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Deadly Six Edition Revealed for Sonic Lost World, Features NIGHTS into Dreams Bosses

"SEGA has today released a new gameplay trailer for upcoming Wii U and Nintendo 3DS exclusive, Sonic Lost World, with it outing a UK / European Exclusive version of the game which see’s the Deadly Six team-up with bosses from the NIGHTS into Dreams franchise." (3DS, Sonic: Lost World, Wii U)

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Concertoine  +   612d ago
Sega should release a NIGHTS port from the saturn onto the wasteland of the wii u virtual console.
Edit: im pretty sure they said they lost the code to NiGHTS or some crap, nevermind :(
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BosSSyndrome  +   611d ago
have you been there recently...
Concertoine  +   611d ago
Umm, yes. It only has nes and snes games and it doesnt have a lot either. The original wii launched with nes, snes, genesis and n64 games and within the first year also got neo geo and master system games.
Its a wasteland.

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