5 MILLION log on to watch Call Of Duty: Ghosts live stream

The next chapter in the mammoth Call Of Duty franchise was unveiled at Gamescom, hosted by Xbox Live.

The exclusive live reveal - one of the most popular live streams in web history - showcased several new features, including a new map and a brand new mode.

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allformats1245d ago

I know there's a lot of "hate" towards call of duty, but those are impressive, very impressive numbers.

XB1_PS41245d ago

Crazy numbers. 5 Million is more than the highest viewership for Game of Thrones.

black0o1245d ago

and 80% was there hoping to see something new a next-gen stuff ... "snif snif" and choice to go with BF4

XB1_PS41245d ago

@black0o I was watching the youtube comments during the live stream, and i'm disappointed to say that a lot of people are still sucked into this black hole. They were all excited about tiny little minuscule things.

I'm with you though, on my way to battlefield 4.

TheFreak1245d ago (Edited 1245d ago )

Funny thing is that cod has become so popular that some people still play it even if they don't really like it anymore.

crazyeightz1245d ago


The sales numbers between BF4 and Ghost will tell us just how true that will be.

Paytaa1244d ago

@crazyeightz If sales were any good indication on game quality then I guess that The Last of Us is really bad compared to Modern Warfare 3.

HammadTheBeast1244d ago

Pretty sure its not 5 million at the same time, just individuals who logged in.

N4g_null1244d ago

paytaa well mw is more of a game than the last of us. its called replay value, tlou doesnt really have that, its even traded in more. now if i watched video game movies more then yeah tlou moive might be better yet this is video gaming not watching.

i dont even like cod.or mw yet even i can see why they are infact better than70% of the games out.

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sprinterboy1245d ago

Meant the agree button dude

crazyeightz1245d ago

The hate that is towards CoD numbers in the thousands that frequent message boards and crap on COD. It may seem like there is a lot of hate towards the series because the boards are flooded with troll comments. But in reality the few thousand haters pale in comparison with how many millions are still supporting the franchise.

SonyKong641245d ago

it's true, their millions of easily influenced fad consumers that always go with the flow.

I'd kill to see how many COD players have iPhones lol, I'm betting it would again be millions upon millions of brainwashed consumer zombies..

N4g_null1244d ago

online fps is not a fad.... its just that cod does it better for more design is king inthat realm.

Mkai281245d ago

People shouldn't see COD being hated on the Internet and automaticly assume that the majority thinks that it's utter garbage.. The Internet/forums/fanboys is the back yard, outside the Internet is the world.

0neShot1244d ago

The 5 million actualy include the haters who can really can't let go of Call of Duty.

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ape0071245d ago (Edited 1245d ago )

all that because of


i cannot wait for the game, looks to be the best CoD since MW2

TheFreak1245d ago (Edited 1245d ago )

This has been said about every cod since... mw2.

TheSsus1245d ago

If Ghosts came out in 2010 or 2011, it would've been awesome. Too little too late IMO.

KaMaHKaZiE1245d ago

Same thing different year its sad that people even think about purchasing anything from this crap franchise. I was a little excited to see what was gonna change when it was announced way back when the x1 was announced talking about change and what not. A new game mode and being able to peek around corners does nit justify shat, BF has been better for years. BF all the way.

edonus1245d ago Show
crazyeightz1245d ago

BF3 sucked ass what are you talking about it has been better for years?

voodoogts1245d ago

People who usually hate on COD and choose BF instead usually suck at the game. Lol

XB1_PS41245d ago

I was ranked under 1000 (Weekly) in COD Black Ops for a while. It's an easy game. If you suck at COD, you suck at all FPS's, basically. I find BF3 to be way harder, and that's why I like it. Challenge.

claterz1245d ago (Edited 1245d ago )

BF3 is just as easy as CoD IMO. If you want more of a challenge from CoD you should give League Play a go.

Despite what people on the internet say, CoD isn't going anywhere anytime soon and BF isn't changing that. Lots of CoD players just find BF boring and prefer the arcade, fast paced style of gameplay. Also you guys fail to realize that not everyone buying Ghosts has been playing CoD since 2007 like a lot of us on here. Remember the feeling of being addicted to CoD4? well that's probably how newcomers to the franchise feel right now. If you go back and play CoD4 you'll find that it suffers from exactly the same problems as the new games do (lag, bad spawns, camping etc). It's just that back then it was something new so those things didn't matter that much.

I enjoy both (BF and CoD), and they both have their strengths and weaknesses. Must admit I don't understand the constant hate towards CoD though, each game gets the same level of enhancements as most big franchises this gen..

spektical1245d ago

sure. i remember MW2 just running aroudn with m16a get jet drop, ac130 and nuke.. and doing this constantly with ease.

The game is a cakewalk. Its fast and easy, and that tailors to a lot of people

ZBlacktt1244d ago

People who use hacks,glitches,modded controllers and boost play small made maps.

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