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Call Of Duty Dev Evasive On PS3 & PS4 Dedicated Servers

NowGamer: "Call Of Duty has always had a bit of a special place in its heart for Xbox, at least since Modern Warfare, but when dedicated servers were announced recently it never seemed like it could be exclusive to Xbox One and Xbox 360 - not when so many gamers have demanded the feature.

But Call Of Duty: Ghosts recently announced dedicated servers for Xbox One during Microsoft's press-only event at Gamescom, revealing that the game will finally use dedicated servers instead of the usual peer-to-peer system.

We asked Mark Rubin to clarify the stance on Call Of Duty: Ghost's dedicated servers and whether they're exclusive to Xbox One." (Call of Duty: Ghosts, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

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iamnsuperman  +   740d ago
""Well we're having to not talk about all of it right now," was Mark Rubin's initial comment, almost evading it entirely."

As far as evading questions go that has to be the strangest one
abzdine  +   740d ago
microsoft paid them not to say anything for 2 days :)
of course PS4 will have dedicated servers, will be stupid for Activision not to do it.
they announced it at MS conference so of course they dont talk about plans for PS consoles.
HolyDuck  +   740d ago
But MS are providing the servers so Activision might not fork up the cash for PS dedis.
demonddel  +   740d ago
Damn M$ gotta be the nicest company in the world because all they do is pay for stuff
ShwankyShpanky  +   740d ago
Dedicated servers on not free on XBL either.
stuna1  +   740d ago
For people to believe that Microsoft are the only ones with dedicated servers, I'll ask you nicely to please pull your heads out of the sand! Google it if you don't want to take my word for it, just know that certain games wouldn't be on PS3 without dedicated servers support, example DCU Online.

So by deductive reasoning, wouldn't stand to reason that the PS4 would also have dedicated servers support!?
Gozer  +   740d ago
I don't know for certain whether its free to use MS servers or not. A MS employee at TXB confirms that it is virtually free to run your game on MS servers. But who knows he could be lying. Either way, evidently it doesn't cost much if anything. They plan to let any publisher take advantage of their server farms. This could be the beginning of a trend for X1/ps4 online games.
ShwankyShpanky  +   740d ago
I am pretty certain that the MS cloud servers are not free.

What the heck is "virtually free?" Do you pay for the server, put on your Oculus, and an NPC offers you a refund of in-game gold?
malokevi  +   740d ago

I always think the same thing about Sony, shoveling free games at people to supplement a sub-par online service.


"virtually free" "basically free" "essentially free" "practically free".... don't tell me you're purposefully misrepresenting/misunderstandi ng a very common turn of phrase. Why would you do that? :p

It means that they are so cheap that the next-best thing would be free. And that's an amazing thing for XB1 online gamers. Of which there are millions upon millions.
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ShwankyShpanky  +   740d ago
I'm not misrepresenting anything. The term is vague and relativistic at its core, and essentially useless to an objective analysis. So I made a joke about it.

P.S. "an amazing thing for XB1 online gamers. Of which there are millions upon millions"

Malokevi = http://dc599.4shared.com/im...
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GameNameFame  +   740d ago
Dev still pay for dedicated seevers On XBL. They just license off MS.

As for dedicated servers,tons of ps3 exclusives have them.
Killzone 2, 3 Uncharted 2, 3. All LBP and etc...

Xbox fanboys have nothing to go on. So they bring this dedicated server stuff that has existed on Sony for more than 5 years...
quenomamen  +   740d ago
I think they keeping it an X1 exclusive feature and I could care less. All this proves is that Activision doesnt give a crap about the millions of people who buy it every year. Get it through your thick skulls, they dont give a crap ! Theyll gladly take your money and thats it. Instead of crying and hoping the other consoles get this feature, put your money where your mouth is and dont buy their tired ass game. Money is the only thing they understand, and things wont change until they see their income go down every year.
nightsurge  +   740d ago | Well said
As others have said, Activision is not paying for the servers. MS provides the servers to developers that have multiplayer features on Xbox Live. While NO WHERE has anyone said that the servers cost devs anything, I am inclined to believe they are free. That is a huge selling point to devs and to gamers to be able to offer dedicated servers for all online games. The expense is covered by Xbox Live fees.

