Sony announces official accessories for PS4, Prices Revealed

Sony has announced two new accessories for the PS4 which is the DualShock 4 charger and the PS4 vertical stand.

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cl19831740d ago

Surprised the stand isn't included with the console.

killcycle1740d ago

Why? The Ps2, Ps2 Slim, Ps3 phat, slim, super slim all don't come with a stand.

You high?

cl19831740d ago

No being that part of there advertising is the system standing upright I'm surprised they didn't include that with the system.

Ron_Danger1740d ago


Does the XBox One come with a cable box?? I mean, they advertise all the TV stuff you'd think it would come with a cable box.

guitarded771740d ago

You can stand them vertically without the stand. The stand just offers better stability. I'm getting a charge cradle day one. I have all my controllers on charge cradles... it's a good way to keep them powered, and makes my rig look clean.

BattleTorn1739d ago (Edited 1739d ago )

Um, maybe because every "box content reveal" article shows it!

And even the goddam RETAIL BOX displays the PS4 in the stand!!

Go check out my comment below, I linked all the articles. It's been strongly advertised WITH stand!

Me-Time1739d ago

OH come on. Some of you people need to be reasonable and stop being so sarcastic. (this isn't directed at you, killcycle. your comment gave me a grin)

British_Knight1739d ago

Everyone complains when Microsoft doesn't include an accessory.

KiLLeRCLaM1739d ago

I am! Just because those old gen consoles didn't come with a stand doesn't mean that they shouldn't included it with PS4.. It would have been nice that this time around they included it ^^

Bolts1739d ago

Why don't you clowns just do what you'll end up doing anyways. Buy a stand from eBay for half of the price and it'll be just as good. Its a god damn stand we're talking about here. Thats the last thing you want to buy from Sony.

evilhasitsway1739d ago

because it's suppose to be the future of gaming and you don't want to try to sell to many accessories cause your compatetion might package it but we all know ms wont make a stand or anything but whatever I get what cl1983 means.

Tidybrutes1739d ago

Im sure the original ps2 came with a stand.

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HammadTheBeast1740d ago

Same. But it's $30, so idk.

I wish it could just naturally stand up as well.

FamilyGuy1739d ago

It can, they all can. I've never bought a stand for my PS systems but they've all stood up just fine. Just don't bump into them lol

ShwankyShpanky1739d ago

Yup... $30 for a 25-cent piece of injection molded plastic.

I'll be seeing how well it stands on its own. Looks relatively stable. :P

Blaze9291740d ago

Xbox 360 controller used to be $49.99 compared to the Dualshock 3's $59.99. Now both are $59.99. But noooo one seems to have a problem now -_-

showtimefolks1739d ago


how you been man, long time i haven't seen your comment?

which system are you buying?

Blaze9291739d ago

got both pre ordered on amazon

kreate1739d ago

Actually msrp for ds3 is 54.99

MizTv1739d ago

I'd be too scared to stand up my brand new console like that

Eizhale1739d ago

I never used a stand on any console I like it sitting flat anyway lol but each to their own...:-)

kreate1739d ago

Same here. Flat seems to be the more natural position imo.

tarbis1739d ago

ditto. It's a little awkward to insert the disc vertically though. lol

greedybear881738d ago

Same. It looks better sitting flat.

Neo-Axl1739d ago

Truth be told, I thought of the same thing, although it's a bummer, I suppose I could easily just purchase one alongside my console.. if money allows that, I'll be snatching as many games as possible.

Bhuahahaha1739d ago (Edited 1739d ago )


Bhuahahaha1739d ago (Edited 1739d ago )

opps double post sorry

AKR1739d ago

$25 for a stand seems a bit pricey...Even if it wasn't included prior, that still seems to be a bit much for a little piece of plastic. Oh well, the system seems pretty small, regardless, so skipping the vertical set-up shouldn't be too much of a space-taker.

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No FanS Land1740d ago

Gonna hang it to a wall instead :)

MasterCornholio1740d ago

I'm serious because I don't have space for a horizontal console.

Motorola RAZR i

No FanS Land1740d ago (Edited 1740d ago )

how do you top this, really?

sAVAge_bEaST1739d ago (Edited 1739d ago )

That's one of the sickest setups I've seen.

AceBlazer131739d ago

@NoFans dude that is epic , took me a second to find the ps3

tarbis1739d ago

No FanS Land
That's beautiful. The wall speakers looks great too.

