Battlefield 3, You Had Me and You Lost Me

GeekParty's Shelby Reiches writes: "Look, I get it, okay? Electronic Arts is huge and they want to keep track of their player-base, they want to ensure a certain sort of experience for all of their gamers. So Battlefield 3 now has a 'Battlelog' component. This is a website that lets you alter your loadouts, manage your friend list, etc. It’s like Call of Duty Elite except EA actually stuck with it. And they made it mandatory."

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TopDudeMan1768d ago

I personally don't mind it at all. Haven't had any issues thus far.

theEx1Le1768d ago (Edited 1768d ago )

Are you new to Battlelog? As a PC user I can say with Certainty that I have had nothing but issues with it. Random Disconnects as well as periods of being completely down. The macthmaking for squads is laughable at best and only redeeming quality is that it is barely functional.

porkChop1768d ago

I've had BF3 on PC since launch day and I have literally never had any issues with Battlelog.

Twilightx71768d ago

I understand that this guy just got this game through the Humble Bundle, but BF3 came out nearly two years ago - nothing has changed with Battlelog, and if anything, it's a strong component of BF4. This is old, old news, and it's not going anywhere.

SeanScythe1768d ago

Get it for console, problem solved.

aquamala1768d ago

with only 24 players and console graphics? no thanks.

KonsoruMasuta1768d ago

Yes, because getting forced to use crappy services is way better than playing on consoles. Those console players don't know what they're mission out on./S

GDDR6_20141768d ago


Well sure it is I'd rather put up with a crappy matchmaking service than playing the barebones console version . How are these tiny conquest maps with 3 waypoints on consoles when on pc they have 5-7 waypoints with 64 players?

SeanScythe1767d ago

PC is to full and the graphics are to pretty.

TopDudeMan1768d ago

That creates more problems than it solves. Especially when all your friends just bought it with the humble bundle.

SeanScythe1767d ago

Not when most of my friends got it for free on PS+.

EazyDuz221768d ago

An article on BF3? No one cares.

GDDR6_20141768d ago

With about 150000 people playing right now, sure people care

porkChop1768d ago

What the hell? BF3 is nearly 2 years old and Battlelog has been there since launch day. This isn't new in any way.