And while so many people are claiming Sony will do the same thing, we don't know that. All the entirety of last generation, Microsoft provided all developers access to Xbox Live's features and servers for matchmaking, trueskill, etc. Please don't misunderstand, I am not saying they provided dedicated servers for the online play on 360, I'm saying they hosted the servers that did the "discovering" of matches/players for games and managed the trueskill system. On PSN, Sony left it up to developers to come up with their own system and servers. This is why multiplayer games, especially Call of Duty games, seemed to perform better on Xbox 360.

Both Sony and MS had games on 360/PS3 that did have dedicated servers. Gears of War 3, MAG, and I think a few others (Uncharted 2 and 3 were NOT dedicated servers, which someone incorrectly claimed). However, these were simply on a game by game basis and up to the developers to fund and maintain.

What Microsoft is doing with its cloud and server farm systems is provide an online gaming system like no other before it. Even on PC, dedicated servers required that individual devs or even customers pay for servers to be ran for their games. Microsoft is offering thousands of servers to ANY Xbox Live multiplayer game that wants to use them. If there really is any cost to devs (which again, no one has said, but most hint at it being free), it will be so low that the advantages far outweigh the costs.

Now don't get me wrong, I'm not saying Sony can't also develop a server/cloud system for dedicated servers for all multiplayer games, but if they haven't yet even began to talk about it, chances are they do not have anything ready to go and will likely take a while to develop a solution anywhere near as comparable as Microsoft's. Microsoft is second only to Amazon in the entire world for cloud server size, and first in the world for cloud server power/performance. Sony has Gaikai which is an unproven technology mostly meant for streaming games, not hosting them, and may not be ready until well into 2014.
trafalger  +   739d ago
nightsurge, bubble up!

that was probably the best explanation we will ever see here.

sony had more games this gen with dedicated servers but they were provided by them for there games. that is the discrepancy here since activision is a 3rd party. m$ are either making it very cheap or making deals with them to do everything on there end. with so many servers from m$ around the world it makes matchmaking way better and with way less latency. so if a game like call of duty has 1 million gamers logged in or 10 million on at the same time the live servers can handle the load.
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strifeblade  +   739d ago
Listen i have been saying this from the beginning- microsoft spent 11 billion dollars on their azure cloud system and the one thing they have is dedicated servers for all third party to use. Msoft knows sony cannot afford to give dedicated servers at the same price since sony must rent them. The reason most games do not use dedicated servers is because they are expensive and so they use the p2p. In this case call of duty is using dedicated servers on xbox one because microsoft is offering it dirt cheap- something like 5% of what dedicated servers normally cost so yes in a sense it is virtually free for devs to take advantage.

sony do not own dedicated servers- they actually rent servers from a company and i understand it is expensive. You cannot expect activision to put dedicated servers on ps4 for call of duty without sony covering the costs (dont forget that dedicated servers costs alot to keep running month to month). The reason he is refusing to comment because he does not want to upset the playstation fanbase and decrease the sales of his game.

Games like lets say battlefield and titanfall need dedicated servers to run since multiplayer has many players in one game so they will need dedicated servers regardless. Call of duty is smaller and can still run on p2p but big game modes like ground war where it has something like 40 players will run very laggy in p2p- this is where dedicated servers shine. Dont forget cheaters and lagswitching is also disabled in dedicated servers.
RyuCloudStrife  +   739d ago
I will only get Ghosts IF it has Dedis on PS4, if not they will not acquire my business.
hakeem0996  +   739d ago
Activision is not providing dedicated servers to the Xbox community MS is the one providing the servers if sony is willing to do the same thing there will be dedicated servers on the PS4 side . Marc rubin said it in an interview that MS was the one providing the servers ,i'm sure no one here is expecting MS to provide Sony with dedicated servers too
ShwankyShpanky  +   739d ago
Regardless of what you are "inclined to believe," Azure is not free for pubs.

"Most importantly to us, Microsoft PRICED IT so that it’s far more affordable than other hosting options."

I can agree with much of what you posted, but the core claim that all One games will have dedicated servers provided "free" by MS is false.

MS does provide the servers. They basically sell the pub a discount license to use Azure... MS-owned servers.

If Sony felt like ponying up the dough like any other corporate client, I'm sure they could use Azure as well. But I'm guessing they've already got other solutions in the pipeline.
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JsonHenry  +   739d ago
Microsoft is going to be hosting the dedicated servers. Not Activision. Which is good news for Xbox owners.

