Playstation 4 and Xbox One Launch Exclusives compared (Gamescom edition)

Both Microsoft and Sony had their conferences at the on going Gamescom conference in Germany where both parties announced new games. Some of them were full retail titles while others were digital only. Indies dominated the show but fans of AA and AAA titles need not worry as they’ll get their due attention in time.

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CRAIG6671431d ago

Looks awful, I certainly won't be spending my money on it.

ChozenWoan1430d ago

am i the only one who noticed the lag.

Pay attention to when the players duck and when their char ducks. Not as bad as Kinect Original, but still bad. If this was a shooter it would be bargain bin day one.

KillrateOmega1431d ago

Before this moment, I knew nothing of Fighter Within (I didn't get a chance to catch up on MS's Gamescom info), but then I saw that it was a Kinect game...and I saw what fights would entail in terms of player action...

I'm not excited for it.

Anon19741431d ago (Edited 1431d ago )

Whaa? But you can jump off things in your environment around you while you flail, and a second later Kinect will say "Oh hell, they just did something different. Run jump animation!"

And didn't you see the 1:1 tracking? It's like those girls were really slap fighting INSIDE the screen!

All kidding aside, this looks freakn awful. It appears to have perhaps slightly more depth than Wii-boxing, but that might be generous. Glad to see devs are really stretching the limits of what Kinect can do.

XboxFun1431d ago

It's the same as any other fighting game played by noobs, you mash buttons.

I think people shouldn't judge a game by this one video.

NeloAnjelo1430d ago

No Kinect game should ever be defended. Assume it's bad first, based on the past disasters. Don't defend Kinect.

CRAIG6671431d ago

The xbox launch line up is miles better imo

GarrusVakarian1431d ago

Just like it was this gen. Then look what happened. Give Sony's 1st party devs some time to stretch their legs and see what happens.

CRAIG6671431d ago

Yup I aint disputing that, but as far as which launch line-up appeals to me, the xbox takes it hands down.

Let's be honest though, Microsoft know they have a HUGE fight on their hands this gen with no 1 year lead, I don't think they will lay back and relax like last gen.

spicelicka1431d ago

What do you mean "look at what happened"? You think both MS and SONY didn't see what happened?? Neither console is going to repeat the same mistakes they did last time and both are trying to compete more heavily.

MS knows Sony's exclusives are a huge selling point and they have already invested in many exclusives and 1st part studios. Sony knows xbox live was huge and they couldn't keep with it financially with free PSN so they've already invested in PS plus, which will now be required for ps4.

And both companies knew what Wii did with motion controls so they both made ridiculous investments on Kinect and Move.

If you really think anything is gonna be the same as last gen, you must really not be paying attention.

TheFanboySlayer1431d ago

lmao meeh imo I think Xbox only has Forza, Ryse, and Dead Rising 3 that interest me. That's it for me. You only have Drive Club and Killzone SF for Sony that are semi interesting. But Sony has soo many digital free to play titles and Indies that it is reaaally tough and such it's hard to choose. I'm reeeally interested in the horror games that sony has like Daylight and Outlast but we'll have to wait and see.

logan_izer101431d ago

This is an incomplete biased list.

IGN has a real list here

jackanderson19851431d ago

i do believe the title says exclusives that's why the list on both sides have been culled from the actual launch window releases

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