Gamedaily: Mario Super Sluggers: First Look

Gamedaily writes: "Wii Sports Baseball, while enjoyable, doesn't capture America's pastime because it lacks depth and nine-inning games, two key features Nintendo hopes to include in its recently announced Wii video game, Mario Super Sluggers. Due out in Japan this June and the U.S. later this year, Sluggers expands on the Wii Sports game with added features, a wide variety of players and signature motion controls, which should make it the ultimate Wii baseball experience.

Although Nintendo hasn't revealed much about the game, Sluggers appears to be a combination of both Wii Sports Baseball and Mario Superstar Baseball for GameCube. It has the same, real time motion sensitive pitching and swinging found in the Wii game, and blends it with all of the Mario characters and over the top special moves."

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