Wonderful 101 was originally going to feature 'a cast of all-star Nintendo characters'

VideoGamer: "Hideki Kamiya has told that in its original form, Wonderful 101 would have been filled with Nintendo and other famous characters"

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chente00251551d ago (Edited 1551d ago )

Well maybe they can add them as an expansion pack through DLC? I think that would be cool!

marloc_x1550d ago

With such different, challenging and original gameplay? The game would have still be considered "milked".

LoaMcLoa1551d ago

Would sell like hotcakes if that was the final product, though I already like the characters like how they are.

But it would be fun to see Nintendo characters interact with each other in a story again since Sakurai will not include a story-mode in the new Smash :I

Xof1551d ago

That would have been... weird. I'm not sure it would have worked, though.

You know what would be cool?

All of Nintendo's heroes and villains in a Musou game. It could be really, really crazy.

BullyMangler1551d ago

but seriously, imagine MetaKnight standing with The Wonderful 101.. . and Captain Falcon oh my .. .

MilkMan1551d ago

Thank God that didn't happen.

LOL_WUT1551d ago

I think I would've give it a second look if that were the case. ;)

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