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New CRYENGINE Looks Amazing - Gamescom Next-Gen Tech Demo

Here is the official Gamescom tech demo of Crytek´s new CRYENGINE. (Cryengine, PC, PS3, PS4, Wii U, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

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NYC_Gamer  +   365d ago
I hope more studios jump on the CE bandwagon instead of always running to Unreal
SlavisH2  +   365d ago
I am with you!
inveni0  +   365d ago
All looked good, I agree, but one thing stood out to me... A metal bucket was blowing around in the wind, but loose cardboard wouldn't. Just seemed strange not to just make that happen for the demo.
MurDocINC  +   365d ago
I wish to see better indie licensing.
minimur12  +   364d ago
I hope more studios jump on the CE bandwagon instead of always running to Unreal

that's all fine and dandy but a license per year for CE is about 1.2M if i remember correctly, and not sure about thee price of UE

but engines aren't just about looks - engines can be optimised for different genres/viewpoints, believe it or not.

for example you see Crysis, Far cry, sniper ghost warrior. All run on CE and all, are first person. It's possible that they are trying to broaden their engine by making third person support a thing, Ryse, Rime. But other than those to most CE games are fp.

Now look at UE.
Near enough ALL games that run on UE are third person. name pretty mnuch any game that is running on UE and it'll be 3rd, Gears, Army of 2 Batman series and even Murdered: Soul Suspect. so yeah, UE is made for tp support while CE focuses on 1st for the moment.
more studios should - if they plan on making first person.
Sorry to be the killjoy ;)
Lukas_Japonicus  +   365d ago
Me too, it should become the main engine for devs in next gen games.
DigitalAnalog  +   365d ago
I think they are. Isn't the new PS4 exclusive "Everybody returns to Rapture" using the CE?
Skate-AK  +   365d ago
H0RSE  +   365d ago
But aren't Crytek games notorious for being resource hogs and pushing even the highest end systems to the limit? Yes, Cryengine games looks phenomenal (if you can run them,) but at such a high cost to the system, is it worth it?

I was always a fan of the Source Engine, and am looking forward to more details on Valve's new iteration.
Excalibur  +   365d ago
I have to admit there for a while EVERYONE seemed to be using the Unreal engine and Every. Single. GAME. looked the same (at least to me), it didn't matter who was making it.

The new thing that seems to be popular is solar flares, water droplets, sparks, dirt, smoke and whatever else the Devs can come up with obscuring your vision, I personally can't stand that, just because you can do something doesn't mean you should.
I didn't finish the last Battlefield SP because of that, it seemed like every single light-source in that game was designed to blind you, it drove me absolutely nuts.
SITH  +   365d ago
Star Citizen is using cry engine.
I_am_Batman  +   365d ago
I think we should see much more variaty in engines next gen. There are already so many great looking engines for next gen games like the Unreal Engine, Cry Engine, Snowdrop Engine (the Division), Fox Engine (MGS5), Luminous Engine (Agni's philosophy), Panta Rhei-Engine (Deep Down) and many more.
Skate-AK  +   365d ago
But only Unreal and Cryengine will be licensed out of that list. The other engines are all in house.
greedybear88  +   365d ago
Batman has spoken.
ATi_Elite  +   365d ago
The CryEngine is such a BEAST. It completely blows the Unreal Engine out the water PLUS you can program for 3 platforms simultaneously on the CryEngine.

Dear Devs: Use the Got Dam CryEngine cause the Unreal Engine is Real CRAP!

Plus the CryEngine is good for Mods too.

Look for StarCitizen (PC Exclusive) to push the boundaries of the CryEngine 3 like no game has before it in 2014
I_am_Batman  +   365d ago
The Unreal Engine isn't crap. You can program for 3 platforms simultaniously on it as well. In fact UE had this feature before the Cry Engine. I think the Cry Engine is superior in terms of looks but the UE isn't crap.
Muffins1223  +   365d ago
Well unreal is half the price.
Soulscare  +   365d ago
Never been a huge fan of Crytek, but CE is a great engine, much better than Unreal. Obviously we haven't seen any Unreal 4 games yet, but I doubt they're going to beat CE.
duplissi  +   365d ago
I dunno the unreal 4 demos seem to rival crysis 3 in visuals (when crysis 3 is maxxed out).
jameson12345  +   365d ago
I hope both become more common. It is always better to have diversity game engine wise when possible, especially in the major AAA devs that can afford it.
Gamer1982  +   365d ago
I hope they don't the CE is always badly optimized for everything just look at crysis for a perfect example you get games like battlefield looking just as good and only needing half as good hardware. Why you think that is? Because the engine is a LOT better and thats because the devs are better. Theres a reason people use Crysis for benchmarking there new cards on PC and not games like battlefield. Frostbite is a lot better engine and I would prefer it in more games..
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OneAboveAll  +   365d ago
But can Crytek make a good game?
ABeastNamedTariq  +   365d ago
No, but they make a damn good tech demo! :P



