Need For Speed Rivals may look ‘a little’ better on one next-gen console than the other

Need For Speed Rivals will feature better graphics on one next-gen console than the other, Ghost Games’ executive producer Marcus Nilsson has told VideoGamer – but refused to clarify which.

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user74029311457d ago (Edited 1457d ago )

thats why i love GDDR5

@ the disagrees, '' i know now why you cry''

Cam9771457d ago (Edited 1457d ago )

Indeed, if there are differences this early imagine how the games will be a few years down the line!


abzdine1457d ago (Edited 1457d ago )

PS4 baby! Superior version for 3rd party confirmed!
This should muzzle those fanboys for some time.

@Cam977: and imagine how that God of War or Uncharted on PS4 would look like! PS2 is back..


xbox fanboys: "bbb..bbut..the powah of daa clowwwd"

Rimeskeem1457d ago

imagine if they launched TLOU on PS4 with upgraded graphics and 60fps

Mystogan1457d ago

lol Funny how everyone is saying PS4 when it could be either of them.

Xbox One has DirectX 11.2, it could be that they used it to make it look better on X1. But we'll see when it launches.

BRAD-RIDGE1457d ago

it may actually be the xone. It has directX 11 and PS4 had 2GB limit cap on games being created before the PlayStation event in February.

kneon1457d ago


And the PS4 has openGL, as does nearly every other non-windows graphics device on the planet. Direct X isn't better, it's just a different way of doing the same thing.

mewhy321457d ago

Lol PS4 already ahead in multi console release graphics. Cant wait to start seeing the h2hs on the net.

DragonKnight1457d ago

There's always something isn't there. Whenever someone comes out and says the PS4 is the superior console, tech wise and thus graphic wise (for those that care about that kind of thing), there is always something Camp Xbox will bring up to say that that's not true. Even when AMD, the company that designed BOTH chipsets, says the PS4 is the superior console, it is a lie to Camp Xbox.

Power of the Cloud.
Direct X 11.2

What new reason will be invented tomorrow to help the sail down the river of denial?

pivotplease1457d ago

I'm sure other reasons will come about. Da Nile is a long river. Sorry... I had to.

ziggurcat1457d ago (Edited 1457d ago )


You left out the hypervisor. Look at comment #1.11...

HardcoreGamer211457d ago

@sckipt if they launched TLOU on PS4 with upgraded graphics and 60fps we shold be able too upgrade for 10$.

ziggurcat1457d ago (Edited 1457d ago )


EDIT: NVM... Misread the article I just posted :(

tokugawa1457d ago

Interesting. It has been widely accepted since february that the ps4 was more more powerful.

Yet this guy says that they were surprised by the power that they found in the previously thought weaker console... Strange

mcstorm1457d ago

Wow this site is getting worse. Who really gives a crap who dad is the biggest. Get the console that has the most games you want as there is really not that big of a difference in how 3rd party games look when your playing them in fact unless you play them side by side you will not notice. I think its funny how gaming has become like a sport on whos has more power ect. Its should be something we enjoy not bitch over.

sonarus1457d ago

No point jumping to any conclusions, it really could be any console. However, i feel it is more likely to be PS4 simply because MS just seems slightly behind sony as far as getting the launch together delaying releases in Europe till next yr and still not showing majority of their games on actual Xbox hardware but instead choosing to utilize high end PC's even at gamescon

koolaid2511456d ago

The nex xbox2 and ps5 will be out in a few years down the line I'm thinking 5 years like we use to have.

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n4rc1457d ago

Must have missed the part where he said it was the ps4.....

RytGear1457d ago

Well, it sure as hell isn't going to be the less powerful Xbox One, thats for sure! Perhaps its the Wii U /s

slimeybrainboy1457d ago

True, do people not remember that EA said that BF4 will use directx 11.2 to add some things.

I think it's entirely possible it's the XB1. PS4 have added their own 11.2 style feature set to the PS4 but it's bespoke for the PS4. Developers aren't going to slave to make one console better than they other. It has to be easy and quick.
It could be making use of GDDr5 or 11.2 we don't know

FamilyGuy1457d ago (Edited 1457d ago )

No, you missed the part where he wasn't ALLOWED to say it's the PS4, lol

I'm not going to claim that it being the X1 is impossible though, there are just a lot more supporting facts/specs that place it in the Ps4s corner compared to the X1s possible advantages.

JunioRS1011457d ago

Haha, oh boy...