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Blackdeath_6631740d ago

not really it can stand on its own without the stand. purely for aesthetics nothing more. i will probably put the ps4 vertically in a bookshelf no chance of it falling then

ziggurcat1739d ago

it's the stability that's important. without the stand, it'll probably fall over if you look at it the wrong way.

DragonKnight1740d ago

You all know that making it stand is actually not good for it right? I don't know why Sony includes these stands when they themselves have said that it's much better for the system to be horizontal for the air flow. Just because heat tends to rise, doesn't mean that a vertical console is good. Horizontally there is a lot more circulation, vertically all the air has to travel through the system out one vent.

ShwankyShpanky1739d ago

Where did they say that? How does its orientation affect the air flow?

Hicken1739d ago

Don't think I understand what you're getting at. Having the system stand vertically doesn't block off any vents, unless the PS4 has broken trend and has vents on the side(which I haven't seen in any images).

Neither PS2 and none of the PS3 models have this, and I really can't imagine that would be any different for the PS4.

DragonKnight1739d ago (Edited 1739d ago )

@ShwankyShpanky: It's never been said about the PS4, and I was mistaken. Sony didn't say it themselves, I saw it on playstation forums. I personally don't have my system vertical, but I'm going to use this video to explain why it's worse than standing it horizontally. I only use this video for visual aid purposes, not for it's content.

With the Phat PS3, there were more vents and they were located underneath the front and opposite side relative to the stand's placement. On the slim, there are significantly less vents, one row on both sides underneath the overhanging "lip" of the lid, and one row in the front.

Placed horizontally, air flow is much more efficient as the fans are able to push the air out and away. Placed vertically less air is pushed out the other two vents in favour of pushing the majority of the air out the top.

Now that isn't to say that no air is coming out of the other vents, because it is, but the majority of it is being pushed out one vent as opposed to an even airflow through 3 vents.

However, what could make my statement incorrect is that I've heard that, in playstation consoles at least, the fan actually pulls in cool air and forces it out the back of the console which would render the method of placement completely up to you.

I apologize if I'm mistaken, I was remembering second hand information rather than a direct source. My experience comes from when I was attempting to extend the life of my own launch 60GB PS3 and looking for ways to maintain a lower temperature and I read that standing it vertically is actually a detriment to cooling off the system.

Oner1739d ago (Edited 1739d ago )

Here is the information that supports DragonKnight's comment about how horizontal placement runs cooler vs vertical placement using an IR Camera for temperature pics on the PS3 (funny enough it's from Afterdawn a site I am a Moderator at) ~

DragonKnight1739d ago

Thanks Oner. +Bubbles for Helpful.

ziggurcat1739d ago

actually, it standing vertically is a little better for the air flow.

with the PS3, all of the heat sinks, and whatnot are on the bottom, so standing it upright keeps it running a little cooler because there's more than 1/8" (about the height of the feet of the unit) of space for the heat to dissipate. if the PS4 is anything like the PS3, it'll run cooler standing upright as well.

Hicken1739d ago

From what I can gather, the second and third pictures show the right side of the console- the side that'd be facing UP if it were placed vertically- as having a 2 degree increase in temperature when vertical, from 53.77 to 55.69.

For the rear of the system, images four and seven show vertical and horizontal, respectively. The maximum temperatures here show a slight decrease from 55.42 to 55.26 degrees.

There isn't an image that shows the temperature of the "top" when sitting horizontally, though image 5 shows the vertical temp at 29.97. I would imagine, though, that having the system stand vertically would pull heat away from the heat-producing components more easily. It would warm the overall system more, but keep the aforementioned areas cool.

It should also be noted that there are NO vents on the side on which the PS3 rests when standing vertically, therefore no vents are blocked. I can confirm this with my 80GB phat and 120GB SS. The same is also true for my phat PS2; I don't have them on hand, and don't feel like looking up the images, but I'm certain this is also true for the Slim models of both systems.

From all this, I can see NO obstruction of airflow that would result in increased heating, but I DO see more dissipated heat from being vertical than horizontal.

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Deanc1740d ago

Pahahahaha, And theirs your $499.. Typical sony just took shit out the ps4 box and made it on its own to make them look like the cheaper console, Xbox will always be inferior.

No FanS Land1740d ago

the stand was never expected to be included. it was never included with the PS2 / PS2 silm. Ps3 slim and super slim.

why make it appear negative all of a sudden?

