Microsoft previews Xbox One dashboard, reveals console can control your home theater

Despite having seen plenty of impressive Xbox One games in action, we're decidedly less familiar with the console's user interface. To this point, Microsoft has only demonstrated the UI in small doses, both at the Xbox One unveiling and later E3. Aside from brief glimpses of a live programming guide, snap functionality, and other features, Microsoft has largely focused its promotional efforts elsewhere. Thankfully the company is putting a larger spotlight on the Xbox One dashboard at Gamescom 2013. The software shown off to journalists today was non-final, but paints a clear picture of what gamers can expect this November. The flat menu design is a clear evolution of the Xbox 360's current dash, though it's looking closer to a full-blown Windows experience than ever before

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allformats1765d ago (Edited 1765d ago )

Here we go with the TV TV TV TV TV thing again. You are starting to do well by showing games, MS. Stick to that, and when you're established, talk about TV.

I don't need Xbox One controlling my Home Entertainment System.

malokevi1765d ago (Edited 1765d ago )

Freekin awesome if you ask me. I just got a nice new Yamaha RX-A830 AV receiver and $2000 speakers to match... with my Xbox One at the helm, with full 7.2 Surround support... shy#s about to get reel.

slampunk1765d ago (Edited 1765d ago )

^^^ What malokevi said..... This sounds great!!!

Transporter471765d ago

Must be good to have money to waste ;)

malokevi1765d ago (Edited 1765d ago )

lol, actually there's a huge burn hole where my pocket used to be.

I have 2 months so sew it up!

GameSpawn1764d ago

I hope they are kidding about the "IR blaster". I think IR blasters are atrocious in design and function. HDMI controlling is the way to go as there is nothing visible connecting and syncing all the devices.

HDMI already supports passing commands through to devices and it's this method I hope is truly used. Different manufacturers have their own name for this (Samsung calls it Anynet+) but it is all the same thing.

My PS3 supports this HDMI command passing through my receiver and TV. When I turn it on my receiver and TV will follow suit and automatically switch to the appropriate inputs and turn on if they are off. When I turn my TV off the receiver will automatically shut off as well (the PS3 doesn't due to the possibility of background downloads running). Hell because of Anynet+ (Samsung TV and Samsung Receiver) I've never had to use my receiver remote once.

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kenmid1765d ago (Edited 1765d ago )

What's wrong with having a all round entertainment system? I'm not just talking about Microsoft but Sony too. It's nice to has so many features in these consoles.

RememberThe3571765d ago

The worry is that the focus will shift away from games and youyr have an Xbox that is more of an entertainment center than a gamer center and since we're all gamers thats a scary thought. MS does follow the money so I wouldn't be too surprised to see that. But so far they've done a good job of showing both sides and it's hard not to like these little features they keep showing off.

Blaze9291765d ago (Edited 1765d ago )

RememberThe357 - why are people acting like no exclusive games means no games? Do people not see the massive Xbox 360 library? And for some reason we'll just see less of that on the Xbox One?

Oh because multiplatforms don't count as games...even though they were some of the best titles released this gen...and well happen again with GTA V.

RememberThe3571765d ago

If your trying to justify why you chose one console over an other (thats exactly why these stupid conversation happen) then multiplatform games don't matter in those arugments. If I can get all those multiplatform games and them some more exclusives then then I have chosen the better console.

At least thats how I see the psychology of it, I don't necessarily agree with it. I'm getting a PS4 first because of price and I like their line up more. With the clarification that you can turn Kinect off I'm willing to go in on an Xbone now. I'm just going to have to wait, I don't print money. I did the same at the beginning of this gen when I bought the 360 first. I ended up going through a ton of 360s and over the last year the 360 games line up versus the PS3 games line up has been no competition. Sony just supports their systems a little better IMO. I will be buying both though, make no mistake.

rela82me1765d ago

It's obviously not been their focus for the last few months, however, they did develop these features is not like they aren't going to show it off some...

IcicleTrepan1765d ago

Did you even read the article?

Dlacy13g1765d ago you don't "need it" but its a very nice feature to have. Just like the snap mode... you don't need it cause you have that pc or smart phone near by...but is a nice feature to have.

FamilyGuy1765d ago

Yeah I never understood people complaining about extra features, this is a goooood thing! lol

redwin1765d ago

And talking about smartphones, did you read about that Xbox One phone ? Don't hate read it. I would definitely give up my 4s for this one.

XboxFun1765d ago

Why wouldn't you want it to control your home entertainment system.

What would be the downside of it doing that and playing games?

falviousuk1765d ago

We will ignore the deal Sony are maming with viacom to use their cable channels on the PS4.

Sony trolls, will ignore these things, and the great gams centric E3 and gamescom from both companies.

