Why we switched our preorders to Xbox One

The launch lineup of the Xbox One was a big factor.

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Ksar1761d ago

I switched too. Sorry Sony, i won't pay 400$ for Knack and F2P/casual games.

mfletch5121761d ago

thats what i'm saying.. it just makes more sense at launch.

badboy7761761d ago (Edited 1761d ago )

DriveClub=Forza 5 (Driveclub is Free on PS+ so they're both equal in my book)

Killzon:Shadowfall> Ryse: Son of Rome

Dead Rising 3>Knack

The rest of the list is where Sony just completely Destroy's Xbox One Line-up with it's Free-To Play exclusive games such as.


Planetside 2

DC Universe Online

Blacklight Retribution

War Thunder

miDnIghtEr20C_SfF1761d ago (Edited 1761d ago )

Yep, grabbing my PS4 at tax return time in March... and buying one to give away on my site as well.

Holy hell! Did the buy above me really say Drive Club is equal to the defending Champion of sim racers.. Forza?!?!?!!? BECAUSE IT'S FREE!

And he has way more agrees than disagrees on N4Sony for saying that. LMAO!!! X1 launch line up is better than Sony's. It's ok to admit it.

Ace Killa 081761d ago


Comparing Killzon:Shadowfall to Ryse: Son of Rome is kind of dumb. They both are going high on graphics, but that's it.

Killzon has multiplayer and Ryse will have co-op, so far nothing else has been mentioned. Also they are completely different genres.

DejectedJeff1761d ago

So whenever i say "metro 2033, condemned, l4d, l4d2, and titanfall are xbox exclusives", im wrong because theyre on pc (and because its on the hellspawn xbox)
But you can say THOSE games are "free to play exclusives" for the ps4, when they've been on pc, some for years.
And if you think a free to play game like driveclub will have the depth of a 60 dollar forza game, nonetheless be the "same thing", you can keep dreaming.
And please, get your fps tripe killzone out of here. Bland, uninteresting and typical FPS's should have died with last gen. They are not a selling point for either console.

BlackTar1871761d ago

Midnight Forza is hardly a SIM racer . It shares way more aracdey feel then a sim racer.

have you never played a sim racer? GT or the PC versions?

I seriously think you need to change your definition of SIM racer.

hazardman1761d ago


No No No No No....DriveClub does not equal Forza. Forza is an established franchise.. No one knows how DriveClub is gonna be its new. So for you to say they cancel each other out is plain wrong.

I actually went with PS4 first as well. I mean with Killzone SF, DriveClub(retail), AC4, COD and F2P im gonna have plenty to hold me down til more exclusives come out for PS4.

GodGinrai1761d ago


Drive club is not equal to forza. Its not even a sim ..let alone a semi-sim. It reminds me more of testdrive or forza horizon.

Killzone vs ryse... hmm..two differnt types of comparing apples and oranges you prefer apples (FPS) or oranges (hack and slash)?

same goes for DR3 Vs knack. too different to really compare and more a question of what genres you prefer.

war frame will end up on X1 aswell..and based on my own personal experience (anybody with a steam account and a half descent graphics card can play it RIGHT NOW)..its an average game at best. its only getting attention because its coming to ps4.

planetside2 is fun for a while..then I got bored and went back to hawken..which is more fun.

DC and black light are hardly going to rock anybodies world...but war thunder looks like it will be fun.

HolyDuck1761d ago

@Badboy Driveclub isn't all free, you get the base game (like Killer Instinct) but you have to pay for the rest of the tracks/cars

Godz Kastro1761d ago

Killzone is about as interesting as watching paint dry... Part 2 was oooooooooo k at best. Played it for a month then ditched it. It has no personality, seems so generic.

Sony really dropped the ball on launch line up. Imagine if they would've told Naughty Dog to make Last of Us a launch game. With all this momentum and a game like that at launch they couldve done very well but now they are letting MS catch up again.

I think MS went out og their way to land a good line up because they were doing things that might have rubbed gamers the wrong way. So they loaded up on games. Well, the back lash caused them to reverse their strategy but all the games they invested in are still there. This worked out perfect for X1 owners.