But now that Sony will be charging for online play I don't see why they wouldn't be able to afford the same dedicated servers.

I am hoping we see a lot of dedicated servers on the next gen systems. It is just a better way to play.
nukeitall  +   739d ago

"Most importantly to us, Microsoft PRICED IT so that it’s far more affordable than other hosting options."

"I can agree with much of what you posted, but the core claim that all One games will have dedicated servers provided "free" by MS is false. "

I don't think anyone can provide that sort of servers for free. No amount of Xbox Live Gold will pay for that.

However, MS subsidizes that server cost. Because MS has Azure data centers all over the world, when the servers aren't doing anything, it can host games.

It is a win-win situation for MS, developers/publishers and consumers!

Keyword is subsidized, not free.
HammadTheBeast  +   740d ago
Most of PS3 exclusives have dedicated servers, I don't see why they can't make a deal or something. Maybe the billions they made last year weren't enough.


Anyways, unless they fix the lag compensation as well, it's not doing much.
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nightsurge  +   740d ago
Dedicated servers means there is no need for lag compensation. Or at least it will be much much much less noticeable since dedicated servers would provide more consistent bandwidth and gameplay and the only time you will lag now is if your own internet is awful.
hakeem0996  +   739d ago
What billions you talking about? Sony Lost tons of money last gen .
IcicleTrepan  +   739d ago
yeah like the White Knight Chronicles servers that were shut down not too long after the game came out since the developer wanted to save money.
nukeitall  +   739d ago
Not all dedicated servers are equal in the sense that location matters. This is where Azure shines and is combatting lag.

Fast stable connection to the dedicated server placed close to you. That is an f'in dream that most developers can't deliver.

How many cloud provider is the size and scale of MS?

After all Steve Ballmer, MS CEO, said (for good reason):

“I[Ballmer] claim there really are almost no companies in the world, just a handful, that are really investing in scaled public cloud infrastructure,”

“We[Microsoft] have something over a million servers in our data center infrastructure. Google is bigger than we are. Amazon is a little bit smaller. You get Yahoo! and Facebook, and then everybody else is 100,000 units probably or less. So the number of companies that really understand the network topology, the data center construction, the server requirements to build this public cloud infrastructure is very, very small.”



I'm not sure what billions either. Sony lost more on PS3 than what was made combined of PS1 and PS2. In essence, Sony overall is at a loss for their entire gaming business history.

That is crazy considering the success of PS1 & PS2.
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kayoss  +   739d ago
It seems that a lot of people are forgetting that Sony owns Gaikai. Gaikai was the largest gaming streaming service before they were bought by Sony. Do you think one of the largest streaming service providers dont have dedicated Servers?
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strifeblade  +   739d ago

Sorry kayoss but you really must research into the matter before making unintelligent assumptions. Gakai is a 300 million dollar stream service for games- thats it. It can do very limited cloud computations like linking and matchmaking as well. Azure is the second biggest multifunctional cloud service in the world worth around 11 billion dollars. It has data centres all around the world which is very important for dedicated servers so you users can get a stable connection. Gakai was not designed to offer dedicated servers and if it was it does not have nearly enough to offer dedicated servers worldwide or even in metropolitan areas for that matter. Sony does not and cannot use dedicated servers on gakai to host games- they will rent them out when they see fit and it is quite expensive from what i understand. Sony cannot offer dedicated servers from which they do not own lol
Sleepless  +   740d ago
Activision aint gonna pay for it...they have never done it. So unless Sony pays for dedicated servers it is not going to happen. Sony COD gamers better get some pressure on Sony
Blackdeath_663  +   740d ago
BF3 has dedicated servers and if i remember correctly so did killzone 2 way back in the days (one of the reasons why it still stands as the best multiplayer experience this gen for me) and that was entirely free you didn't even have to rent your server like BF3 does. no excuses that should be the standard next gen. also i don't understand why MS makes a big deal about "superior matchmaking" thanks to the "power of the cloud" and then announces that most next gen games will have dedicated servers instead of regular match making
jetlian  +   740d ago
BF is EA and ea has servers on all their games. their talking about skilled players not the servers.