I was kidding lol. They've made some good games, but lately they seem to being going with style and graphics over substance and depth, in my opinion. Gameplay doesn't do it for me. It's boring to me.
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n4rc  +   365d ago
i didnt find crysis to be bad... just not a huge fan of the halo-ish 30 bullets to kill someone
DaGR8JIBRALTAR  +   365d ago
that's what scares me about ryse...looks great,but could end up being boring as fcuk.
Pandamobile  +   365d ago
Yes. Several.
Master-H  +   365d ago
We'll see if they can prove themselves with Ryse: the Son of Rome
Muffins1223  +   365d ago
Fuck you time spliters was pretty good and crysis 3 was better than most fps
dogdirt2000  +   365d ago
Just wanted to clarify that 'Timesplitters' was made by 'Free Radical'. Crytek purchased them several years after.
Gamer1982  +   365d ago
Indeed Cytek never made it and most the free radical team have actually left Crytek now.
WorldGamer  +   365d ago
Looks awesome, hope it's put to good use out there when the new systems are released.
falcon97  +   365d ago
Real gamers want gameplay that challenges you if you play games with amazing graphics they normally have poor un-challenging gameplay ?? not always though ?
WorldGamer  +   365d ago
I'm sorry sir/miss, I don't get the relevance of your comment when it comes to what I said. I just hope developers leverage the features show effectively is all.

Maybe I'm missing something.
ABeastNamedTariq  +   365d ago
That was great! Can't wait to see more games using this.
n4rc  +   365d ago
damn... watching the 1080p vid on my big tv..

absolutely stunning..
cyclindk  +   365d ago
So damn unrealistic... freaking frog sitting on a rock in the woods during the day, easy pickings for a predator.

Nice ethological FAIL Crytek, or should I say CRAPtek.

Cryengine 3 Frogger be nice though.
Shnazzyone  +   365d ago
Yeah, but the puddles from rain evaporate over time. THEY FUCKING EVAPORATE!
greedybear88  +   365d ago
If Crytek made a Frogger game with those graphics I would buy it.
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SirDjss  +   365d ago
Drying up water Awsssome
FamilyGuy  +   365d ago
The water drying up looked good, the cardboard in the water before that didn't.
bullymangLer  +   365d ago
Resident Evil 1 Remake for the GameCube looks more skills . . coooL
kydrice  +   365d ago
And this is what the next Dragon Age and Mass Effect is going to use? I can't wait!
RicardJulianti  +   365d ago
Nope, the next Dragon Age and Mass Effect will be using Frostbite 3......same engine as Battlefield 4 and NFS:Rivals, eventually Battlefront and Mirror's Edge
pwnsause_returns  +   365d ago
Im very glad Next gen consoles are around the corner. cause alhough PCs can produce these visuals, the fact that its nice to sit in your couch and experience this makes me so excited.
_QQ_  +   365d ago
connect pc to TV problem solved.
duplissi  +   365d ago
Heres how you do it:

1. Connect computer to tv

2. Connect controller to computer

3. Launch steam in big picture mode (You know the controller friendly tv interface)

4. Play game (Almost all games fully support controllers now)

5. ??

6. Profit.
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pwnsause_returns  +   365d ago
I know this. I have steam, I like it. But consoles doesnt present as many barriers that a pc would
kalkano  +   365d ago
Ok, that puddle drying up was pretty damn amazing...

Now, use it in a good game.
x2geex  +   365d ago
Runs Great on WII U also. Cant wait!
Nevers0ft  +   365d ago
Definitely nice to see the Wii U not being treated like a ginger step-kid for once. Fingers crossed it actually results in some games.
Npugz7  +   365d ago
This and frostbite 3!
kingPoS  +   365d ago
It really does matter as to what tools you have to get the job done with.
Lwhit6  +   365d ago
What games run on CE?
Bryan574  +   365d ago
All seeing eye logo #illuminati
kakashi81  +   365d ago
I wouldn't mind seeing Japanese developers use the crytech engine. CAPCOM,Konami, Squareenix and a few others.
kingduqc  +   365d ago
Looks stunning.
AKR  +   365d ago
Wow, this looks pretty sick! Of course - Wii U can't even run Frostbite 2 properly, so don't expect anything from this!

...Oh wait....
jameson12345  +   365d ago
Exactly, thats why EA itself can really be full of crap.
AKR  +   365d ago
I was saying that from since they started that foolishness. All year they've been acting like a rotten grade-schooler who hates the fact they can't get their way. Pathetic.
johny5  +   365d ago
can't wait to see ryse!
PersonMan  +   365d ago
The coolest part of the video was the puddle evaporating at the end. Never seen that before in a video game.

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