Guys just get both but honestly MS has a better launch line up if you are a gamer.

trywizardo1761d ago

@badtoy776 forza > GT6 and driveclub with the graphics the FPS the gameplay
and you just compared a swords game to a FPS wow really smart beside TITANFALL > killzone SF and every games site said that
warframe dev's said that they are thinking about making it for Xone too
planetside 2 sucks
DC i don't like MMO's
the rest is dumb
in the other hand there are fable halo killer instinct spark trials , and a game that like the PS4 type (for kids) zoo tycoon

malokevi1761d ago

The article has one great point that I never considered.

Why is it, that every time I say "Titanfall is going to be fantastic", PS4 fans jump all over me and say "its on PC too, I'm getting it for PC!"... as if all those PS4 fans who spew junk about "PC elitism" suddenly have high-end PCs.

But, at the same time, when PS4 fans say "look at all the exclusives and awesome F2P like Planetside2, Warframe, and Warthunder" everyone goes "yeah, HIGH 5, woohoo Sony!" as though PCs don't exist, and all that whining about F2P is suddenly... a distant memory.

I think the double standard is quite funny. I'll be getting a PS4 in the launch window merely for the fact that I don't have a nice PC, and those F2P games are the best looking multiplayer games on the console. But at least I'm man enough to admit it.

UnHoly_One1761d ago

Comparing DriveClub to Forza is laughable at best.

And whoever said Forza is not a Sim racer is insane. Saying Gran Turismo is more Sim than Forza?? Um. No.

Killzone doesn't interest me at all, I've never played any of them, mostly because I can't play a shooter with the awful PS controller.

Quite honestly, I don't know if I should keep my PS4 pre-order at this point. I won't use it until Infamous Second Son comes out anyway.

BlueBlood171761d ago (Edited 1761d ago )

Just gonna put my thoughts out there...

Driveclub is a new franchise, it's unfair to say that it is nowhere near the standard of a game such as Forza.

Also, Driveclub is much more akin to PGR (a former Xbox staple) but I have seen many interviews stating that the guys spent A LOT of time trying to get the balance between sim and arcade to maximise FUN - which is the most important thing. What is comparable is the cars, Driveclub may be half-arcade-half-sim, but other than the handling, it's goal is out and out realism. It looks AMAZING and that developer at E3 stating that they made the effort to make sure every imperfection in the carbon fiber, and the way light behaves across the textures and surfaces of the cars interior is fully replicated means it could possibly be ahead of Forza in terms of detail! You just need to see some of these interviews; the depth of detail that they are going into is bordering on insane.

This game intrigues me, and it's brilliant that we will get a skimmed down version with PS+ to try out. You never know, it might be amazing and earn my money for the full game! (which is discounted with PS+ too)

Killzone looks really good too, not just with Guerrilla always creating stunning looking games, but the fact that they have moved away from the grey and brown of old. The new game looks vibrant.

Knack, for me, looks... well, cute. If that's the right word. Doesn't really look like a game I'd buy and looks like it's a bit of a tribute to the older generations. Has a bit of a Ratchet vibe about it (I love R&C) but to be quite honest it just looks a bit too childish for my liking. I'll wait for reviews.

@DejectedJeff You really are dejected aren't you? Possibly even delusional... Driveclub IS a full game, just because we get a reduced version of the game with PS+ doesn't mean otherwise. Correct me if I'm wrong, but PS+ has a bit of a habit of spitting out great FULL games of late. Also, I don't see those F2P games being available on XBone do I? You get a PS4 and you have 5 free fully fleshed out games and you don't even need PS+. Don't even try to pretend that this doesn't matter. Oh, and to claim that FPS games are pretty much irrelevant is laughable.

Nice try.

BlackTar1871761d ago

I won't argue your guys opnions but there are numerous sources out there that say GT is more realistic in multiple areas and that Forza just isn't yet.

All that aside PC sims are real sims and there is a reason they are far more accurate then Forza and GT is closer to them.

