Are budget and free to play the future of gaming?

Jonathan Hanratty is by no means suggesting that publishers put a little less effort into games and charge £10-£15 less. Jonathan is however, suggesting that cheaper and even free games are going to become much more popular (why wouldn’t they?!)

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iamnsuperman1733d ago

If free to play is done properly I think it would be a positive step away from $60 games. People think free to play is all bad but that is because a lot of companies do it wrong (I am looking at you EA).

SkullBlade1691733d ago (Edited 1733d ago )

I'm going to just play retro games if they are, I'm not going to waste hundreds of pounds on in-game items like these developers want me to.

koh1733d ago

F2P that works like a demo where you get to play the first X levels is great. Then you decide to purchase the rest if you want. F2P where you can play as much as you want, you will just be terrible at it unless you keep investing money is just plain annoying.

RedHawkX1733d ago

f2p sucks it makes people who normal would buy the game for 60 pay more then 60 to get the 60 dollar worth of game they would of original got. the only thing f2p does is make it so those who dont give a crap about games come in and try it and never spend more then a few bucks. im not gonna pay more to have a full game experience so free loaders can come in and dick around.

STK0261733d ago

I sure hope not. While I love League of Legends and DOTA2, most other F2P games are, in one way or another, pretty bad. Some are simply really cheap, with very low production values; while other are forcing you to spend cash to progress. Most F2P games overly rely on farming/grinding in order to have the players spend money on boosts or items in order to not bu stuck at the same spot for months. I'd rather pay 60$ for a full game with the occasional DLC packs than pay nothing at first, then be nickled and dimed to death.

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