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Amazon is swift in letting gamers know PS4 delivery date

Amazon keeps its customers abreast of the PS4 release date impacting on pre-orders. (PS4)

Sitdown  +   242d ago
Article currently stating a release date of November 9th.......uh, no......and this person needs to get release day delivery.
abzdine  +   242d ago
over a million units pre-ordered he said yesterday
GiantEnemyCrab  +   242d ago
This is news? Best Buy put out a notice within 20 minutes of the announcement but didn't need a news story.
ExPresident  +   242d ago
Did they say it was for your PS4? I pre-ordered through Best Buy and only got notices for my extra controller, BF4, and KZ4.
Lukas_Japonicus  +   242d ago
Got an email saying it will be delivered on November 29th.

*Sits by front door until November 29th*
FamilyGuy  +   242d ago
Scott Pilgrim is that you? XD
Half-Mafia  +   242d ago
I got an email from Amazon with a estimated delivery date from Nov 29-Nov 29. So looks like I'm getting on the 29 :)
Lockon  +   242d ago
Mine still says December 31st...I will literally cry if I have to wait till damn near 2014...
KwietStorm  +   242d ago
Mine still says December 31 too, but I got an email from Best Buy yesterday saying I can pick that one up at midnight.
Phene  +   242d ago
Yeh mine too, and I literally ordered 15 minutes after E3 ...so I know I got the first batch
Lockon  +   242d ago
I preordered from amazon. I haven't got an email are anything..
prodg52  +   242d ago
@Lock0n it may be because you have a game preordered. I had Final Fantasy preordered and it said Dec 31. I cancelled that game and the ship date for just the launch day bundle changed to Nov 15. You have to select 2 day shipping though.
thekhurg  +   242d ago
You may have ordered before they changed to one day shipping (like I did). Contact amazon and let them know and they'll change your order to one day and fix your estimated delivery date. Took them about three hours to respond to me via email.

Hope this helps.
SpitFireAce85  +   242d ago
Where the hell is my email I pre-ordered on June 10th
My_Outer_Heaven  +   242d ago
Game.co.uk emailed me with the release date and saying I'm a priority customer.

Customers who placed their deposit with us online or in-store before 6th August 2013 (or preordered online without deposit prior to 24th May 2013) will have priority over available stock at launch.
cyclindk  +   242d ago
Mine still says Januaryish... I ordered my Watchdog bundle in June.
BXbomber  +   242d ago
same here i placed my order 4 the killzone bundle on june 15 and it still says jan 2014....T_T
cyclindk  +   242d ago
Yeah, weird, hopefully it updates..
cyclindk  +   241d ago
Updated yo, yours?
KwietStorm  +   242d ago
Really January? I ordered a launch edition right after the E3 conference, but it still says December 31. Are you sure you chose release day shipping?
cyclindk  +   242d ago
I did the free shipping option but don't think that should put my shipping date into JANUARY! Just a few days after release DAY delivery makes sense to me.. so IDK.
KwietStorm  +   242d ago
Well the reasons I brought it up is because of the standard December 31 release date. Since it still hasn't updated itself, and because you chose free shipping, it's still listing your shipment as January. You have more patience than I do though.
cyclindk  +   241d ago
Updated now thankfully. November 20th or so
cell989  +   242d ago
gotta love Amazon, no more camping outside a store for 3 days to try and get a launch console, those days are over
rezzah  +   242d ago
The issue now is waiting for the package to be delivered to your doorstep. Depends on how much extra you wish to pay to secure day one delivery, in Canada this can add up to an extra $20.

I heard the PS4 is releasing on a Friday so people can enjoy it on the weekend, which is great until the those who ordered online (the unlucky ones) realize their PS4 is coming on Monday. This happened to me with the release of The Last of Us.
UnHoly_One  +   242d ago
I've never had Amazon fail me for release date delivery.

And it usually doesn't cost anything extra!!
rezzah  +   242d ago
This also happens to me too, getting free shipping and having the item arrive the say it releases.

But sadly this isn't always the case, hence my example for my copy of The Last of Us. I can't pin point the reasons as to why this happens, since I don't work for Amazon, so I just refer to it as being unlucky.

Thing is I don't deny the possibility of the package arriving later than the release date.
ScubaSteve1  +   242d ago
where the heck is mine? i preordered it when they first came available
MadMen  +   242d ago
SONY has been solid on the PS4 and their numbers are demonstrating that.

Love Amazon, Love PS4
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GraveLord  +   242d ago
UK gets free release date delivery? What about the US? :(

I have yet to get an email and I pre-order my launch edition back at E3.
nades_all_night  +   242d ago
I never got an email either. I ordered on June 17th. However, if you go to your acct/your orders, it will let you know right above when its expected to ship. I'm thinking this may have something with individual email/order notifications.


EDIT:uploaded better screen cap
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Ipunchbabiesforfun  +   242d ago
Mine doesn't say that!!! WTF Amazon!!!
Paolo11  +   242d ago
I preordered last E3 but I got no email. My preorder is still launch edition.
Ipunchbabiesforfun  +   242d ago
same here and my account says "december 31st"
Red_Devilz  +   242d ago
Same here :=(
Javinator   242d ago | Off topic | show
jetlian  +   242d ago
mine says nov 21-23. Shoot I'll have maybe 1 day to play before I leave TG week
Red_Devilz  +   242d ago
Mine says January 7th :(
Skate-AK  +   241d ago
I won't have the money until October. I hope I can still get one this year. Might still have some at Sears still, here in Alaska.
hotbeef  +   241d ago
Just to let everyone know, since I've been dealing with amazon all week, not all addresses are eligible for launch day shipping. My order still said Dec 31st and 2 day shipping but after emailing and complaining that nobody explained launch day eligibility, my shipping date has been updated to November 15th and they said they waived shipping charges

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