Not one real race driver has ever or will ever use forza for training. That in itself disproves forza as a true accurate SIM racer. The problem also is hasn't Forza said they were a sim racer sinc like #2? When in reality Forza 2 and 3 are so far from a sim its not a debate with 4 being as close to they have come and still they have articles out there showing the multiple areas forza is not true in simulation mode. Just examples Brakes, Weight, Tires and drift.

starchild1761d ago (Edited 1761d ago )

Why is it that Sony fanboys are always claiming to have gaming PCs whenever a game comes out on PC and Xbox 360 (like The Witcher 2, Left 4 Dead, Alan Wake, etc), but now they all seem so excited to play a bunch of free to play and indie games on their future PS4s that are available on the PC?

Surely if they really did all have gaming PCs as they have repeatedly claimed, they would simply play those games on their PCs. Not only are the graphics and framerate performance better on PC, but they could be enjoying most of those games RIGHT NOW.

starchild1761d ago

I had planned to get a PS4 at or around launch, but I had expected more interesting games. As a PC gamer, most of those indie games and F2P games are on or will be on PC.

Knack looks generic. The graphics look almost current gen in quality and the gameplay looks stale.

Killzone Shadow Fall looks decent, but nothing amazing. It looks like Killzone 3.5 overall.

Infamous Second Son looks quite good, but I don't know if I need to buy a console right away just to play one game.

BlackTar1871761d ago (Edited 1761d ago )


I prefer ps over xbox but i game on everything.

ill answer that question for me on both systems.

I prefer the unified friends list and ease of access to games then on PC. For example i have multiple friends list on PC and the diversity in games makes it hard for us all to agree and play the same game constantly. For ex. Battlefield finding friends on there is sometimes cumbersome and then getting in the same room and ease of playing is just not as easy as friends lists and lobbies in console games. Ill admit i only played bf3 on pc for about 5hrs so maybe that was easier navigated but bf2 and 2142 were a task for me.

I do own a custom built PC i do play it a bunch but i usually play SP games on it due to graphics i like to keep my Consoles for online MP due to ease of playing and getting people all on the same game.

Bonus round: The community on PC vs consoles is vastly different and PC in my experience tends to have people who play one game for a very long time where on consoles buddies usually will get games together and always play them together. I am not saying my experience is the norm by any means i am simply saying my experience over the last however many years of MP takeover.

MWong1761d ago

Bottom line it's a poor article and flamebait. He didn't even say what game made him switch, just it was all about the games. Both consoles don't have stellar launch line-ups.

I'll be getting both eventually, I just will get my PS4 first. Why? Because I still don't agree with the M$ forcing the Kinect on me since it's no longer mandatory to use the console. Also I want to see how their policies will be 6 months down the line (just praying that they don't have a 360 and say we are going back to the E3 design).

NextGen24Gamer1761d ago

I'm have a Ps4 pre-ordered and 2 xbox ones. But honestly looking at the launch line up, I might take the $400 dollars I have on my ps4 and buy 7 more launch games for my xbox ones. I'm actually thinking about it. I will still end up getting the ps4, but I'll wait for a game that I'll actually play before spending the money.

Xbox One has clear advantages to me.

1. Gaming with friends (better online & community with dedicated servers)

2. Better launch games (look better, play better according to all the awards they have already won)

3. Better features packed into the box (Kinnect 2.0) Snap, Skype, TV integration, voice, gesture, face recognition, Smartglass!

It's so obvious that its almost funny. Anyone that talks about RAM difference, needs to understand that the same ram that's used in the BEST Gaming PC setups, is the same RAM that the xbox ONE uses. If it's good enough for the best gaming rig, it's good enough for a console. Also it's been proven that more of the xbox one's ram can be allocated for games than the ps4.

Xbox one DAY ONE is a no brainer for a true gaming enthusiast! Period

AngelicIceDiamond1761d ago (Edited 1761d ago )

A bunch of PC ports aren't exclusuives. Unless its Sony then I guess it it matters right?

Im getting sick of this flip flop. Dont call it exclusive because its suddenly on your favorite console.

TheHierarchy1761d ago (Edited 1761d ago )

Project Spark XBOX ONE FTW!!! use kinect to make your own animations, audio and story. pitch shift your voice. create your own worlds, make them bigger, there's no limit!!!! play them, edit them. make you own RPG for free!! themes can be changed. make your own props, Re-edit your own props. create your own characters. make your own themes, change their lighting......and it goes on.

won't be getting out of my house for the next year or so.

avengers19781761d ago

Or you never had a PS4 preordered. If your choice is XB1 then that's fine, but don't act like you switched or that Sony is losing out.
Be more like jokesonyou and own your choice.