Play a game with unskilled players. its total domination and sometimes people back out
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quenomamen  +   740d ago
I'll sign a petition to keep Call It Doodie off PS4.
Campy da Camper  +   740d ago
I know its selfish of me to say this but I hope they dont. CoD players, to me, are the worst. Id rather they stay on LIVE tbh and all battlefield players migrate to ps4.
FamilyGuy  +   740d ago
"Well we're having to not talk about"

We're not allowed to tell you yet, MS wants us to let you think they're special.

If they aren't using dedicated servers on the PS4 version they should expect even more fans to move on to things like Killzone and BF4 out of sheer annoyance.
MYSTERIO360  +   740d ago
Timed dedicated server support REALLY!.......this is getting ridiculous
devwan  +   740d ago
Timed dedicated server support news release, even better! Even more ridiculous!
Godz Kastro  +   739d ago
More like "NO" dedicated support. Talk to Sony about this. Not MS or Activision.
assdan  +   740d ago
I'm betting MS payed infinity ward to not talk about the PS4 version of the game so people can freak out and think that it will be better on the xbox one, when it should be better on the PS4 based on power. I'm betting it's the same on both platforms though. This is a classic MS strategy, instead of paying to make content, they pay so other people don't get it.
andibandit  +   739d ago
I hope you are right.
kupomogli  +   740d ago

Microsoft doesn't have dedicated servers for all their games. They've got you believing it though.

For all games that there aren't dedicated in game servers, there's a server that does minor things, like keep track of statistics, set matches up, etc, but aside from that, probably 95% or more of the PS3 or 360 games you own have P2P and not dedicated servers.

Dedicated means that everyone is connected to the server itself. The server not only finds matches and keeps track of stats, but the server is constantly receiving all data and transferring it back to everyone so everyone is equal to one another.


"As for dedicated servers,tons of ps3 exclusives have them.
Killzone 2, 3 Uncharted 2, 3. All LBP and etc..."

Killzone does, but Uncharted 2, 3, Gran Turismo 5, MLB The Show, Playstation All Stars, and the LBP games don't have dedicated servers when playing online multiplayer. These games run P2P, though LBP does have all the created levels on a server.

This is like 99.9% of all games on the 360/PS3. P2P, not dedicated servers. The server only connects you to the match, once in the match its your internet sending and receiving data to theirs. When the match ends, the data at the end of the match is sent to the server, whether it needs to find more players, what the stats of that match were, etc.
niaboc  +   739d ago
Were talking about xbox one. 300k dedicated servers to all gold members
andibandit  +   739d ago

Thats the target, not how it looks right now.
Christopher  +   739d ago
It's probably part of their deal with Microsoft. The "dedicated server" sales pitch, that is.
edonus   739d ago | Spam
Christopher  +   739d ago
@edonus: I'm not saying Microsoft doesn't have dedicated servers, but this isn't the first time Activision has utilized dedicated servers. In fact, they used to have just dedicated servers, but then went P2P and switched to giving games a "paid" option for dedicated servers.

Furthermore, everyone has access to cloud-based dedicated servers. Including Activision. The only question is if they want to pay for it. You see, no matter how much money they make off of the game, they don't want to pay for more than they have to.

So, as I said above. It's likely in their agreement with MS to not talk about the possibility of dedicated servers outside of the ones Microsoft is providing. And, for providing these servers, Activision continues to give Microsoft one-month lead on DLC and only talk about their service as "the dedicated server" solution.
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Gameratheart  +   739d ago
To those uninformed about the Xbox live fee: Sony is making us pay for online gaming now too. Thank you, if anyone has anymore questions, let me know.
xtremeimport  +   739d ago
I dont play COD so I dont really care. But, I know their bigger base is on Xbox, but i also know a lot of people play their game on the playstation platform. If they just decide to leave all of those players out of this....I can't understand for the life of me why people would continue to support them and their games on the playstation platform. That is crippling your gaming experience. timed exclusive dlc isn't as big of deal because you eventually get it...but if they decide to rob its fans of something that will legitimately improve their game play that is absolutely ridiculous.
ZombieKiller  +   739d ago
Half the PlayStation community evasive of Call of Duty because of PS3/ PS4 lack of dedicated servers is more like it.

Who cares? PlayStation fans have way more to play than that crap. I'm staying away from Ghosts THANKS to PlayStation.
Emilio_Estevez  +   740d ago
I like that he admitted they stealth patch to see if anyone notices.

