Arkane Studios talks PS4 and Xbox One development

With their work on Dishonored and the title’s DLC now complete, Arkane Studios can now focus on the future. On Aug. 21, Seth Shain, Systems Designer and Associate Producer at Arkane Studios, spoke with Examiner about what the PS4 and Xbox One can bring to the video game industry.

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lnvisibleMan1734d ago

Personally hoping the pc like architecture of both systems will offer faster game developement.

Transporter471734d ago

PS4 does, not sure about the Xbox One.

XboxFun1734d ago

Xbox One too, it also is sporting easy to develop for type architecture.

lnvisibleMan1734d ago

Yeah Xbox one resembles pc architecture. See link below.

1734d ago
kewlkat0071734d ago

My understanding..most games start on the PC which works well with Microsoft's OS, tools and optimization and since the Xboxone will also take advantage of these same strengths, I expect the Xbox one games to run very well.

the architecture is even closer this coming gen with X86, hardware and software.

It's all about optimization and using good tools. Not always Raw specs. Like Apple iPhone and Android hardware comparisons.

Lwhit61734d ago

I cant wait until the tech really just gets maxed out and we see the true potential of these games.