Novistador1761d ago

Planetside 2

DC Universe Online

These games are not really free to play. To get anywhere in either game prepare to buy weapon packs and subscriptions. Just an fyi

blackbeld1761d ago

Whatever man, I for sure don't trust Microsoft.

If they can change their plans in 3 months then guess what will happened later. When they reach 25 million units sales they will change their policy again.

DRM, always online. Big Brother watching you again. So please don't be so naive.

gaffyh1761d ago

Knack will be an awesome platformer, just because you guys only like shooters or action games, doesn't mean there aren't people who like a more diverse variety of games. I've got no doubt that Knack will be incredibly fun, just like Ratchet.

XboxFun1761d ago

F2P games on your PC that are exclusive to the PS4 console will now destroy Xbox One?

Where are the sony fanboys to dispute this?

DragonKnight1761d ago (Edited 1761d ago )

Yep, this site sure is filled with Sony fanboys. Look at all the Sony fanboys commenting above my comment, just filled with Xbox One hate. Yep, bias is everywhere.

On Topic: 1. "Microsoft is increasing the amount of servers they have from 15,000 to 300,000. This should really decrease the stress on developers because they will no longer have to maintain their own servers. This could allow older games to have multiplayer for longer and tons of other things."

B.S. reason is B.S. You're throwing in Microsoft PR hype as a reason to switch over? You have literally no idea how many physical servers there are going to be, or to what extent the amount of physical servers there are is going to help. You're throwing this reason out there with literally no knowledge about what it will do for your gaming experience. Remember, 300,000 servers is vague. It could be 285,000 virtual servers and 15,000 physical servers for all you know. B.S. reason is complete B.S.

2. "When Sony announced all of the new games, and I’m talking about for launch, I already have most of them on my PC (Warframe, Don’t Starve, etc.) and I could buy most of the ones that I don’t have on my PC at any time without purchasing a PS4. I love indie games, but the Xbox is open to indies as well and will always choose PC first anyways."

Another B.S. reason. So because Titanfall can be bought on the 360 or the PC, does that mean people shouldn't bother buying an Xbox One? Come on now. This is just a cop out.

3. "Microsoft has made so many changes with the Xbox One that their really isn’t that big of a difference between them. The Xbox One is honestly just a better decision at launch."

That last part is what really had me going "What?" Those changes Microsoft has made, they already existed on the PS4 from the very start. You're saying that a console that had terribly anti-consumer policies on it and then changed them is a smarter decision to buy than a console that never had those anti-consumer decisions from the start. You're saying that the message of being for corporate interests first, and then changing to being kinda for gamers after backlash, is better than always being for gamers. And you can say that with a straight face? Absolutely ridiculous.

4. "Nobody can deny that the launch lineup of the Xbox One is better than the PS4. The one game that I was looking forward to on PS4 on launch night was Outlast, which I will be able to get on my PC next month."

EVERYONE can deny that the launch lineup is better because the entire thing is SUBJECTIVE. It is impossible to state as a fact that one console has a better launch lineup than the other so long as there are people out there who don't like the games of one console over the other. This isn't the U.N. with a "majority rules" system. There isn't even a majority opinion that can be quantified. 4 B.S. reasons so far.

5. "Again, it’s just all about the games… things may change in the future and the tables may turn, but until then… XBOne all the way!"

So basically you just repeated reason number four to pad out your list. Subjective point is subjective.