Nice that PC is getting them and it sure sounds like they are at least thinking about the PS platforms. Wonder if what it means for WiiU though.
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NYC_Gamer  +   740d ago
There's going to be dedicated servers for both next gen consoles along with PC..The dude can't speak on everything right now since MS/Activision are promoting this feature on X1 @GC right now.
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TimmyShire  +   740d ago
This is almost certain to be true - it's just a little bit... I dunno, sordid? Like, we can all see how much money MS paid Infinity Ward to not mention the PS4 or PS3 EVER.

Don't like that kind of attitude.
devwan  +   740d ago
It's filthy and a waste of money that should be put to better use - ie invested in games and developments not dropped in back pockets to gag them.
HammadTheBeast  +   740d ago
Remember at their reveal, they were tweeting at #xboxghosts lol.
Virus201  +   740d ago
IW has confirmed that the Xbox One will have dedicated servers because Microsoft is providing them (300,000 servers) at cheaper prices. If Sony doesn't have the resources to gives Activision those dedicated servers, then COD Ghosts won't have dedicated servers on Sony platforms.

That is one of the reasons why Respawn is releasing Titanfall on the Microsoft Console/OS (Xbox One,360,PC).

1. "I personally talked to both Microsoft and Sony and explained that we need to find a way to have potentially hundreds-of-thousands of dedicated servers at a price point that you can’t get right now. Microsoft realized that player-hosted servers are actually holding back online gaming and that this is something that they could help solve, and ran full-speed with this idea.

The Xbox group came back to us with a way for us to run all of these Titanfall dedicated servers and that lets us push games with more server CPU and higher bandwidth, which lets us have a bigger world, more physics, lots of AI, and potentially a lot more than that!"


2. The expanded Xbox Live cloud offers dedicated server support at a dramatically reduced price, he went on - "their goal here is to get more awesome games, not to nickel-and-dime developers".


Microsoft has the cloud infrastructure up and running, and is offering Devs their dedicated servers at affordable prices. We saw Respawn take the offer, now Activision and Infinity Ward will too.


1. I agree. Activision Does have billions of dollars. But their also a company that would look for the best offers available. Microsoft is offering them some of those 300,000 servers to use as dedicated servers for COD Ghosts at affordable prices. Sony doesn't have that many servers and I don't think Activision would pay more than they need to just because Sony's server's aren't up to par with Microsoft's.
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porkChop  +   740d ago
1) Activision makes billions off of CoD. If they refuse to pay for dedicated servers that's fucking pathetic.

2) Titanfall is pretty much confirmed to be a timed-exclusive and will release on PS4 later. EA and Respawn admitted there's a "business deal" in place, and that they would love to bring Titanfall to PS "eventually". The only reason they're acting like it's only possible on Xbox One (even though it's on PC) is because it's part of their contract with MS. Don't believe all the PR talk.
jetlian  +   740d ago
looks like MS found another money generating avenue. And its doesnt cost more than the current live and its better for gamers.

Respawn said running p2p draws some of the cpu power which would explain why mp looks worse than single player
ABeastNamedTariq  +   740d ago
I don't see why not. They'd sure piss off a lot of people. Millions of COD players play on PS3 too.
n4rc  +   740d ago
big hit to the bottom line tho..

We dont actually know how subsidized the azure servers are... some reports have them to be damn near free..

but the good will MS and cod have is the DLC partnership that theyve had for awhile... it doesnt extend to servers.

either Activision pays up and sets up a large ps4 infrastructure.. or sony does..
Gozer  +   740d ago
Yeah its a toss up. Sony will have to pony up for the servers, because I doubt Acti will. From what the Titanfall dev said servers are very expensive. I don't know sony might have to adjust some resources if they can. It would be big if COD ps4 doesn't have dedicated servers.
TheKingWilliamV  +   740d ago
As if PS3 outsold COD on Xbox 360, everyone knows Xbox 360 has more COD players than any other system.
ABeastNamedTariq  +   740d ago
Did I say there were more on PS3? Well darn, looks like I didn't! Jeez.

I'm saying that there are millions of people who play it on PS3. I don't give a s*** about who plays more where or whatever, that's irrelevant. Go somewhere else with that.
Mikeyy  +   740d ago
13 million
12 million

That's how close ps3 and 360 is on cod sales.

