GTA 5: Rockstar On GTA MMO, 700 Missions & Graphical Differences

Rockstar talks about the future of GTA Online, and how the multiplayer version of Los Santos differs from the single-player (graphically, anyway).

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TrevorPhillips1492d ago

did I just read all that right! :O

Far bloody out this game is literally big and I cannot wait :D

TimmyShire1492d ago

Me neither! Pretty much the game of forever! :)

I hope they announce a next-gen version too.

orakle441492d ago

It kinda seems like they have to, right??

TimmyShire1492d ago

orakle44 - it would make sense to. If you ask me they don't want to announce it yet because they want to sell the current gen version. Hopefully they'll announce after it comes out.

I'd buy both!

evilhasitsway1492d ago

I was hoping for next gen and pc but its close to the game launch and only 3 month away from ps4 launch and they haven't said anything on it so if next gen and pc get it it will be next year sad face.

KAEM71492d ago

*fumbling my glass balls*

I don't sense a next gen version till nov 2014, guess GTA5 will be the bang that ends my PS3

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RedHawkX1492d ago

yep this game is huge. matter of fact if i owned a wii u id sell it and its games and get gta5 and a ps3 to play this game lol.

Cam9771492d ago (Edited 1492d ago )

My balls just exploded.
This. Game. Is. Big.

Blank1492d ago

Hilarious comment thread here! Lol but on topic I just want to wish good luck to those platinum and 1000 point cheevo hunters.

Psychotica1492d ago

How about continually creating new single player content??

Psychotica1492d ago (Edited 1492d ago )

how about stop being an asshole...

ricochetmg1491d ago

That is a given if you recall the last games.

Muigi1492d ago

My dick has been satisfied!

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