Basically, since all of your reasons are absolute B.S., you were unwilling to be honest about anything. In all honesty, you never had a PS4 pre-ordered at all and you're pre-ordering the Xbox One because you want to. That's it. You like the games and want to pre-order for that reason. That's fine, but don't lie about it with a padded out list of absolute B.S. PR reasons. That's so disingenuous.

dizzy741761d ago

In the Console War PS3-Xbox360 the Side with the worst Hardware teases PS3 players about XBoxLive and Crosschat

QuickdrawMcgraw1761d ago

To switch or not to switch that is the question.I think I'll stay with the PS4 for two reasons.1st is I don't think MS is finished switching(pun intended).In other words I would not be surprised if MS brought back all they changed once MS is happy with the size of their fan base.And 2nd,Personally I was not happy with the support MS has shown first the Xbox and now the 360 as their life cycles neared the end.I want to see if MS has switched their ways and actually makes exclusives well into the 1's life cycle.This is just my opinion.

karl1761d ago

who would trust MS after all that has happened

u guys are nuts..

im playing the new infamous shadowfall and DC on my ps4

i will wait for the rest of xbox eclusives to be release on ps4 in the future..

jerethdagryphon1761d ago

why do we say we have gaming rigs we had spare cash after getting 2 jobs to pay for ps3.

i have x4 955 and 7970 16gb ram thats all i need runs anything i through at it.

so yea probobbly because most of us do

mikeslemonade1761d ago

X1 early adopters aren't forward thinking. Xbox has always historically had good luanch lineups with Halo 1 for Xbox and all the timed exclusive games for Xbox 360. This doesn't change anything. And then historically the xbox fizzles out later in the generation with few exclusives.

The X1 early adopters are the same crowd over and over again. They deserve to lose there money. All they can see is a few feet forward anyway.

360ICE1761d ago

Forza being defending champions on SIM racers. Most consumers would disagree.

Even so, I think both Forza 5 and Drive Club look more interesting than GT6. Probably because of the generation leap, though.

I'm also a bit sceptic to PS4 at launch. I'll see when it comes out what games are well reviewed. Same goes for XONE.

Kaneda1761d ago

@badboy776 They are giving you free demo Driveclub. Missing content to the one your buy 59.99...

scott1821761d ago

Forza looks great, I just think Drive Club looks better to me from the videos and screen shots I have been seeing...

Darrius Cole1761d ago

Tokyo Game Show

Does anybody honestly believe that the Japanese company made all of their announcements already and do not have anything left for the Japanese game convention?

t3rrorc3ll1761d ago

@Elite24gamer if you actually knew what you were talking about you might be dangerous. The Xbox one has ddr3 ram. A custom built pc would have a mega gpu which would have ddr5 ram. The gpu is what does most of the rendering work when gaming on a pc. And uses ddr5 your comment makes you look foolish.

If it's good enough for a gaming pc it's good enough for Xbox idiot

Azmatik1761d ago (Edited 1761d ago )

Am i reading this right lol? Good line-up rlly? The only games i liked was that rome game which will be $70 for a singleplayer game lol and titanfall which i can just play in pc hmmmm yep still no reason to switch to xbox

I gota add that sony fans brag about a pc game that comes to ps3 or 4 mainly because we get the privilage to play with pc players so it rlly does feel exclusice to pc and playstation which xbox players cant even cross play with titanfall lmao go microsoft with ur crap policies ill be enjoying live streaming my games to twitch tv with my pc friends playing FF14 with everyone but xbox while ur xbox live account gets bannd because it has 420 in ur name and cant wven share games with ur friends haha.l

strifeblade1761d ago


forza arcadey? hilarious- you just ignore that fact that the meta rating was much higher than gran turismo? or the fact that 2 gran turismo developers were playing forza at e3- one playing and one taking notes? Geez i wonder why? Or the fact that a number of hardcore forza players were previous hardcore gran turismo players and switched over since forza 3 and forza 4? Leave that argument at home because you just got schooled.

trafalger1761d ago

over 300 comments and someone actually thinks this site isn't full of sony fanboys. thats hilarious.

whats ironic is pre-E3 the forums all around lit up about xbones reveal, suggesting gaming was not a focus on it. yet fast forward and the line-up is not only strong but some think it's stronger than the ps4's.

if it is or isn't is based on preference. of course the name on the side of the box has a lot of influence, especially on fanboys. regardless of what you think of either company having strong competition is good for the industry and the consumer. what isn't good for anyone are a bunch of clowns acting half there age because they don't like the company.

