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Gamescom proves it's Sony's online service that's now the innovator

GamesRadar: "If the online service wars were a game of chess, Sony was using up every turn just trying to counter another tactical Microsoft masterstroke.

And so it continued for years… until PlayStation Plus came along and, incredibly, put the boot on the other foot.

Perhaps Microsoft didn’t feel that boot being removed. Perhaps it was so comfortable resting on its laurels that it had dozed off, the metaphorical equivalent of the hare vs the tortoise. XBLA was so far ahead of Sony, it didn’t need any improvement. Instead, the focus went on making Kinect and expanding Xbox Live’s ‘entertainment’ features--both elements of the Xbox package that weren’t catering for its core customers. The people who want to play games." (PS Vita, PS3, PS4, Sony)

DirtyPimp  +   323d ago
goddamn right
cleft5  +   323d ago
The online looked really slick and easy to use.
DirtyPimp  +   323d ago
it was very fast, thats what i liked.
stage88  +   323d ago
Looks like Xbox Live could be playing catch up to PSN this gen in regards to online multiplayer.
FlameHawk  +   323d ago
Did you even read the article? It is talking about mostly PS Plus and Gold, and the policies, not online gameplay.
ShinMaster  +   323d ago
Online gameplay itself is the same on both, even when some Xbox fans say otherwise.

But when it comes to features and overall value, PS Plus > XBL.
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LostDjinn  +   323d ago
You seem to like that response. I've seen you use it a lot of late.

OT: Sony appear to really be focused on gamers. On a side note I can see a lot of victims commenting here shortly about how it's...well... you know what they'll be doing.
Steven21  +   323d ago
Only thing that could make it better if you could go into the Playstation store and hand pick which game update you want. Lie lets say you're picking up a new game and it has a day one patch. Yous should be able to go to the store click the game, DL the patch, then have it ready to go once you get home. Same thing with older games too. It would make jumping into games much easier.
rocky047586  +   323d ago
That's exactly what you can do. Go back and watch Mark Cerny in February talk about the UI also the UI trailer for PSN as well. It confirms that we can do exactly what you're talking about.
TalonJH  +   323d ago
Not sure if it can patch them while you play but the PS4 has a separate chip that downloads patches and updates in the background.
Steven21  +   323d ago
You can download patches for games you don't own yet?? That's an awesome feature I can't wait to use.
FamilyGuy  +   323d ago
I like this idea, checking if a game needs/has patches without even having the game yet so you can que them for download ahead of time.

Day 1 patches/patches when you first get a game are always a headache.

It's cool that everything will be in the background this gen on the PS4 though so at least it won't be so intrusive, time consuming and holding you up from getting into a game like it is now.
malokevi  +   323d ago
Dunno.... COD dedicated servers, and probably for every other game. The cloud will supercharge an already sterling XBL service.
DirtyPimp  +   323d ago
the white, fluffy clouds...
malokevi  +   323d ago
Nah, big, dark, scary-a$$ cumulonimbus clouds.
DinoNYC  +   323d ago
MS is full of talk, don't buy into it.
TalonJH  +   323d ago
No reason to disagree with him. Dedicated servers are great. Playstation will be trying to add them as well.

That being said "cloud" is a silly marketing term. Has been for years. Just a cooler term than simply saying "we're sending info to a server and you can access it when you want."

Before Dropbox brought the cloud to the mainstream people were using ftp servers. (Same thing)

Before people started saying you could send data to the cloud for processing, I was processing images and rendering video on a Render farm.
malokevi  +   323d ago
I don't think its a marketing term.

I hear the dev team in my office use the term "cloud" on a daily bases. Obviously they are just referring to the server banks... but that's what a cloud is.

