Building a New London for The Order: 1886 on PS4

Ru Weerasuriya // CEO and Creative Director, Ready At Dawn Studios writes:

When creating our alternate history in The Order: 1886, our goal was to make the environment as believable as possible while at the same time adding our own twist to real places. With the release of our trailer back at E3, we hinted at our vision of an alternate London. This Neo-Victorian London will seem familiar to everyone, however, advances in technology will take center stage in many ways as you navigate the city. One of the main examples is the advent of electricity throughout the city, well before its time. Gas lamps are replaced by electric street lights. Everywhere you go, you can hear the hum of electricity running through the city.

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Thatguy-3101616d ago

Imagine fighting in the mist ! This game has potential hopefully it becomes the next big franchise for the Playstation family.

SaveFerris1616d ago

Agreed. Is Ready at Dawn owned by Sony? If not, they should acquire them.

Skate-AK1616d ago

Nope. Sony does not own them.

sigfredod1616d ago

yeah like in nightmare creatures

twinspectre1616d ago

i loved Nightmare Creatures 2 on PS1

ABeastNamedTariq1616d ago (Edited 1616d ago )

Next generation graphics right there. Looks amazing.

I literally thought it was CGI and not in-engine when I saw it. I couldn't believe it.

I'll be keeping my eye on this, the concept is mysterious and I like that. I'll be exploring an alternate London come next year!


I wonder if it's a launch window game. Saw a comment on the blog page about that. Oh and...

Public Service Announcement: Please do not feed troll below known as "okmrman".

mafiahajeri1616d ago

It's concept art isn't it? Love the style though Sherlock Holmes/ from hell vibe is what I'm getting.

ABeastNamedTariq1616d ago

I'm talking specifically about the announcement trailer. You should look it up if you haven't seen it. It's great.

ape0071616d ago (Edited 1616d ago )

Looks Amazing, santa monica's work is Art, everything works together like a harmony, environment, soundtrack, atmosphere and gameplay

must buy

porkChop1616d ago

SSM is only helping a bit. The game itself is being developed by Ready At Dawn, the makers of the PSP GoW games.

ape0071616d ago (Edited 1616d ago )

oh i see, this is great for ready at dawn to step out of SSM's shadow and prove themselves while the main dev make a ps4 GOW game

i played through chains of Olympus, very good

and im playing through ascensions, great game

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The story is too old to be commented.
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