Ritsujun1740d ago (Edited 1740d ago )

That mindless blindb0t doesn't even know the meaning of "inferior".
Yup, Xbosh is indeed inferior. And, the billyb0ts love getting Xbone180'd over and over again.

HolyDuck1739d ago

The stand is actually shown on the PS4 box, so it's implied it's included, that's how I see it anyway.

Minato-Namikaze1740d ago

Or you could just not buy it.......

Patrick1740d ago (Edited 1740d ago )

Wait.... are you bashing Sony or MS? Cause at first you were bashing Sony saying they just took stuff out to make it cheaper than MS... which isnt true. It comes with what it always comes with, except that you actually get a headset.
Then U call xbox inferior.... which per the dictionary means "Lower in rank, status, or quality."
If the word your looking for is "superior" then you would be wrong there as well.

Edit: ha ha... Im not sure whether to hit agree or disagree.. I disagree with the first part but agree with the last line of your statement which is "Xbox will always be inferior."

Rainstorm811740d ago

I think his silly-azz meant SUperior.....yep RAtard

Rainstorm811740d ago

How do you bash Sony then go on to say... "Xbox will always be inferior."

Must be some kind of RA-tard....lls

Deividas1740d ago

What are you talking about? These are optional and you dont need them. And lets see...ps4 controller is rechargable while you have to buy your lovely recharge kit on top of that $499. This is simply another way to recharge. And least you have the option to stand up the ps4, good luck doing that with your XOne

SchwoererBear1740d ago

I keep telling ppl that the PS4 charges contollers while the system is off. That eliminates the need for a charging station! I really don't see the point in getting one for next gen

GiantEnemyCrab1739d ago

So PS4 buys a charging station so you aren't sitting there with the silly little 4ft cords. While XB1 owners buy the Play N Charge kit and can swap out the batteries on the fly whenever.

I don't see a problem here.

Deividas1739d ago (Edited 1739d ago )


So...instead of just buying a longer cord for like $5 your saying its better to buy batteries for $10 (Constantly) and a $25 Play N Charge kit....Not seeing your logic there...

And your telling me that opening your controller, finding the batteres, putting the batteries in and then turning the controller on is "on the fly" while just plugging in a cord thats already attached to your PS4 into the Controller...takes longer?

GiantEnemyCrab1739d ago

The Play and Charge kit comes with rechargeable batteries. Have you used one with a 360 controller? It takes all but 1 sec and it easily snaps in and out.

I will give you the $5 cable though but I'd rather not be wired when I'm gaming.

Deividas1739d ago (Edited 1739d ago )

Why would you be wired when your gaming?...the controller charges when the console is off, therefore everyone will be charging it overnight for their gaming activities during the day...or vise versa..And unless someone is going to literately be playing for 7 Hours straight, that wont be a problem for anyone.

And yes i do have a charge kit for my 360 controller right now, and when it runs out of juice I have to connect it to my 360 to charge while im playing. Making it a wired connection while gaming.

rainslacker1739d ago

You could use it using a USB wall socket as well if you got the proper cord. Or use a PC. Doesn't even have to be plugged into the system.

Charge station is nice for aesthetics, and was handy since the PS3 didn't charge while the system was off.

The stand...overpriced, but that's an aesthetic thing as well. I'd imagine a majority of PS4 buyers wouldn't bother with it. It's there for those that care.

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KonsoruMasuta1740d ago

Yes, I agree that the Xbox will always be inferior.

wenaldy1740d ago

Damn right Xbox will aalways be INFERIOR!!! Retard!!!

pyramidshead1740d ago

No stand? Pre-order cancelled wah wah wah

KrimsonKody1740d ago

Damn, son!
You are severely suffering from "180's all over your body"!

Drekken1740d ago

Ugh... what are you even talking about?

MrBeatdown1739d ago

Not sure if worst trolling ever, or best trolling ever.

KwietStorm1739d ago

Yes, "removing" a little piece of plastic and an optional (read: unnecessary) charger would have added a justified $100 extra to the console. Makes perfect sense.

The_Sneauxman1739d ago

hahaha that is the funniest FAIL use of a word I've seen in a good while. INFERIOR lol, yep you're right it is inferior!

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jagstatboy1740d ago

Is the stand really necessary? I keep my PS3 on it's side w/out a stand and it stays upright just fine.