It's just the layman's term for remote servers. Just because it has a fancy pseudo-name is no reason to dismiss the technology. It could have massive implications for gamers in the coming years. Lord knows we already use it here (albeit on an infinitely smaller scale than MS)
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iceman06  +   323d ago
Have you owned a PS3? Many of the major multiplayer titles on PS3 already had dedicated servers. Many of the same ones that were on the 360 and some that weren't. You think that Sony will just drop that now?
Yes, the cloud will provide coverage for all devs that want to use it. But, beyond that, there really hasn't been any proof of concept of "supercharging" aside from supercharging your wallet. Okay...low blow...but seriously not any worse than the hyperbolic comment that the joke was made at the expense of.
malokevi  +   323d ago
It's not costing me anything that I don't already pay to take advantage of the cloud...

Supercharged as in every dev will have access to cheap and plentiful servers, and all my games, files, and information will be stored on the cloud, as well as cloud saves. Not to mention certain applications for cloud processing (titanfall physics/skyboxes... Forza AI/Drivetar...)

Supercharged. In every sense.

IC u dont agree..... PITY! :D
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G20WLY  +   323d ago
Ahh, the infamous MS 'clowed'...

Sounds more like blue sky thinking to me...shame that's all it is right now lol

You might call this theory half baked...if only MS remembered to turn the oven on. Doh! ;P
RedHawkX  +   323d ago
yep ps4 superior online service and whats more important is the ps4 will have more people playing it and playing it online as its preorders are sold out and there are more ps4 systems and its cheaper. so if you are the type of gamer who likes online and chatting and coop and such the ps4 is the choice. the ps4 is gonna have sold at least 10 million more consoles then the xbox one before the end of 2014. that equates to more gamers online playing games like call of duty.
Sarick  +   323d ago
I agree though Pimp, this gen Sony isn't sitting back. MS bought skype of all the online benefits Skype seemed to be the most interesting online.

Microsoft made some mistakes this Gen. We all know what they did. For each mistake they've done 180's. To attempt to recover.

It's untrue that MS wasn't being innovative. They was in fact very innovative with their newest product. The problem was their innovation was IMHO be a few steps in the wrong direction. They wanted to impose restrictions, *sacrifice* the system resources for more non-gaming utility and make the camera a purchase requirement.

Online wise IMHO Microsoft wasn't haven't grown much. They seem to busy trying to integrate all their software and hardware with external devices. Has Microsoft lost track with what made the Xbox 360 an acceptable success last gen?

I don't feel like going into to much detail but from my perspective they're more into designing an DRM PC entertainment box then a gaming console. It also appears as though gaming is taking a back seat to their plans for a multiple device OS ecosystem.

IMHO This generation Microsoft is trying to more innovate the consoles *utility* much closer to a PC then make a gaming console or the Xbox Live online gaming experience.

IMHO Sony, seems to be innovating more online features this gen to directly improve *gaming* and the PSN Plus online experience.

These are just my opinions based on what I've seen. Either way I like what I see coming from Sony and the PS4. The innovations and polices Microsoft have shown me have done nothing but sell me more reasons to buy a PS4 over an Xbox One.
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Sithlord-Gamble  +   323d ago
Thats bc Microsoft isn't trying to compete with Sony anymore. They're trying to compete with Apple. They want to be the next Apple.

All fads end ... and I think Microsoft is just trying to lay the foundation to take their place, (Apple), when their popularity train comes to an end. (Which is kind of smart of MS from a business sense).

Cant wait for my PS4 tho ;-)
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GameSpawn  +   323d ago
Apple? or Nintendo? or Both?

Really it doesn't matter. This has always been Microsoft's weakness. They have a problem with chasing fads on their "downtrend". Any company successful with a "fad" product is successful because they tried something risky and got lucky.

The iPhone in its first inception was a damn risky move for Apple because it was something completely new for them. To make it somewhat less risky they spent MONTHS researching, testing, and watching markets (their now competition) to see what was favored and designed their product to meet these needs. Well, they hit well with the first iPhone, but they knew people would not stay content with the iPhone as it was at the time and continued to watch as before and constantly evolve their product to maintain their "wow" factor and "fad" status.