still, m$ biggest stumbling block is the price and why kinect is needed. it's the same stumbling block nintendo faces at a time new hardware is coming while there system is more than current hardware and not being nearly as powerful as either the xbone or the ps4. a hundred dollar difference is a lot for some people but that camera is expensive. now they have to show how it's applicable for gaming to the hardcore since they are often the ones who buy consoles first. we know the new kinect is far superior but it has to be applied in ways gamers want to use it.

threefootwang1761d ago

Choosing your console based on launch games? Lol, that's smart. As if launch games determine how successful the console will be? Lets look at facts: Fact#1: 2 years into the life time of the Xbox 360, MS practically ditched exclusive games entirely, seeking instead for timed exclusives and dlc . Fact#2: PS3 and Sony never did. Pretty simple who my decision will be .

Underworld1761d ago

Who makes an investment in their next console of choice based on a few launch games? Seriously? Let's spend 500 dollars because of a few launch games. I'm thinking of the future, so I'll be getting a PS4 because I know Sony always has a great selection of exclusives, and I have no doubt the PS4 will too.

1761d ago
swansong1761d ago

All I have to say is Naughty Dog,Media molecule,Quantic Dream,Santa Monica studios,Guerrilla Games.These studios alone are enough reason to purchase a PS4,in my opinion. Really Naughty Dog alone is enough reason.

inf3cted11761d ago

badboy776 those f2p are not exclusives, they are also on PC

UltimateMaster1761d ago (Edited 1761d ago )

Xbox One has:
Forza Motorsport 5 (Not entirely sure about a game that plays itself, I would only need to play 3 times to kick 80% of player's ass ;)), Dead Rising 3 (Hate Zombie Games),
Killer Instinct and Sunset Overdrive. True Exclusives.

They also have:
Titan Fall (The graphics aren't that great, but the gameplay looks sick!), Spark and Ryse: Son of Rome
Also on PC

Timed Downloadable Exclusives:
Call of Duty Ghost and Battlefield.
Timed only.

Minecraft is not exclusive, coming to PS4 as well.

PS4 has:
Killzone Shadow Fall (KZ2 wasn't interesting, but KZ3 was very badass), Infamous Second Son (Infamous Gameplay's really Nice, now set in real cities), The Order 1886 (Only seen a CG video, know nothing about the game), Driveclub (Arcade-like Driving, similar to Need for Speed or Forza, but not Gran Turismo, it's not a simulator.) and Knack (Sony's new Crash Bandicoot Mascot, I guess... pretty.. useless)

They also have:
Dying Light (Another Zombie Game some of you may like it, I hate Zombie games), Black Light Retribution, Planetside 2, Warfighter, Shadow of the Beast, War Thunder, HellDivers, Big Fest, +Indie and more......

Permanent Additional Content (On the disc and don't need to buy additional content)
Watchdogs (1 hour gameplay & perks), Assassin's Creed IV Black Flag (Aveline from Liberation), and Destiny (Bungie, the creators of Halo. Content Unknown)

"Tell me how much games there will be on PlayStation 4?"
"Let me check my Kinect Scouter."
"What! It's over 900!"
Nappa "Steve" Ballmer: "WHAT!! 900!!"
"That can't be right.. That thing must be broken."

nukeitall1760d ago

I think now that the dust is settling, content and features are starting to win over.

That said, it is interresting because it seems Sony is not on track with their software. The launch lineup is mostly smaller indie games. Supposed AAA games like Driveclub was only 35% complete at E3. Somehow this is to be completed, tested, refined and go gold for production by November 15?

Oh, they are also aiming for 60fps!

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ZBlacktt1761d ago

Yeah, because Killzone Shadow Fall is just some casual game.

malokevi1761d ago (Edited 1761d ago )

It certainly is purdy.

I'm also going XB1 at launch, After watching IGN steamroll those zombies with a flamethrower, how could I not?

rdgneoz31761d ago

With free MP DLC - KZ:SF

CerebralAssassin1761d ago

Killzone has never been a game id choose to play. So obviously for me thats not a selling point. Infamous on the other hand had me sold... until it was confirmed to not be a launch title. Xbox one all the way for me.

