The Order: 1886′s advanced physics system revealed at gamescom 2013

El33tonline writes:

"This morning El33tonline was lucky enough to attend a gamescom session for Ready at Dawn’s upcoming PS4 exclusive The Order: 1886. The session was hosted by the studio’s CEO and Creative Director, Ru Weerasuriya, who previously directed the smash hit God of War: Chains of Olympus for PSP."

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abzdine1520d ago

Ready at Dawn ain't joking.
Their first AAA experience on home console and they will not disappoint.
God of War and Daxter PSP were amazing. The Order will be no exception.

Enemy1520d ago

Graphically, it's one of the best we've seen from next gen so far. It shouldn't surprise anyone, their PSP God of War games looked like AAA console games at the time.

Ready At Dawn said in an interview that they've been waiting (since they formed Ready At Dawn) to make this game. This is the big reason I'm hyped. I've seen their talent, and it shows that they're putting their hearts into The Order. It's already unlike any other game we've seen announced.

They've shown us they could match Sony Santa Monica with their God of War efforts. Now it's time to prove themselves, which I have no doubt that they will, with this new IP. Atmosphere, graphics, and story already sounds promising. Can't wait to see gameplay!

Tctczach1520d ago

Not to kill your buzz but have you seen any of the things you are excited for, except for a CGI trailer? Didn't think so.

Enemy1520d ago (Edited 1520d ago )


@ Tctwhatever: Since you're practically begging me to confirm your stupidity at this point, here you go:

Ready At Dawn boss confirms everything in that trailer was in-game engine. But hey, I'm sure he'll be happy to know that you believe it's already comparable to CGI. Not that anyone will care about your opinion after that post. :)

Godz Kastro1520d ago

@enemy... Slow down chief. All they've shown is a cgi trailer. Concept looks good though.

RememberThe3571520d ago (Edited 1520d ago )

@Enemy: Ignorance isn't a sin, you don't have to be a d*ck about it. Now that he's better informed, if he keep talking sh*t thats one thing, but no need to attack a persons intelligence because they didn't read an obscure interview.

On Topic: I'm pumped for the next gen to start; I just started The Witcher 2 because I'm so hyped for The Witcher 3; Destiny looks amazing; and this could be the steam punk game I've been dreaming of for years. Ready at Dawn made 3 spin off games that turned out to be as good as their numerical counterparts. This group has earned their opportunity and, f*ck it, their gonna blow us away.

@above: Come on man, he literally post a link right above your comment...

NateCole1520d ago

@remember. Disagree. If he didn't know he should have asked first. His comment made it look like he knows its CGI when it's not.

Borderline trolling and trying to spread wrong information.

Monkeysmarts1520d ago

I didn't think anyone should need an "obscure" interview to know it wasn't CGI. The damn trailer started off by saying it was all done in engine....

ZHZ901520d ago

Defintely Order is awesome!

ZodTheRipper1520d ago

One of my most wanted PS4 games right now, hopefully we'll see some gameplay soon. I'm positive that Ready At Dawn is up to the challenge of creating a next-gen AAA game with Sonys support, even though they only worked on PSP before.

andrewsqual1519d ago

@NateCole Relax man. Now we know somebody who's jaw will be on the ground when we get to see it being played. Little does he know he is giving it a HUGE complement by trying to suggest that a game out in 2014 looks like CGI technology of 2013. Amazing.

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TheTwelve1520d ago

This is actually the game I'm looking forward to on PS4 the most. May the hype train begin.

karl1520d ago

me aswell.. did u see the screenshots that were release a few days ago?
two were concept art but the one that looked like gameplay look stunning

mafiahajeri1520d ago (Edited 1520d ago )

@tctczach you should have just kept quiet...

Rimeskeem1520d ago

would you like infamous with that game sir?


showtimefolks1520d ago

this is my must have for PS4 along with Destiny

i can't wait to see the gameplay footage for the order 1886, i would imagine its really early maybe pre alpha right now. Its not due out for atleast one more year

Quantic dream
ready at dawn

2 studios sony will look to buy soon IMO

soljah1520d ago (Edited 1520d ago )

one of the reasons i'm getting a ps4. not for this game so much as again seeing sony's commitment to new ip's and studio's. to give gamers a wide variety of experiences on their systems.

in ysop we trust

PunisherRevenge1519d ago

Yes this game sounds amazing can't wait to get my hands on it when I get my PS4 in June for my B-Day.

ATi_Elite1519d ago (Edited 1519d ago )

(running on a PC with PS4-approximate specs)

LMAO LMAO oh man my stomach hurts from LMAO

can't Sony/MS run their DARN Games on the PS4/XB1 and stop using Gaming PC's for displays.

That PC was most likely stuffed with Nvidia GPU's running Physx. LMAO!

So SOny fans CLOWN MS for using Gaming PC's to demo XB1 games so where is the LAUGHTER NOW Sony fanboys.


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stage881520d ago

Love the setting for this game.

malokevi1520d ago

I wanna see that! Damn... I hope all these demos get published post-gamescom.

tom1105841520d ago

yeah, don't we all! however, these demos were prototypes and only the second one was properly textured. the cool thing was we got a look at the main character's model which had realistic-looking hair and a coat which moved around him as he ran.

betan211520d ago

A leak video would be nice hehehe

tom1105841520d ago

we were told not to take videos or photos but perhaps someone did...

Campy da Camper1520d ago

I disagree. As I normally eat up leaked footage a game inevitably looses its mystique. I always ruin the surprise of art design, gameplay, character models etc. This game looked so awesome at e3 that I am doing a full on embargo of all new shots or Vids. I cannot help but to come read the comments, though. When this bad boy boots up in my ps4 it will be like Christmas for my eyes. Cannot wait.

gdguide1519d ago (Edited 1519d ago )

Totally agree. This killed parts of Killzone 2 for me. I would eat up a video playthrough of an area, eating up all the details. But as I played it for myself, I had already felt like I had been to areas. I felt a bit robbed.

EXVirtual1520d ago

I think the one of the most important advancements in next gen hardware is enhanced physics.

AznGaara1520d ago

I'd put AI above that. But agreed. Definitely like how the Ps4 will have PhysX support. Games on PC that use it look so good.

EXVirtual1520d ago (Edited 1520d ago )

Oh hell yeah, AI is important. I just said one of the most important things. Your right though. These are my top next gen priorities (not in a set order):
Graphics, AI, Physics, Collision detection, bigger and better worlds and tight fast paced gameplay.

Campy da Camper1520d ago

I agree. Good art design trumps graphics IMHO. Dishonored case in point. Truly intelligent AI is what I'm most excited about. I game so much that less bullet sponges, it take me two or three attempts to get past any enemies in any given game. I'm 40 and been hard ore gamer my entire life. I want enemies who not only hear me coming if I mess up but then actually leave the area to regroup and ambush me later. Truly dynamic AI that never acts the same twice.

If I'm creeping in splinter cell and make a noise the guards just yell and run towards me. No matter what they stay in the level and just duck down or flank me in a very obvious way. I want a game to make that enemy hear me, call it in and then split. Now, once I'm inside they have traps set up that were not there to begin with. Maybe have air support come in and do recon. I want the game to truly make me make split second decisions and have to react just like a real spy would if he was detected.

andibandit1520d ago

i had to read halfway down the comments before somone finally mentioned the physics[article was raving about it].

the physics in this game sound really fantastic and the sort of thing i was hoping to become the norm.