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PS4 vs Xbox One lineup

The lineup of the two next-gen consoles compared.

This European video game trade show has kept all its promises as it has allowed to know the games that will be available at launch of two new machines, subject to change. In our kindness, we therefore propose to collect and summarize all this via a table speaks for itself. Sony 35-24 advantage, it is the score that will be the first round of the next-gen war. (PS4, Xbox One)

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Timesplitter14  +   491d ago
imo it comes down to :

- Driveclub
- Killzone SF
- Knack
- (Optionnal:) A whole lot of console-exclusive indies and F2P

- Dead Rising 3
- Forza 5
- Killer Instinct
- Ryse
- Crimson Dragon
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Timesplitter14  +   491d ago
crap I forgot Infamous 3
black0o  +   491d ago
u r right infamous and the order are coming out next year
Tony-A  +   491d ago
Does anyone else see Crimson Dragon as the XBO version of Lair? That game looks like a mess.

@No_Limit: But - and feel free to correct me of I'm wrong cuz I'm not sure - isn't this a Kinect title? If it is, then I don't see this being much different from Lair, despite the developer's background. Motion gaming for a title of that nature just doesn't work. I would be thoroughly impressed if it did, but it looks as if there's still room for error with the hardware.

Personally, I still think it looks like freshly-polished sh*t, but that's my take on it. I've said the same about The Fight and Fighters Within, and I haven't been wrong so far, but who knows?
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malokevi  +   491d ago
Why, when I mention Titanfall will be great, PS4 people tell me they will be playing it on PC... as if all those people who complain about "PC elitists" suddenly have nice gaming rigs.

And then, conversely, when PS4 fans bring up F2P games that have been out on PC for ages... its all "yay Sony, high 5 everyone, exclusives!!!"

the double standard is funny.

Of that list... Killzone is my favorite PS4 title. But I would rather have DR3, KI, Ryse & Forza over Knack or Driveclub... and I would take DR3 and Forza over all of them.

...and then there's the multiplats...
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No_Limit  +   491d ago

Cfrimson Dragon is made by the same team that bought us the highly acclaimed Panzer dragoon series on Sega Saturn and Panzer Dragoon Orta on Xbox Original. It is no Lair, that is for sure. The game is also not a retail release but a $20 Arcade D/L game.
Timesplitter14  +   491d ago
the difference is that I clearly mentioned "(Optional)" because this advantage will not be as important for those who want to play on PCs

X1 would get the same "Optional" advantage with Titanfall if we were looking at games beyond launch
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NewMonday  +   491d ago
The best Killzone yet and an Infamous game that looks like its made by ND themselves settle the discussion
malokevi  +   491d ago
All I'm saying is that you used the words "exclusive" and "Planetside2" within proximity to one another, with positive results.

if I had done the same thing for Titanfall, I would have been physically raped by PS4 fans. Double standard... That's all I'm saying,
Timesplitter14  +   491d ago
"All I'm saying is that you used the words "exclusive" and "Planetside2" within proximity to one another, with positive results"

you know what's funny? I used neither of these words.

I did imply things, however. And what I implied was that these console exclusives were a potential advantage to only certain people... which is pretty much the truth. If you came here and said titanfall would be an advantage for people who don't have gaming PCs, and you said that in your first comment without having been forced to say it, then I doubt you would've gotten much hate
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malokevi  +   491d ago
"- (Optionnal:) A whole lot of console-exclusive indies and F2P"

I beg to differ.
Timesplitter14  +   491d ago
I don't get it. Are you nitpicking about the fact that there's the word "exclusive" inside of "console-exclusive"? These two words don't mean the same thing at all.

Saying planetside 2 is an exclusive is a lie.
Saying planetside 2 is a console-exclusive is a fact.

See the difference? When you get some hate for bringing up Titanfall, it's probably because you're talking about it as if it were an exclusive and not a console-exclusive that could be meaningless to many people. Or worse yet, using the ridiculous term "Microsoft exclusive" as if that was pertinent in any possible way for consumers.

I mentioned that these console exclusives were only a pseudo-advantage from the start. THAT's why I didn't get hate... so far huehuehueh
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malokevi  +   491d ago
I see it.... but you're missing the point. Hypocrisy. If the roles were reversed, and I used the term "Titanfall".... ah, hell. This is pointless. If you don't get it, I don't care.
AngelicIceDiamond  +   491d ago
Project Spark.
edonus  +   491d ago
You forgot Project Spark on the ONE.

And Infamous isnt a launch title if i'm not mistaken.

I am actually more interested in those F2P games Ps4 got than the main line up.

It weird Sony knew they were launching a new console and I know this phrase will send chill up the spine of the Ps diehards but and bring back nightmarish flashbacks of 2006 but it seems.... "Sony aint got no games."
Mystogan  +   491d ago
Its pretty clear that X1 has a Much stronger line-up.
AngelicIceDiamond  +   491d ago
Imo X1 has a better line up.


Hopefully you all can respect that.
GameCents  +   491d ago
Funny, you can say the ps4 line up is better without having to enphasize that it is your opinion.
I do agree that the Xbox One line up is better, looking forward I dare say I'm more interested in TitanFall and Quantum Break than I am inFamous SS and The Order. Throw in Project Spark and my next gen console of choice is pretty evident.

Tough time to be pro Xbox around here huh? (Queue Gribble or someone to tell us how different things were back in the day and how PS fans were persecuted and blah blah blah)
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AngelicIceDiamond  +   491d ago
Right, its fact if PlayStation gamers say Sony's line up is better. But I have to justify myself when I say X1's line up looks better to me.

The funny thing is people forget an important launch line up consists third party titles also.
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McScroggz  +   491d ago
Both launch lineups are actually really good. I know a lot of people like to call them crap, but if you actually look at past launch lineups it's normally sparse and mediocre. There doesn't seem to be a Mario64, meaning there doesn't look like there is a masterpiece game that shows what next gen is truly capable of, but there are a number of really good looking games.

For me I'm more compelled with the PS4 lineup. Sure, the Xbox One has some more AAA exclusives, but they don't exactly blow me away. Killzone: Shadow Fall is looking really good, Knack looks like a lot of fun and there are so many indie games/smaller games that really caught my eye that I'm really excited for the launch. Plus inFamous: Second Son and The Order 1886, though not launch, look fantastic.
NatureOfLogic  +   491d ago
Simple fact is, PS4 has more games available to play at launch than the Xbox One.
JBSleek  +   491d ago
But the One has the better line up still.
GameCents  +   491d ago
Games that can already be played elsewhere..by the way both have 23 games for day one so you're mistaken.
khellendros1  +   491d ago
Why is no one taking about PS4 the released day? I got an email from GameStop saying that PS4 official release day is 11/15/2013. I have one reserved. I wonder if its true.
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Foxhound922  +   491d ago
Why do people seem to forget that there are a crap ton of unannounced exclusives being made by very talented devs such as media molecule, naughty dog, gg, Santa Monica, and tons more. So Microsoft has a few launch games from barely mediocre devs and everyone is saying they have an amazing launch line up. Sony has never let us down with top notch quality exclusives throughout each console's lifespan, can we say the same about Microsoft? Ryse looks decent, dead rising looks decent, forza looks good but that's about it. Sony's lineup doesn't look great either but people seem to forget the amazing talent behind future ps4 games.
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