Screwing PlayStation gamers is a big mistake. They'll all go to battlefield.
mo241  +   740d ago
Abeastnamedtariq and mikeyy
do you think those millions of players on ps care much about it,
cod will still be massively sold, because most of them don't even know what dedicated servers are.
ape007  +   740d ago
i hope they do dedicated servers for ps4 and ps3, how many people play, a lot of my friends here in KSA love cod on sony system, how many $$$ have reached activision from sony consumers

some respect please

and if sony's cloud features weren't as robust as ms (in fact it is), build your own Dedicated servers, just like bf4 and Resistance, warhawk etc.. u have a lot of money acti....

i remember R1, 60 players, almost zero latency
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MizTv  +   740d ago
Kz2 with 32 played great
SaffronCurse  +   740d ago
MAG played great in 256 War scaled battles when the servers were maintained.
niaboc  +   739d ago
Gaikai servers 30,000
ms servers 300,000
Roper316  +   740d ago
Well it's probably part of a deal with MS to not state either way since it would take away from MS's announcement about the XB1 having dedicated servers.

I don't care either way because I don't waste my money on Call of Doo Doo and I spend my money on games that actually have some effort put into them and that are truely next gen games.
PSN-JeRzYzFyNeSt  +   740d ago
thats some BS if they dont have dedicated servers on Playstation....

Socom has been doing this since it was made back in 2002... there is no excuse for it not to come to PS.. weve had it since PS2 and even on PS3 for socom.
n4rc  +   740d ago
you could always have dedicated servers if a publisher pays for them..

Microsoft is stepping in and making it viable for virtually every pub to do it.. thats the only thing thats changed..
andibandit  +   739d ago
Why would they pay for them now? Weve been asking for dedicated severs for god knows how long, yet they kept their p2p system.
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Rimeskeem  +   740d ago
stupid MS paying off everybody with money all sony needs is to give love
KiLLUMiNATi_89  +   740d ago
Why you hating for ? It's a smart move for MS ....
Rimeskeem  +   740d ago
yah i know it was a joke
Gameratheart  +   739d ago
Well Sony used to throw cash around when they wer the rich ones against Nintendo.... Now, everyone cries because they can't do the same against Microsoft.. Waaaaa! Unfortunately for Sony, MS is rich as hell, and Sony is damn near bankrupt..... But it was the cool thing to do when Sony was doing it, right?.... Rriiiight??... Lol. Things change, now Sony isn't anywhere near the richest of the 3. Deal with it, fanboys. Sony cant afford to buy anything, that's why they sold most of the real estate they owned... Lol... Now, all you Sony fanboys, down vote away!!!! Whaaaa! Cry babies... Lol
sincitysir1  +   739d ago
U have 0 down votes.... How does that make u feel young man?
AngelicIceDiamond  +   740d ago
Well thats a load of crap. This exclusitivity nonesense.is goin way to far.

Listen even though this is BS we can say MS cloud service they've been touting since the X1 event is real and legit.
#9 (Edited 740d ago ) | Agree(6) | Disagree(3) | Report | Reply
ape007  +   740d ago
please understand (no pun intended Iwata)

ms have over 300,000 servers

im sure ms haven't paid or anything, it's a combination of lacking of cloud servers from sony and laziness/greed from activison not wanting to build dedicated servers for sony
#9.1 (Edited 740d ago ) | Agree(9) | Disagree(3) | Report | Reply
ShwankyShpanky  +   740d ago
Have you ever heard of a non-disclosure agreement? They're pretty standard, and they dictate what parties to a contract can and cannot discuss publicly.
Sweep14  +   739d ago
300000 VIRTUAL servers...
Whitey2k  +   740d ago
if its a no screw call of duty and there CEO we always have been shafted I just love to buy the game and chuck it at hes fat face
captain_slow82  +   740d ago
if there was no dedicated servers for ps3 and ps4 he would of just came out and said no dedicated servers for ps3/ps4
cyclindk  +   740d ago
They need to dedicate some time to sharpening up some of those blurry textures and visual effects...

60 FPS ain't an excuse anymore, other BIGGER games are doing it just fine.
ninjagoat  +   740d ago
Yawn dedicated servers running off a laggy cloud that will hit anyone that can't afford high end broadband are live in rural areas.

If you want to experience what a real dedicated server is go here. http://www.gameservers.com/... Rent one and get yourself a PC.
JBSleek  +   740d ago
All servers run in the cloud silly.
GraveLord  +   740d ago
WTF is this shit? Yes or No. Its a simple question.

