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user74029311735d ago

those are futuristic alien high tech godsmack bleeding edge sharp sizzling bloody tears high end future proof graphics

Abash1735d ago

Did I see night racing in that trailer? Im in love O_O

user74029311735d ago (Edited 1735d ago )

i now know....what love is danny.

ABizzel11735d ago (Edited 1735d ago )


Yes @ 1:00, and I've been saying it for the longest. DriveClub is the real deal.

Day / Night, Weather, Damage, Real-Time everything (everything rendered is a real item).

Technically speaking this is the only racer trying to do what Project Cars is doing in pre-alpha (The Crew is another one to watch out for).

Weather may not be there at Day 1, because they want to get everything done by launch, but if it isn't Evolution said they'll patch it in as soon as they can after the game ships.

FamilyGuy1735d ago

The night racing looks sick, look the real time lighting from the headlights at night. Looks freakin awesome.

tuglu_pati1735d ago

Here is gameplay video from Gamescom floor. Not as good looking as the trailer but still looks great.

nirwanda1735d ago

Need for speed rivals has day and night racing and looks better in game.
Look at the gamersyde videos of the two.

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Xsilver1735d ago

that amazing detail wow this game really came out looking the way they promised, i cant wait.

assdan1735d ago

So anyone saying this game might have bad graphics is full of it...

ABeastNamedTariq1735d ago (Edited 1735d ago )

WHAT? This game looks RIDICULOUSLY GOOD! What were the naysayers saying again? Doesn't have good graphics? They can GTFO, this looks fantastic. That trailer alone just sold me on the full version. Team racing, night racing, weather? Hell yeah.

skept3k1735d ago

It's so easy to make a trailer look badass, that doesn't fully represent what it will be like playing the game.

I have hopes for the game, but gameplay videos so far make the game look like any generic arcade racer.

ABeastNamedTariq1735d ago (Edited 1735d ago )

A lot of racers don't have team/social racing to the extent that DriveClub has, or night racing, or weather effects. You may think it looks generic, but I don't. I'm hyped for it now. Most gameplay videos shown were 1.) of a 35% build 2.) off-screen gameplay.

P.S. - Just about all racers are "generic" to some extent. You pull a trigge on a controller (or use a wheel) to go from point A to point B as fast and efficiently as possible. Everything else is a bonus. This game right here? Full of bonuses.


No, you aren't wrong! Lol

hazardman1735d ago

Looked in game to me, but I could be wrong!

GreatTeacherOnizuka1735d ago (Edited 1735d ago )

I was amped for this game for ps4 but dont get excited now... this is gameplay vs trailer

sigfredod1735d ago

LOL trolling all the way by posting a GIF image taken from a offscreen video, way to go

ABeastNamedTariq1735d ago (Edited 1735d ago )

That's a GIF of offscreen gameplay. You can leave now.


Smart mind think alike!

SPARDA_4261735d ago

Lol this footage is from when they were only 35% complete with the game. The new trailer is getting closer to release and its not even 100% yet and it looks tooo amazing.

HurtfulTimez1735d ago

and just exactly what was this tiny blurry gif supposed to show?! pfft some peoples stupidity just makes me laugh at times honestly. BTW its still alpha code. look at the difference from the %35 pre alpha to now and the difference is astonishing

GreatTeacherOnizuka1735d ago

in-game footage?

no... they are still trying to make this arcade racer 60fps.

which is funny... as to why i brought trailer vs gameplay.

but please go on.... the trailer is soooooo badass

GribbleGrunger1735d ago (Edited 1735d ago )

What was the point in posting a gif of off screen footage from an earlier build when you have the real deal but one scroll up away? This is beyond stupid (don't usually say things like that ... but, come on)

Xsilver1735d ago

he really posted a gif of the game when it was in the 35% stage wowwwwww i wonder if he knows that was pre alpha even evolution said it wouldn't look good at that point keep on trolling cant wait for final version.

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sigfredod1735d ago

Looking great, and if they achieve the 60FPS will be perfect

captain_slow821735d ago

looks stunning...

we all know how good evolution studios are when it gomes to gameplay

so me = very excited for this title

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