Intel is Preparing to Annihiliate NVIDIA: The War is on

The last few months have seen NVIDIA adopting an increasingly aggressive posture against none other than Intel - the world's leading semiconductor company.

Surely, casual observers may argue, NVIDIA's main competitor is AMD, for it too produces chipsets and a top-to-bottom range of discrete GPUs, which constitute the bulk of NVIDIA's estimated $4bn revenue in 2007.

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decapitator3902d ago

War is good sometimes and I like i said yesterday, I approve of this battle. But the advantage is clearly on intel's side. Their roots run too deep.

neogeo3901d ago

PS4 with a super powerd Intel chip set?

Avto3901d ago

yes war is good now we'll be getting some great new tech from both of em' but Intel does have an advantage.

Kemicalbeliefs3901d ago

Intel? Yeah their onboard graphics chip rock!

Erm wait a minute.....

This should be an interesting 'little' battle, considering that both are US companies and benefit each other in the global market.
Intel have got the experience though and a bit more variance than ole nvidia.
I'm an old skool 3dfx fanboy and loved the forums until they vanished and left me having to switch over to nvidia. I, like many, was gutted about that.

IdleLeeSiuLung3901d ago

Intel makes excellent chipsets rivaling nvidia, so nvidia better be scared. However, who did not see this happening?

I mean with Vista supporting 3D GUI and casual gaming is on the rise.... Nvidia should have partnered with Intel or AMD when they had the chance.... There were rumours of a merger between AMD and Nvidia for a while and would have been a better purchase than ATi for AMD.

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