Diablo III: Reaper of Souls Gameplay Teaser Trailer

Activision & Blizzard released a teaser trailer, showcasing some gameplay footage from Diablo III's upcoming expansion.

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Xof1881d ago

Ah, Raziel. Redeemer and destroyer.

unluckynumber111881d ago

This trailer kinda makes me want to go back and play some Diablo 3. Haven't touched it in so long.

Roccetarius1881d ago

Too bad a nice cinematic can't save the game. Too many deaths due to connection issues, and the AH screwed over the game as well.

Sprudling1881d ago

I haven't had a single disconnect since a few days after release.

Tdmd1881d ago

The new class looks cooler than all the others combined, imo! Wonder if this will come to the ps3 as well...