Gddr5 = 2400 vs ddr3 = 1600

ps4 8 cpu cores vs x1 4 cpu cores

ps4 has 50% more gpu cores, each faster than x1's

ps4 = unified ram vs x1 = split ram

ps4 gpu = 1.84 tflops vs x1 gpu = 1.30 tflops

"b-b-but clouds, eSRAM, hypervisor :'("

B-b-but you lose :) B-b-buy a PS4 :)

Xb-b-box sucks :)

Autodidactdystopia1457d ago

I didn't know the xbox1 had a quad core..

doesn't it have the same jaguar 8 core cpu?

n4rc1457d ago

Yes it does... Ignorance flies wild around here

DeadlyFire1456d ago (Edited 1456d ago )

Microsoft is hoping DirectX 11.2 can offset the extra power of the PS4 with tricks. Wether or not it can actually do it still remains unknown. It wouldn't be a spectacular difference if that was the case.

PS4 has more hardware. So odds are its the PS4. Considering PC assets likely will be the baseline for the graphics it could mean 1box is intended to have better looking version, but PS4 hardware could outweigh that with its extra GPU compute cores and shaders. There is no way of knowing without seeing both versions.

Blackdeath_6631456d ago

@JunioRS101 very inaccurate misleading specs you pulled out of your behind. not sure how or why people agreed with your comment.

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AlexanderNevermind1457d ago (Edited 1457d ago )

So many telling quotes where to start?

- "And I think that one will look as good as the PC.”

- "Nilsson’s comments suggest that third-party developers may be looking to take advantage of the additional power of PS4, rather than deliver identical versions across both platforms."

I'll leave it at these two...

creatchee1457d ago (Edited 1457d ago )


What if the dev was actually talking about the One being more powerful than originally expected? Heads would explode.

user74029311457d ago

that's impossible.

1. programming .xbox one ps4 = equal.

2. power . xbox one ps4. = ps4 is stronger.

Brazz1457d ago (Edited 1457d ago )

actualy this point to ps4, since original PS4 kit had 4gb ram and the final 8gb Gddr5 made lots of dev. surprised.

mxrider21991457d ago (Edited 1457d ago )

@dirypimo a dev yesterday said it was a lot easier to develope for ps4 so idk how all the others feel or if it was a biased quote or not but they might not be equal

moparful991456d ago

Ps4 has the more graphics centric GDDR5 and a unified memory structure to compensate for the inherent latency issues of GDDR5.. So basically the Ps4 has all of the advantages of GDDR5(which surpass DDR3) and none of the weaknesses..

If everyone recalls the only advantage the 360 had this previous gen was unified memory which spelled easier coding and the result was slightly better MultiPlats in a lot of cases.. I think Sony has this generation nailed...

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NextGen24Gamer1457d ago

“What we’re seeing with the consoles are actually that they are a little bit more powerful than we thought for a really long time – especially one of them, but I’m not going to tell you which one," Nilsson told at Gamescom earlier today.

Please read carefully! "Consoles are a LITTLE bit more powerful than we thought"

"Especially ONE of them, but I'm not going to tell you which ONE"

Initially the fact that the PS4 had more RAW power was common knowledge. That shouldn't surprise anyone. But he was actually surprised at the "Little" more power that "ONE" had over the other.

If it was the ps4, why would he be surprised? Hmmmm think about it.

I've known for a while that he xbox one's architecture was unique and offered some graphical advantages that don't show up in RAW numbers. Maybe the devs are "Surprised" out how it gives an edge once they start developing for it.

People make a big stink about the Ram difference, but the Best Gaming Computers use the same RAM choice as the Xbox ONE. It's a more proven RAM for gaming regardless. If the PS4 ram was so much better for gaming, that would mean that the graphics on the ps4 would surpass the top of the line computers. NOPE!

So how could the console that has had the clear RAW power advantage "Surprise" a dev?

Xbox ONE is surprising the devs! All you have to do is look at the launch games and it's pretty obvious.

"Think about it".

RadioActiveTwinky1457d ago

No we dont use the same RAM for gaming. Im sorry but no mister.
In PC you would be a fool and very much behind in the times if you are using DDR3 for game rendering.

Who knows what system he is talking about. He specifically says "Consoles". Not Console. It can be seen either way.
In my point of view they are both underpowered by my PC which is also behind in the times.

I am rocking dual GTX 570's and they beat the new consoles coming out 10 fold, easily.
By most PC gaming standards dual 570's are pretty much obsolete. They are beaten by a single gtx 680 and a HD7990. Which surprisingly both those cards and my cards all use GDDR5 Ram.