ZBlacktt1761d ago

CerebralAssassin, so let me get this straight. So since Infamous Second Son comes out " Release date February 2014 ". A few months after the PS4 launch, you went with the X1? Yet, the only way your going to play Infamous Second Son is by owning a PS4. Yeah, that makes prefect sense. You sure you were ever getting a PS4 to begin with????

GodGinrai1761d ago


"Yet, the only way your going to play Infamous Second Son is by owning a PS4. Yeah, that makes prefect sense. You sure you were ever getting a PS4 to begin with????"

I am pretty sure he is aware of that..hence why he is buying it later. Infamous is also the game I really want a ps4 to start with. point is at launch..if you are going to buy both, you get the one that has the most games that you want to play RIGHT NOW. I would rather play forza 5,DR3,Ryse and killer instinct in november than killzone, driveclub or knack. So I may aswell wait a little while till a game I want comes out for it, namely infamous2. So i am buying mine in january, a little closer to infamous release date. I will get bored of killzone..that game just just never really seems to stick for me.. at least on X1 I can play BF4 with my freinds in the meantime, until titanfall comes out. . maybe cerebral assasin is just thinking about the games...just a thought. That is pretty much how I made my judgement.

If your going to buy both but can only get one at luanch..then the only thing that should sway your choice is the games.

t3rrorc3ll1761d ago

Zblacktt just accept you are surrounded by idiots. @therealness I can play bf4 with my friends on ps4 until second son comes out. So your argument is moot. As for titanfall. It looks like heaps of fun but the graphics are no better than half we've seen previous gen.

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negative1761d ago (Edited 1761d ago )

I never switched. X1 all the way DAY ONE!

Xsilver1761d ago

@Ksar knowing you u never had it in mind in the first place, please don't kid yourself Sony is long lasting support that's a fact but its whatever enjoy paying paying for features that should be free.

_FantasmA_1761d ago

Ksar, you aren't fooling anyone. You were never going to buy a PS4, and all those disagrees prove it.

twinspectre1761d ago

so buy XBOX one and Forza 5 an incompleted game have fun buddy...How Many Sheeps we have on this planet?

Meanwhile Killzone Shadow Fall will have free DLC

HolyDuck1761d ago

The reason you're getting a PS4 is because you're getting free DLC?

Damn, wish I were so easily pleased.

Jrxbarrett1761d ago

Free only wins over cheap Sony fans.

Godz Kastro1761d ago


LOL... The irony is with he makes that statement and in the same response calls people sheep, too funny...

thetruthx11761d ago

Forza is complete you don't have to download cars or tracks anymore

How r u dern? Lol

1761d ago
dethpuck1761d ago

Killzone will have free dlc to entice people to buy it in the first place. I will get both consoles and eventually play it like I did the rest of the series a few months ago but it is not a system seller like titanfall or forza

DragonKnight1761d ago

So let me get this straight. Killer Instinct being a free to play game, or Fifa being free for pre-orders in Europe is absolute genius. But anything free on the PS4, including Drive Club, is "Sony sheep settling for less and being easily pleased."

Gotta love Xbox One fans.

AlexanderNevermind1761d ago

I find it funny how many say that launch games are the reason for X1. Like this is a 100m dash... The past has shown that Sony's exclusives trump Microsoft's. This Gen all signs point to Sony's multiplats looking and performing better as well. Sony for me and its an easy choice.

strifeblade1761d ago (Edited 1761d ago )


Drive club is not free- if you buy ps+ you get a lite version which includes a few cars and and 7 of the 52 available tracks. I am not saying the game is lacklustre but the package certainly is. Killer instinct is no better and to actually play the game you are going to need to spend 20-40$.

However a full fledged copy of fifa 14 in europe is killer- it is one of the top selling yearly franchises in europe. Fifa to europeans is esential- it is like giving them an extra controller so yes it is a genius move (and no you don't need to buy gold) and adds great percieved value to the package. Sure you save 40$ by buying ps4 and fifa- but the extra 40$ will get you kinect and a slew of features unavailable top the ps4. The fifa consumer will appreciate this so will the call of duty players when it comes to dedicated servers. I have been on call of duty message boards and a number of them are jumping ship for the xbox one because this so yes these are genius moves from microsoft in attempting to grab the consumers of the two best selling franchises.

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