If dedicated servers will improve the game so much like you said why not have them on all platforms?

The game has dedicated servers on Xbox One and it doesn't have them on PS4, you won't get my money. Plain and Simple.

Pre-order cancelled.
Gozer  +   740d ago
Let me get this straight...You made the pre-order assuming it wouldn't have dedicated servers, yet now that the X1 is getting dedicated servers and ps4 might not, you are going to cancel your pre-order. Doesn't make much sense.
ape007  +   740d ago
mafiahajeri  +   740d ago
It does. He feels like he's getting the shaft because its on ther platforms and not the PS4 ( I believe the PS4 will get dedi servers though) and not the other if they didnt go with dedicated servers on any consoles he would have not canceled, not that hard to understand your the one that's not making sense.

It would be silly if the PS4 has no dedicated servers. I never thought I would see the day when dedicated servers would be paid exclusives if that is the case I wouldn't be surprised if MS did that. Not including PC off course.
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GraveLord  +   740d ago
As far as I know all multiplatform games are supposed to have the same features. It's called feature parity. Xbox One is getting them, so should the PS4. There is no reason why it shouldn't. None at all besides money-hatting.

I put up with the timed-DLC. I won't put up with a gimped version of the game.
andibandit  +   739d ago

Put it this way, he preordered expecting game game to be equally good on both, and now theres a chance its not.
jjb1981  +   740d ago
Same here. If dedicated servers is exclusive to Xbox then ill cancel my preorder and buy something else.
ape007  +   740d ago
look almost all 3rd party games will offer dedicated server support on xbox one

u might just wanna cancel your ps4 preorder if u want to be accurate

this move could potentially win xbox one over ps4, people were buying xbox 360 version of games because of achievements(before trophies)

and now people are gonna buy xbox one versions over ps4 versions because of cloud dedicated servers

face it
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DeadlyFire  +   739d ago
PS4 can have Dedicated servers as well. Its not an exclusive thing. Publisher can either provide their own or wait for Cloud servers on Gaikai and do the Peer to peer thing to push Sony into supporting similar setup. Games like Call of Duty typically don't have Dedicated servers. They have skipped over having them for years on the consoles. Activision has skipped over supporting them for the PC version on purpose many times as well.

Only benefit to 1box servers is that they can utilized PC and 1box servers for the same games. Nothing extra. No supper latency or lag free zone or anything like that. All of that still is on your connection. Anything with 5-10+ Mbps doesn't really need much assistance from a dedicated server for 16 players. If it were a 64 player game then I would worry a little.
andibandit  +   739d ago
Its not a question of "can", i think its more a question of, whos gonna pay up
GiantEnemyCrab  +   740d ago
Looks like I will be picking up the Xbox One version then.

Good to have choices!
No_Limit  +   740d ago
Me too, GiantEnemyCrab,

Can't wait to attack my enemies' weak point for massive damage on dedicated servers!
Johnsonparts23  +   740d ago
YES!! Dedicated servers on PC baby!
okmrman  +   739d ago
and xbox one :P
even though cod is crap
slavezero1  +   740d ago
playstation users should protest all the bs cod and ms have being butt buddies and not purchase their games till playstation users get equal treatment and not always get screwed over cause microsoft gives the best head to the game company for exclusivity. i bet if they lose a shit ton of money they will think twice about giving ps users the dirty sanchez
Master-H  +   740d ago
I say it probably has dedicated servers on ps4 too. because if it was an xbox exclusive i'm pretty sure they'd have made him shout it all over the place that it's an exclusive feature, since it's a MicrosSoft, but since it's likely for ps4 too they don't want the competition mention . that's my take on it.
As for current gen versions tho i don't think they're gonna have ded' servers since they didnt mention the 360.
Javinator   740d ago | Off topic | show
Clarence  +   740d ago
I haven't played COD since MW2. Is top dog in my book. COD is garbage and so is Activison.
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slampunk  +   740d ago
I'm sure MS have cut activision a great deal for servers and they can because they have the infrastructure....

Sony could follow suit but it would cost them a lot of money to facilitate this, as i'm sure that activision would expect the same / similar deal as MS is offering them....

