IGN- Flashback Review

IGN:Flashback is an unremarkable remake, and a missed opportunity to build upon the legacy of a true classic.

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negative1704d ago

Yea I was looking forward to this. Loved the original.

Aww well........

darthv721704d ago

i tried the demo and was impressed. it seems the reviewer was expecting a full blown reimagining of the original instead of an hd makeover.

As a fan of the original, i can see why they left the majority of the game true to its roots. because its a remake not a new game.

ducktales gets an hd makeover and people go bat guano crazy but Flashback gets an hd makeover and its a bad thing.

Maybe there is just more nostalgia in ducktales than flashback.

Snookies121704d ago

@darthv72 - Huh, well if that's the case I still might get it. After all, they did say the original was included with the game... So if nothing else, to get the original again. :]

Maddens Raiders1704d ago (Edited 1704d ago )

Wow... fabulous original game. Piss poor remake. This is disappointing.

Mikelarry1704d ago

this is why i never get excited for remakes. this is not particular to this game but back then we didn't know better now our minds has experienced other more interesting games to then remake a game from the past is just asking for trouble who remembers the bionic commando for next gen oooweeee that was bad