Hands-On with the Xbox One at Gamescom 2013

Daily Joypad's Lu writes:

Microsoft have a lot to fight for; what with the next-generation consoles being made available to the public for the first time at Gamescom, they let us have a peek of what is in-store for them on the show floor this week. The titles on offer include Ryse: Son of Rome, Kinect Sports Rivals, Killer Instinct, Dead Rising 3 and of course Call Of Duty: Ghosts. I will be brutally honest here, the line-up wasn’t exactly earth shattering on the night. Granted, there were many well established franchises to play with, but only some stood out from the crowd.

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Bigpappy1734d ago

This guy has a negative tone, without being overly negative. But if he is not impressed by the X1 line up, may be he needs to head home now and come back next year to see how he feels then. There are just no better games at the show.

Insomnia_841734d ago

MS hypes everything too much! While the games can be good, this is the reaction people will get once they play the games.

whitesoxfalife19761734d ago

No insomnia you are clearly wrong on that.but respect ya comment

christocolus1734d ago

ms hypes everything so much????

whitesoxfalife19761734d ago

Don't think it was negative tone but rather uninspiring, he showed no energy into his write up as if he was sleepy and rushed

avengers19781734d ago

Did MS announce a release date yet. They said November, so this console launch is as head to head as it can get... They will both be out in the same month, crazy

negative1734d ago

November is going to be a fun month!!! Sorry to my family in advance for the lack of Christmas gifts this year lol

JBSleek1734d ago

I predict November 8th

tuglu_pati1734d ago

That sounds about right. I don't think they'll give the launch advantage to Sony. But who knows...

GhostHero3331734d ago

im thinking november 5th with Call of Duty

falviousuk1734d ago

I beleive Ms are making some announcements on Thursday if I was reading / hearing correctly. So perhaps they will be announcing a launch date then.

I though they might hold off until Sony announce theirrs then possibly try and better it. Or They are waiting on confirmation on numbers of consoles for each regions before announcing a launch date properly.

They can only make so many units per month.

Godz Kastro1734d ago

Next year will prove to be a stellar year for games period. This is where we start to see the fine line between this gen and next gen crossed.

stage881734d ago

Didn't seem like he was too impressed....

Master-H1734d ago

Bit off topic- Is this site secure ? Says Trojan horse when i open up the original article.

ramiuk11734d ago

i get same.
why has someone given you a disagree for it?
some right muppets on this site

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