Pokémon X & Y - English Demo Footage (Gamescom)

The special games conference, Gamescom, has begun today and contains the recent Pokémon X & Y demo. This demo is being shown in English for the first time in Gamescom and we have footage of the entire demo. While not much is shown that is new, it does showcase the mechanics of the game in English, ending with a special montage.

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betan211860d ago (Edited 1860d ago )

I'm still waiting on news if X&Y will be able to have backwards compatiblle with B/W

Summons751860d ago

They already said it will they just need to figure out how. It will probably be as simple as an app on the 3ds.

betan211860d ago

Ahh good i cant wait^^

GeckoPutt1860d ago

Indeed, the 3DS will almost certainly be compatible with Black & White/Black 2 & White 2. And an app similar to Dream Radar will be released to link the two together.

TongkatAli1860d ago

I hope Seel is in the game. I once caught a shiny Seel in Pokemon Gold and then it became a shiny Dewgong : ) good memories