New 'Destiny' screenshots show in-game hunting and flying

Destiny is striving to be a continuous, living world that players will be able to spend hours and hours playing through.

Well to help increase your anticipation for this upcoming best, we've received some brand, spanking new screenshots of what people can expect from the game Destiny.

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NatureOfLogic1704d ago

Can't wait to play Bungie's masterpiece on my PS4 with all the extra content.

Muffins12231704d ago

Hey guys will destiny be available at launch for ps4?

Forbidden_Darkness1704d ago

Nope, it'll be available sometime next year

josephayal1704d ago

So it’s Halo but post-apocalyptic? Sounds good to me


It doesn't even look like Halo so I dont know where you take the resemblance from?

dlocsta1704d ago

You obviously do not have a 360. The first time I saw Destiny all I could think of was Halo. The characters even look the same. The big guys look just like the Brutes, but without the fury. And they carry a staff! The Brutes carry gravity hammers. Don't get me wrong, I think it will be a great game, but it is nothing more than an update Halo in a different setting.

JKelloggs1704d ago

Sony Halo? It's made by Bungie, and is multiplatform.

ifritAlkhemyst1704d ago

I think this game has seriously the most perfect pulp look going for it. It's as if Bungie decided to make a game based on the covers of thousands of sci-fi paperbacks.

Pintheshadows1704d ago

I couldn't have put it better myself.

lastdual1704d ago

Exactly. The art direction oozes character.

It makes me really want to explore the world, despite the fact that I'm a bit burnt out on shooters at the moment.

Pintheshadows1704d ago

Beautiful. Truly beautiful. A testament to excellent art design.

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