Day Z Standalone gameplay video: Dean Hall walks VG247 through the finer points

Day Z Standalone development is progressing more day by day, and to show us how far it has come, Bohemia Interactive’s Dean Hall walked VG247′s Sam Clay through a bit of gameplay during gamescom.

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NYC_Gamer1346d ago (Edited 1346d ago )

I'm sure DayZ will land on PS4 due to Sony being indie friendly

HolyDuck1345d ago

Not really an indie game as the guys developing it work for Bohemia Interactive, which I'm sure is the same company that will publish it.

NioRide1345d ago

I was unaware that a large developer is a indie team.....

JunioRS1011345d ago

What do you guys think about global warming?

CaptainCamper1345d ago (Edited 1345d ago )

I think its main cause is the bullshit that emanates and pollutes the atmosphere from useless comments on internet topics and forums ;)

OT - Great video. Still a bit concerned about the length of time taking to fix this network bubble. He said at EuroGamer last year that it had to be out for last Christmas... lol

mafiahajeri1345d ago

I think your looking for N4enviromentalists