Nintendo is a similar case with the Wii. They decided to go a radically different direction and cater to a whole new breed of consumer and they got lucky with their very risky move. The only problem with Nintendo was that unlike Apple they couldn't maintain their consumers' interest in their product. This is why the WiiU has fallen flat; there is not enough to separate it as a more capable device than the Wii -- in the eyes of the "new" audience the Wii created. Every other iteration of the iPhone proved to be far more capable than it predecessors and kept people coming.

Microsoft tried something risky that could have been a real game changer if it took off, but Microsoft's inability to notice how markets really trend led to all the poor decisions that they had to 180 on and now they must play "follow the leader" until they regain some footing and consumer trust. That's the cost of risky moves like these - they can tremendously help you or hurt you.

Microsoft needs to stop thinking of consumers/developers as ants and corporations/publishers as boots and start listening to the consumers and their interests to be truly successful. What good is any product if no one wants to buy it?
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Sarick  +   323d ago

That's a fair assessment. Microsoft has always been competitive with Apple. I don't disagree with you. After seeing all the advertisements from Microsoft using taking advantage of the cost differences between surface and I-pad I can see your point.

They've done a lot to attack Apple in the past. This is part of the policy I see but then again I see how Apple has taken advantage of customers. The commercials showing the positives and negatives of their hand held devices is ligament.

Competition is good and this battle they're having with Apple is definitely effecting Microsofts gaming market.
AngelicIceDiamond  +   323d ago
I agree PSN has come along way from PS3's interface. PS4's interface will be impressive but I definitely wouldn't use the word innovative. They will have crossgame chat finally.

being faster is nice but not innovative the other guys boost its online service speed through updates every year.

I guess MS seems to have more going on compared to Sony's PSN.
voodoochildnyc  +   323d ago
what hypocrites all you people are. dont get me wrong i a future ps4 day one owner but its so messed up that people get on xbox live for the whole online paywall thing. yet this guy is spouting off how its a good thing that ps4 demands ps plus. its absolutely ridiculous, people are just so eager to pick at anything microsoft does and applaud ps4 for doing pretty much the same thing and worse in this case. im a hardcore gamer, i buy my systems for the call of duty's and battlefields and most of all for the multiplayer! the freebies are a nice plus but in the end if your putting the most important aspect of an online service behind a paywall then im sorry but that is just as bad or worse than putting the extra features of online services behind a paywall along with it. it seems backhanded and like a veiled attempt at suckering in the consumer. its so hypocritical that ps4 contends that they cater to the hardcore gamer yet pull stunts like this. im getting a ps4 only for the exclusives. my online hours will be spent on xbox live with the hardcore gamers. and btw idk need any freebies thank you very much im more than happy to pay for good games make by hardworking people. cheap asses!!!!!
thrust  +   323d ago
Hahaha now that is funny!
Pixel_Enemy  +   323d ago
Stuck in the past bro.
RedHawkX  +   323d ago

you living in the past bro. I bet you still think myspace is the number one social network on the internet.

facebook is the number one social network online and the ps4 is the new facebook. the xbox one is myspace. history repeating itself right here. jump on board or look like a fool like my friends did when i jumped on facebook.

xbox is dead and it can go to hell
thrust  +   323d ago
Wow hit a nerve?

sorry mate but xbox live for online gaming much better than psn.

that is well known in the gaming world!
SnotyTheRocket  +   323d ago
I see you have USED the PS4, and tried the UI and Online. Can I borrow that time machine?
kenshiro100  +   323d ago
@ thrust

