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Gamespot- GC 2013 Preview: Forza 5's Career Mode

GS:With a more open-ended career mode, Turn 10 is aiming to let players explore every style of cars however they choose. (Forza Motorsport 5, Xbox One)

TripC50  +   907d ago
You know what sickens me. The trash Sony Fanboys have against Forza 5 just because its an Microsoft product. I have ready multiple comments saying Driveclub>Forza 5. The work Turn 10 puts into every single car model and track in their games is unmatched.
theWB27  +   907d ago
I have been with Turn10 from the first Forza on Xbox. Every single game is an improvement. I know people complain about the lighting, but that's a small price to pay for the variety in tracks, car selection, the best livery editor in the biz, car tuning, social features and just knowing every game is released with everything at its highest level.

Xbox360 was 720p, locked 60fps. X1 is full 1080p locked 60fps and it's looking to deliver what Turn10 always does, one of the best racers you can find anywhere.

EDIT- The biggest thing...Turn10 knows you're buying a car game to, you know, race the cars. Every car is there, every car can be raced outside of the career mode. Nothing is hidden behind hoping a car shows up on certain days. Get the car, race the car, love the car.
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sashimi  +   907d ago
Really the work they've put into their car models and tracks is unmatached? Polyphony Digital would like to have a word with you. The same Polyphony Digital that Turn 10 always seemed to love to talk about while Forza 4 was coming out. You double standard fanboys sicken me.
buynit  +   907d ago
Yes... Every car not just some..
theWB27  +   907d ago
Yes...there's no way you can release a sub-HD game where 200 cars a few tracks are PS3 quality and the rest of the 800 cars and remaining tracks are slightly, slightly upgraded PS2 models.

They talk about Polyphony because they have a pedigree. You don't get a lifetime achievement pass when you release a game the way they did.
TripC50  +   907d ago
Good, I hope you have a miserable time while sickened.
yewles1  +   907d ago
"Yes...there's no way you can release a sub-HD game"...

1280 x 1080 (GT5) and 1440 x 1080 (GT6) are sub-HD to you?

"and the rest of the 800 cars and remaining tracks are slightly, slightly upgraded PS'P' models (for cross communication with GTPSP)."

FTFY, because, well, you know, LOGIC!
solucky63  +   905d ago
This coming from a sony fan boy who hates microshaft. The only reason I am purchasing an Xbox One is for Forza 5!!! Gran Turismo just doesn't compare to the realism and the joy I get out of playing Forza for days on end! Drive club cannot even come close to competing with Forza because your talking about basically a Sim vs Arcade. In some cases yes driveclub may be better but if your all about tuning and upgrading and want something thats realistic you simply cannot beat Forza! Grant it, a sim it is, there are still a lot of things that it doesn't simulate for example Fuel consumption. Make it so you can simulate fuel consumption and so in some races you have to pit. Give you the option of taking tires repairing damage or both and by doing both it will take longer therefore adding more strategy to the race as far as when you pit and what you do. Overall though you cannot beat Forza and there is not a game on the Consoles as of yet that can even compare! Congrats Microshaft you sold one console strictly because of Forza 5 being a launch title!
level 360  +   907d ago
Forza 4 pros = lots of Euro cars and lovely tracks
cons = ok physics, so-so graphics, no weather effects and night racing.
Surely can't comment about Forza 5 yet but these are usual Forza trademark gamers' usually say about the series.
theWB27  +   907d ago
Those are usually the people who don't play it.
GodGinrai  +   907d ago

So true.
JokesOnYou  +   907d ago
Keep up the good work Turn10.
Me-Time  +   907d ago
From now on, everybody just needs to start being impartial and let the ignorant comments go ignored. Otherwise, when the hell will it stop? It can at least be lessened if you/we stay impartial and ignore the ignorance.
Dakriz  +   906d ago
Why so much forza hate, why don't you guys go to your driveclub and tune your cars ohhhhh you can't oops shiesh I take my fantastic tuning over your night and weather anytime

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