +   494d ago
ShwankyShpanky  +   494d ago
All those (except KZ) and my PS+ Vita backlog.

The only thing that was really holding me back was wondering if they'd release a new model, but it doesn't look like that will be happening, so it's definitely on my buy list for the near future.

(got nothing against KZ:M, just don't think I'll need another KZ since I'm getting SF)
metsgaming  +   494d ago
i agree lbp vita is the best in the series as far as the single player goes.
PSjesus  +   494d ago
Persona 4 and Gravity rush for me
by the way this week Ultimate M vs C3 and DOA 5
are 10$ each for PSN plus.Also moramasa is 20$
PSnation4  +   494d ago
i will wait till black friday in november to pick one up..
GdaTyler  +   494d ago
Wow, that'll be a steal!
Williamson  +   494d ago
I'll give one, Console quality on the go.
faysal  +   494d ago
just got the killzone beta and god dam it looks like ps3!!! love the game!
GABRIEL1030  +   494d ago
KILLZONE MERCENARY the beta is amazing......
AirJohnston  +   494d ago
1a. PS4 remote play
1b. Persona 4 Golden
JBSleek  +   494d ago
Why those memory cards so damn expensive though.....it's so damn frustrating. Who the hell charges $80 for 32GB of storage....
Hicken  +   494d ago
... you do know they just cut the prices on all the cards, right?

You also know that memory cards for gaming devices have always been unnecessarily expensive, don't you?

Also, the memory cards were make money back, since the Vita wasn't being sold at a profit.
JBSleek  +   494d ago
I know the price has changed that's why I said $80 instead of $100.

Also just because Sony has a history of these over priced self made memory cards doesn't make it okay...

You can use a cheap memory cards for a 3DS the biggest competition.

The Vita is a really cool device but the memory cards are atrocious.

I can get a class 10 64 GB SD card for $60 please get real. The memory cards are expensive period...
Hicken  +   493d ago
Not Sony, GAMING. Gaming has a history of expensive memory cards. Microsoft's done it, Nintendo's done it, even Sega's probably done it.

Tell me: can you load up custom software on an SD card and use it for... whatever? Including using it to gain backdoor entrance into a handheld's system so it can be hacked?

A non-proprietary memory card was one of the ways the PSP was hacked to hell(the battery was another, as was internal memory). So in an effort to help that, Sony created their own card- again- and made it proprietary, for use ONLY with the Vita.

Good job with that SD card on the 3DS. I hear it's been hackable for a while, too.

Seriously, though, if you don't like the price of the memory cards, don't buy em. Don't buy a Vita. Their are reasons for their high price, as well as for their proprietary nature. I'm surprised someone like you wouldn't know these reasons.

Then again, I expect you DO know, and simply want to make a big deal out of something that's already a known quantity.
JBSleek  +   493d ago
Okay but why are they over priced? You can make your own cards to fight hacking sure but still why are they over priced to the competition.

Also I will be getting a Vita come black friday but I cans till complain about a legit gripe about the system.

What are these reasons that the memory cards are over priced?? To re coup profits from the Vita?? Not the consumers problems. I am poining out a real problem simple.
Hicken  +   493d ago
"Okay but why are they over priced? You can make your own cards to fight hacking sure but still why are they over priced to the competition."

I assume you mean the years-old SD cards the 3DS uses. And I gather you don't know the difference between "overpriced" and "expensive" or "more expensive." The SD card used by the 3DS is nothing special: it's simply an SD card, and has been around for a decade or more, by now. That it's cheap is a matter of course, since technology gets cheaper the longer it's around. On the other hand, the Vita card is a custom card with built-in security measures, and new tech- format, at least- on top of all of that.

Simply put: it's not the same card, they don't do the same things, they don't have the same origins, so the comparison isn't accurate. And had the 3DS launched at the same time the SD card came to market, it'd be just as expensive.

"What are these reasons that the memory cards are over priced??"

New format.
Proprietary format.
Security measures built-in.
Higher price allows the Vita to be priced cheaper.

Solid state drives are expensive now, but the longer they're out, the cheaper they'll get. The same with the Vita's memory cards.

And the 360's.
And the Gamecube's.
And the PS2's.

Yes, it's a bit of a price issue. Yes, it's expensive. But it's no more a "real" problem than any of the others were.
R3DRAIN89  +   494d ago
#1 Reason, its only $199.
remanutd55  +   494d ago
How about Killzone Mercenary, Little Big Planet, Sly Cooper Thieves in Time, Tearaway, Sound Shapes and other great games? oh and in my opinion this is a better reason than their first one http://www.walmart.com/ip/P...
GdaTyler  +   494d ago
The PS Vita is now $189.99 for the Wi-Fi version on Amazon.
bulbulito  +   494d ago
Games. It makes commuting so much more exciting.

New games (Persona 4, Gravity Rush, Sly Cooper, Soul Sacrifice)
Old games (PS1 classics~ FF7,8,9, Chrono Cross)
Free PS+ games (Virtue's Last Reward, Dokuro)
TheGrimReaper0011  +   494d ago
I've been playing the Killzone Beta for a day now
And I gotta say, if Borderlands 2 on vita will have the same quality, then I will have hope
Killzone beta is really good. Great controls, graphics and sound. Minecraft and borderlands 2 on the go.
I'm also interested in marisuki baby (i like weird games :p)
greedybear88  +   494d ago
Best handheld console on the market.

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