There could also be a NDA so he cant mention it if PS4 has them for a certain amount of time.....who knows?
MaverickStar7  +   739d ago
I know people keep mentioning the idea that Microsoft is paying them not to say anything about servers on PS4. But that makes no sense. This is not like securing an exclusive content deal. If Activision and Sony have anything worked out for servers there is nothing Microsoft can do to prevent Sony from talking about it themselves.

Maybe Sony has something already lined up and are not ready to talk about it. Maybe nothing at all.
KontryBoy706  +   740d ago
to all who are believing that COD with dedicated servers will somehow magically make the game better I'm sorry to tell you it won't... after playing MW3 and Black Ops 2 on PC, both with dedicated servers... the same crap happens. Seeing someone first yet they kill you, getting around a corner and you still somehow get killed when you know you made it around... etc. all that stuff happens on dedicated servers too. the game is the problem
iMaim  +   740d ago
If I'm paying to play online for PS4, I'm expecting dedicated servers.
Machiavellian  +   739d ago
You get free games with the PS+ service, you cannot have it all.

It looks like MS is giving away dedicated servers for their service.

I guess you will have to choose which is more important to you.
SpideySpeakz  +   739d ago
Who cares. CoD is dead.
JunioRS101  +   739d ago
The thing is I hate CoD too but that simply isn't true. It will still sell twice as many copies as Battlefield 4 unfortunately, even though I have BF4 pre-ordered and haven't really decided if I'm even interested in CoD: Ghosts.
koolaid251  +   739d ago
Cod is the most money making game of all time every year so COD isn't dead my friend.
JunioRS101  +   739d ago

Personally? I don't really care. I've loved plenty of games that used peer to peer servers such as Gears of War 1, CoD 4, and others that I'm too dumb to remember.

Don't get me wrong, you Xbox guys are lucky and it will be a cool upgrade. But will I buy a console for dedicated servers? Eh, I'm not THAT annoyed by host migration. It only happens to me a couple times a week, and even when it does I'm not like "AW R U SERIOUZ??".

Hopefully it does come to PS4, but if it doesn't I'll just enjoy the lag and host migration for another generation lol PS4 loyal to the end for me.
strifeblade  +   739d ago
don't forget the occasional lag switch and cheaters and games over 24 players tend to be laggy without dedicated servers. call of duty modes like ground war
Nik_P757  +   739d ago
Who cares what CoD has. Everyone should get Battlefield. Whether you get a PS4 or X1 or the current consoles maybe if we all stop buying CoD for awhile maybe they will be forced to add value to the games they make as opposed to making the same thing every year with a few tweaks here and there.
killcole  +   739d ago
I don't know what it is that people don't understand. Microsoft are paying Activision to have exclusivity on dedicated servers, that they run ON THEIR OWN CLOUD?
Are you serious?
PS4 could have dedicated servers if they allowed Activision to take advantage of Gaikai for the purpose.
Can Gaikai sustain that with it's current and future allocations for use (based on streaming games for backwards compatability)? I honestly don't know.
Can Sony even afford to give up that server space without a heavy cost? I don't know.
Can Activision afford to dip into their own pocket and pay for server space for millions of CoD players in hundreds of different countries/states? Most probably not.

Xbox get dedicated servers because they have the infastructure to support it. Them. Not Activision. Microsoft. Activision still might have to pay a small fee, but server space doesn't come free or even cheap. If Sony wanted dedicated servers for multiplayer, they should've spent more time building a more diverse cloud structure, instead of just buying a semi established one and assuming that would be enough.
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breakpad  +   739d ago
so many quality FPS out there and we still care about COD.. fuck COD also Sony shit management managed to release their own COD ...Killzone ..fuck them all together we dont need any other competitive FPS
#28 (Edited 739d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
koolaid251  +   739d ago
Kill Zone will never be Cod or Bf4 sorry!!!
dazzrazz  +   739d ago
Question is who gives a fuck at this point ? Everybody were asking for this shit years ago when game was still fun and playable. Now its just a copy and paste ever year joke for unsecured teens with ADHD syndrome and 12 years old mlg nosc0pezzzz who got their shit from parents just to make em shut the f*** up. There are better games out there that deserve $60 price tag.
#29 (Edited 739d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
alb1899  +   739d ago
I said before the most powerful console isn't the one with best aspects anymore. There are things like does servers that can make the difference this gen.
We all want to play with our friends and that's something Microsoft knows since XBOX.
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