Fumito Ueda: The Last Guardian is under earnest development

Ico and Shadow of the Colossus — two games that almost always get up whenever people discuss whether video games can be both fun to play and truly "art" — are available right now, for free, in HD glory, for PlayStation Plus users.

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ShugaCane1769d ago

"However, SCE Japan Studio, who's working on The Last Guardian, also has titles like Puppeteer and Knack, and those are only the ones currently announced. Those are taking priority right now."

I wished they had chosen to put their efforts into TLG over Knack. It could have been a marvelous launch title.

colonel1791768d ago (Edited 1768d ago )

This is definitely a PS4 game now. It was announced in 2009, when the PS4 was already in porduction, and they had a lot of trouble with development because of the PS3 limitations. Mark Cerny is working with Japan Studio, so they surely knew about the PS4 since early development, and because of that, it is most likely that they decided to start over on the PS4.

The reason that we have been waiting for so long is that, obviously, the PS4 took time to be developed and announced. Now that it has been announced, Sony wouldn't risk The Last Guardian to be a launch title because it is more niche than mainstream, so they created Knack. The Last Guardian will be out by 2015 at the latest, when the install base is better. This game is going to impress with the graphics and animations. It already did on the PS3, and with the potential of PS4, it can only get better.

FragmentsOfHope1768d ago

I hope you are correct...I really do

FamilyGuy1768d ago (Edited 1768d ago )

I'm glad you said Knack because Puppeteer looks AMAZING.

No surprise to hear they're still doing something with the last guardian, it's been a highly anticipated titles for YEARS. I still remember when the game trailer first broke on Gamersyde. Was at the top of the page here for a while.

000011768d ago

why is puppeteer not being ported to ps4?? thats good launch game if i ever saw one.

colonel1791768d ago

When I first knew about Puppeteer I was like MEH.. but after watching some trailers, this game is just truly amazing and jaw-dropping. It if a gorgeous game and the only thing I'm praying for is that it's not a really short game.

It is amazing how people can come up with this ideas. This game is truly innovative. I don't care if this was a game for Wii U, Xbox or Atari; innovation and originality is needed, and this game nails it. I am very impressed.

ZodTheRipper1769d ago

PS4 version confirmed, it's about time!

nooneknows1768d ago

Comes out when Jak 4 does.

Lord_Sloth1768d ago

Will that be launching alongside Half-Life 3?

babis19741768d ago

ps6 version confirmed!!alright!

CaptainYesterday1768d ago

Oh come on thats way to soon!

babis19741768d ago

oops, ps8 version confirmed

Destrania1768d ago

I hope we see it at TGS.

Volitiel1768d ago

Agreed. Or at the recently announced press conference for Sony Japan/Asia, per the link below.

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The story is too old to be commented.