The Riddler May Not Make an Appearance in Batman: Arkham Origins

David Rodriguez writes, "Creative Director of Batman: Arkham Origins, Eric Holmes, has confirmed that collectible objects will exist in the game. However, he added that they will be in a different form than what we saw in 2009′s Arkham Asylum and 2011′s Arkham City. Furthermore, he did not confirm if the Riddler would be involved in these collectibles in the way he was in the previous two aforementioned games."

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GarrusVakarian1555d ago

Jim Carrey riddler or gtfo.

ironfist921554d ago

I wish Riddler was more than just a side objective. I know he's not an assassin, but maybe in the future, make him more a part of the story.

porkChop1554d ago

He's such a great character. He really needs a bigger role in these games.