We should have a big troll button on posts to remove these vermin.

Kayant1765d ago (Edited 1765d ago )

No one can deny this is a great feature well only trolls and blind fanboys. The Sony deal is not really for Playstation mainly people forget Sony is a hardware & entertainment company so this will be a perfect companion for their Smart tvs, Blu Ray players, Android phones and ofc Playstation.

If done right this could push more people into completing killing their cable plans. All they will need is their tv and they get NetFlix and this which will be enough for most people. But it all depends how it works in practice.

ShinMaster1765d ago (Edited 1765d ago )

Again with this?

Do you people not know the difference between a DVR and an online video streaming service?
Online streaming isn't new. Sony has done it before with Video Unlimited, along side other services like Hulu and Netflix on PS3/Vita. No cable box required.
I don't know why people are surprised by this. Sony is an entertainment giant. They own one of the biggest music labels, film and TV productions. They're also cutting out the middle man, cable companies.

Xbox One has cable TV DVR features (much like the PSX or PS3's Play TV and Nasne).
What Sony and Microsoft are doing are very different things. I know you guys want to believe that what Sony is doing is somehow reactionary to the Xbox One, but you'd be wrong. It's a desperate assumption.

I'm not saying that Microsoft is doing something bad, btw.

AngelicIceDiamond1765d ago

@Format this isn't the 90's.

Consoles are much more than gaming these days you know that? MS showned more games than the 360 this time around so dont be greedy.

Sony is also opting into TV as well so stop whining.

GameCents1765d ago

Dayyyyumm...son you just got anti-trolled! Thought your brethren would back you up on your anti Xbox One crusade didn't you? hehehe.

1765d ago
Donnyskillz1765d ago

then dont use it and stop whining!!!!!

corvusmd1765d ago

Oh my god shut up....your opinion isn't so important that you need to whine about everything you don't like...yes you are entitled to your own opinion...NO , I am not going to even try to get you to change it (I'd rather you take that whinny annoying attitude over to PSN), but seriously whining about crap that you apparently don't care about just makes you look like a scared whiny baby. If you don't like it, DON'T BUY IT, and move on like a man, stop being a little kid

redcar1211765d ago

It does more than games stop crying

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NatureOfLogic1765d ago

Xbox can control your tv, Innovation./s

Dlacy13g1765d ago

horrible trolling...clever /s

1765d ago
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CrimsonStar1765d ago

I'm totally not going to down vote you. /s... see what I did there?

stage881765d ago (Edited 1765d ago )

Why's there a low battery icon on the first picture. It's that the controller?

darthv721765d ago

funny at first but i dont think its a battery indicator.

princejb1341765d ago

Dam why put a windows 8 home screen
The current xb360 home screen looks so much sexier compared to the tiles

magzter1765d ago

You can customize the X1 dashboard like the W8 startmenu so it's a bit silly to say that the current one looks better then the new one, when the new one can look very different depending on how you want it to look.

princejb1341765d ago

not that different because at the end of the day it would still be tiles on the homescreen
the tiles arent very appealing in my eyes but good thing is we dont look at the homescreen much
i would be gaming 95% of the time

captain_slow821765d ago

here we go sony show off there UI last night MS are wooooo this is where we have you beat

an this is the knee jerk reaction LOL

makes me laugh because such a big company can act like big kids LOL

just shows there so use to there own way now they dont like it looool

MS pick up your toys stop acting like big kids

kenmid1765d ago

What are you talking about?

falviousuk1765d ago

hes not talking a about anything, hes being a troll.

Would like to see a proper video of how the dashboard works, and how you access the content etc

Cmk01211765d ago

You do realize MS showed UI back in may right? it was shown at the reveal of the consoles hardware...SMH some folks

Mustang300C20121765d ago

Doesn't even matter man this is just ignorance and trolling all rolled into one popping his head out.

GodGinrai1765d ago

shhh dont tell em that! you will give em nothing to troll about..and that means I will have nobody to laugh at.

GameCents1765d ago

Sometimes you read something so incoherent and illogical that it actually and scientifically makes you dumber.
I'd like to sue N4G for reckless endangerment, allowing such braincell killing nonsense to stand on their site.

GodGinrai1765d ago

Sometimes people go so far off the original topic...I have to scroll back to the top of the page to remind myself what the hell they are "supposed" to be talking about.

robotgargoyle1765d ago

This is a competitive race. Of course MS is going to show their UI. I don't think it was a knee jerk reaction. They had probably already planned to at some point during Gamescom.

They (Sony and MS both) didn't have any ground-shattering announcements, really. Why not spend a little time detailing the UI.

robotgargoyle1765d ago

Dunno if I needed claps. Uh....thanks?

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