Well known in the world? If that's the best argument you can come up with, then I feel sorry for you.
Godz Kastro  +   323d ago
PS+ is a sweet deal. It was the sole reason I was thinking about getting a PS4 which I will do as soon as Naughty or Santa Monica drop a jewel.
CapraDemon  +   323d ago
ps+ is an excellent service ,i only wish that i'd got it earlier
sigfredod  +   323d ago
Great article spot on
Ripsta7th  +   323d ago
I dnt think plus is innovating but it is a great deal. I was thinking they were going to talk about new online features or something
ElementX  +   323d ago
I'm waiting to see if the new online service will be faster than the current one. Back when I had a 360 it seems to me that the downloads were faster. I only have PS3 now though but it seems as though patches take forever. Luckily with PS+ all of the patches are downloaded automatically.
grayfoxx881  +   323d ago
I thought that, too. I used a wireless connection for my fat PS3, download speeds were terrible, updates took forever. I could never stay in a complete Killzone 3 mp match because of it. I switched to a wired connection which significantly improved speed, haven't had any problems since. I don't know if there were problems with the wifi in my old PS3, or if all PS3 have wireless connection problems. A wired connection is the way to go.
Sithlord-Gamble  +   323d ago
It was your wireless router.
PS3 wasnt compatible with quite a few of them.
MRMagoo123  +   323d ago
takes me maybe 5 mins to Download and install patchs on my ps3 , i use a wired connection and my net is pretty fast, the only ppl i know of that say they take ages to DL from the ps3 are the ones using slow net or wireless. maybe thats the problem.
_LarZen_  +   323d ago
What Sony need to do now is to show us that they have the server infrastructure that Microsoft has for the XBO. 300.000 servers are ready for all tasks that the XBO need.

Where the most talked about are cloud computing and what is probably most important for most gamers, dedicated servers.

Call of Duty: Ghosts is using MS server park with dedicated servers for the game. Sony with the PS4 need to have at least the server infrastructure to give developers the option to take use of this and give gamers dedicated servers.

If not then MS will still have the upper hand when it comes to online service.
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Majin-vegeta  +   323d ago
Lol Sony has been using dedicated servers this gen.
_LarZen_  +   323d ago
Yes for some of their exclusive online games. What I am talking about is the option for all developers to give gamers dedicated servers.

Most online console games are P2P today, MS will in a big way change this with their infrastructure.

If Sony had this and was expanding and it was a feature for their system I recon they like all other companies would brag a little about it.

But no word so far, and that could be a mistake from Sony. Only time will tell, but so far there has been no announcement that Call of Duty: Ghosts is getting dedicated servers for the PS4 version.
Sarick  +   323d ago
I see what you're saying. LarZen.

You want the ability to RENT and HOST a server for your *personal* use. That way you can invite players to say, your KillZone server to play in an environment outside the PSN service and it's online terms of service rules.

You need to change the wording from dedicated servers to "Personal User Dedicated Servers" This way people understand you want to host your own private servers instead of using Sony's public dedicated servers for all your online games.

I think a lot of people disagree because they think you are saying the servers are all peer-to-peer and Sony should have more Dedicated servers. Not the fact that you simply want your own private server for friends and family to connect to.

I do like the idea unfortunately, there might be some security concerns for cheaters etc abusing the servers.

Cheaters can use private servers to find exploits and hack stat outside the normal PSN servers if done wrong.

Not saying they can't do it just that the PSN trophies services etc are regulated as a private network under Sonys rules.

If Sony doesn't maintain their terms of service when customers rent private servers it might be abused. I seriously doubt this feature would be worth paying a monthly service fee for if the servers the developers provide are sufficient.

The only other advantage I can see for owning/hosting your own private dedicated game server is reduced lag. Since it's your server it can be srt to restricted or invitation only access for friends. So basically, you want a private server that can have better latency, less CPU load and you can control access to it.

Anyway, I'm briefly touching on a few things that might improve peoples understanding of your message. I haven't put much thought into this so please don't slam me for lack of insight.
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ThatCanadianGuy514  +   323d ago
300,000 servers are not all just for xbox.
It's part of their sales offering for companies who wish to rent servers and for their own use with windows, etc.
Like all hype from MS, the truthful details are buried in the fine print.

Likewise, these servers are not free to developers either.Merely a alternative to using a third party server farm.
Minato-Namikaze  +   323d ago
Developers do have the option to use dedicated servers. its up to them. MS just offers it at a discounted price. No word on sony's pricing.
nosferatuzodd  +   323d ago
what you said make s sense i want Sony to atleast put a 100 million dollars in servers that would be a good start
TalonJH  +   323d ago
Rackspace's CEO said that they are working with Sony on that.

