PS4 only console with Huma architecture

via Google Translate: Although each AMD hardware is in the next game consoles Xbox Playstation One and 4, only the Playstation 4 is the Huma technology support for a shared memory area. This explained AMD's senior product marketing manager Marc Diana opposite c't at Gamescom. This is likely the 3D performance of the Playstation 4 is still much more put on the Xbox One, as adopted at the current level.

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DoesUs1736d ago

"Only PlayStation 4 incorporates HUMA [Heterogeneous Uniform Memory Access]"

"This should put the 3D performance of PlayStation 4 much farther ahead of Xbox One than many have expected so far"

"Our guy on the ground has heard this as well from multiplatform developers and publishers. Their PS4 game builds are significantly outperforming the Xbox One game builds."

The important bits.

MasterCornholio1736d ago (Edited 1736d ago )

Oh yeah buddy.
John Carmack > AMD


Carmack might be a programming genius but theres no way that hes going to know more than AMD which are the ones who designed the APU in the PS4 and XBOX One.

Edit: "Carmack said that he didn't do actual benchmarking for both console"

So what did he do then? Did he just look at the specs and come up with a conclusion or something similar?

Thats just lame then.

GamersRulz1736d ago

to be fair Carmack said that he didn't do actual benchmarking for both console, so he opinion is irrelevant atm.

DevilishSix1736d ago


Even if Carmack looked at the specs he would have seen that:

PS4 GPU has 1/3 more cores
PS4 RAM is the higher qaulity memory
and supposedly the CPU is clocked faster on the PS4

I think Carmack spoke before he knew WTH he was talking about, because we know he isn't that dumb.

assdan1736d ago

First off, AMD has made a statement confirming that the PS4 is stronger.
Second, why is it still even up for debate which one is stronger for some people?
Third and most important; WHY THE FUCK ARE THEY USING THAT PICTURE?! We know what the PS4 looks like, and we'e known for months.

XtraTrstrL1736d ago (Edited 1736d ago )

To be fair, when he said they were very similar, it seemed that he was talking about the main CPU\GPU hardware parts they were using. I don't believe he was talking about the power of them each, or the resulting quality of graphics and robust gaming worlds they'd each be able to produce.

He also might not have known that Xbone wasn't gonna allow for hUMA in it's hardware setup. That's a huge blow to Microsoft, that is only gonna show more and more as PS4 devs take more advantage of the hUMA and their more advanced form of GPU compute.

1736d ago
TI_211735d ago

What's so vague about the article?

They reported that PS4's memory architecture can make use of the hUMA tech, while the Xbox One cannot.
That's pretty straight and simple if you ask me.

They also mentioned the source which should be a reliable one, considering he is the product marketing manager of AMD. If the Xbox One would support hUMA he wouldn't deny that.

BTW, I couldn't make any sense of your last paragraph. What did you intend to say?

1735d ago
TI_211735d ago

So you complain that they didn't quote him word by word? They really are at Gamescom, they also held the interview and Marc Diana did make these statements.

However, they updated the post with AMD's following statement, which <is> quite vague. ;)

"During a recent gamescom 2013 interview, an AMD spokesperson made inaccurate statements regarding the details of our semi-custom APU architectures. AMD will not comment on the Microsoft Xbox One and Sony PS4 memory architectures and will not speak for Microsoft, Sony or other AMD customers."

According to Heise's update AMD really stressed the point, that they aren't allowed to comment on their customers (Sony, MS or any other customers) architectures.

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Lwhit61736d ago

Sooooo does this mean anything for me since i dont have a 3d tv?

sourav931736d ago

The 3D performance in the article isn't about the "pop-out from the screen 3D", it's about three dimensional gaming i.e. the game world/characters/items being in 3D and not 2D.

Studio-YaMi1736d ago (Edited 1736d ago )

What you're talking about is another kind of 3D bro.

basically it's what sourav93 said.

Lwhit61736d ago

Okay thanks everyone. haha

Rimeskeem1736d ago

thank you for the summary it helped

DoesUs1736d ago

How it works:

On a classical system you have a RAM pool and a VRAM pool that are physically speperated. Copying data from one pool to the other creates latency. The GPU is very good ad hiding latency. What it needs most is high bandwidth. The CPU on the other hand is extremely sensitive to latency. The CPU needs extremely low latency to work efficiently. Copying data from the RAM (CPU) to the VRAM (GPU) creates latency, but that's okay for the GPU. Copying data from RAM (CPU) to VRAM (GPU) and back to the RAM (CPU) creates even more latency. It's too much for the CPU. The copying alone takes longer than the computation wich makes this roundtrip highly ineffective.

Xbox360 and older APUs have a unified RAM. This means that the RAM is no longer physically seperated, but even though it's the same RAM chips, the system still distincts between memory partition for the differenct processors. You still need to copy the data between CPU partition and GPU partition, but this will be much more efficient than copying it between physically seperated pools. But it's still too much latency for a CPU, GPU, CPU roundtrip.

PS4 will have hUMA wich means that you no longer need a distinction between CPU partition and GPU partition. Both processors can use the same pieces of data at the same time. You don't need to copy stuff and this allows for completely new algorithms that utilize CPU and GPU at the same time. This is interesting since a GPU is very strong, but extremely dumb. A CPU is extremely smart, but very weak. Since you can utilize both processors at the same time for a single task you have a system that is extremely smart and extremely strong at the same time.

It will allow for an extreme boost for many, many algorithms and parts of algorithms. On top of that it will allow for completely new classes of algorithms. This is a game changer.

Minato-Namikaze1736d ago

Is this why Cerny isnt concerned with the latency assciated with GDDR5 and the CPU?

MasterCornholio1736d ago

It does seem like an effective way to deal with that problem.

guitarded771736d ago

I think that he's not concerned because the latency is negligible. Latency will always exist, but along with the RAM, Cache and CPU passing along load/store instructions from one to another, the GPU's are designed to also take some of that burden. The new consoles are both very powerful, and if the dev tools are good at the start of this gen, the games should be incredible, with far less bugs than their current gen versions. If I was Cerny, I'd be more confident in running a game (even with more demanding textures, physics, lighting, etc) on the PS4 than the PS3. Can't wait to see comparisons between the PS3 and PS4 versions of Assassin's Creed, Battlefield, etc.

ABeastNamedTariq1736d ago

You sir get a Helpful bubble from me. Good explanation.

ThatCanadianGuy5141736d ago

You could at least give credit where it's due, rather then ripping a gaf poster and pasting his comment as your own..

TheTwelve1736d ago

Are you completely sure it's not the same person...

DoesUs1736d ago

Yep, my bad. I'm on GAF but not not under the DoesUs alias. I know how it works, just thought i'd post the clearest meaning.

Deadpoolio1736d ago

Damn fine explanation sir, couldn't have said it any better

Magicite1736d ago

Thanks, awesome explanation!

devwan1735d ago (Edited 1735d ago )

@ DoesUs Well explained, although it was almost word-for-word from GAF. Still, truth is truth and it is welcome here :)

EDIT: Sorry, already explained above!

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gaelic_laoch1736d ago

The PS4 is the only console with the Huma...n touch!

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