_LarZen_  +   323d ago
I don't understand why I am getting disagree's, it's not like I am lying or making things up here. Just use google and do some research.

But I guess one cant reason with fanboys?
fsfsxii  +   323d ago
That hit the spot.
JunioRS101  +   323d ago
PS4 won the core gamers, but X1 has more 'mass appeal'.

It doesn't appeal to me, but I'm sure every college kid who just wants another bro-shooter and madden or NBA2k will just pick up XB1 because they can plug their tv in and watch MTV and ESPN.

I don't really watch that much tv, and as far as the multipurpose aspects of consoles are concerned, I play games on my console and do everything else on my laptop.

Except maybe netflix, but that's on PS4 too so I really just want my console of choice (ps4) to play games and focus on games and give me free gamse to try out that I never would have tried or bought in the first place (PS+)

Greatness Awaits, and I'm Awaiting my launch edition.
ThatCanadianGuy514  +   323d ago
I tend to think of the youtube comments section as the general, casual know nothing gamers, or as you say, part of the mass appeal.

Even youtubers know all about MS shady, pricey, and underhanded tactics.Nobody who knows anything of either product would buy an xbox for more, and have all the features still locked behind another paywall, when they could by a PS4 for less, with no paywall.

Twitter, youtube and hell, even mainstream media touted all this since E3.
#9.1 (Edited 323d ago ) | Agree(5) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
Darrius Cole  +   323d ago
I don't think that every college kid who just wants another bro-shooter and madden and NBA2K will buy and XB1. I think they will buy a PS4 because it $100 cheaper. The PS4 happens to be better at the same time, but that's not why they will buy it. They will buy it because people are broke when they are in college and $400 + tax in hard enough to come up with let alone $500 + tax.
iceman06  +   323d ago
I think that the masses that YOU speak of will be swayed by whatever console has the most buzz come launch time. This will include their friends that will "pressure" them into getting one console or the other. It could be correct that they are attracted to all of the extras. OR, it could be that they see the cheaper alternative to getting to play games. Let's be real. The TV stuff is just extra. If I were still in college, with fixed or no income, PS4 would be the better deal. I still get to play games. I get extra games to play for "free". It's cheaper by at least one and a half games worth. The only reason that I would see is if all of my friends stay with the Xbox brand.
SolidDuck  +   323d ago
This is why we need competition. Live was way better than psn for a long time. The reason ps plus is so good now, and looks to be even better on ps4 is because of live. Now live needs to step there game up, ps plus has passed it in many ways. Steam has also pushed both live and plus. It's good for gamers. My ps4 can't come soon enough.
WickedLester  +   323d ago
I think the interface looks really slick! I like that they haven't completely abandoned the XMB interface but hey have updated it and made it fresh!
nightfallfilms  +   323d ago
Just because you get something free doesn't make something better. It is a nice bonus but definitely doesn't necessarily make the service better.
christocolus  +   323d ago
i tire of their arrogance....its so pathetic ,weird and scary all at same time...
oliver29   323d ago | Spam
MasterCornholio  +   323d ago
You get what you pay for.


Kaz did say that the extra revenue would go towards improving the service and he was right.
BG11579  +   323d ago
Microsoft is investing in servers, but no matter how powerful this servers are, it won't matter if the internet is bad.
In Europe, Sony is making the smart investment/agreement to have access/be provided with a better internet...

Smart move Sony.
gamer2013  +   323d ago
OMG! Am I in the fucking twilight zone?
#16 (Edited 323d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
whitesoxfalife1976  +   323d ago
Yes...yes this the twilight zone cue da music
MRMagoo123  +   323d ago
nope just the uber awesome reality of the ps4.
MRMagoo123  +   323d ago
So to round it all off so far

PS4 = superior hardware (fact), more games at launch period(fact), cheaper price (fact) and by the looks of it now the better online experience. I think i am going to be very happy with the ps4 when i get it on the 29th of november.

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