Gamescom: You Won't Believe how Good The Witcher 3 Looks in These New Screenshots

As part of this week’s Gamescom, CD Projekt RED has revealed brand-new screenshots from its upcoming RPG, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. Here, Geralt travels through a dark forest, fights bandits and fiends, stops at an outpost, or uses Igni (fire) to burn down a pretty big enemy. You simply won’t believe how good this game looks.

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TheKingWilliamV1734d ago

I really hope this game delivers like a hot Domino's Pizza on a Sunday right before a Football game starts. I have high hopes for it, only thing I wish they would include is character customization.

Letros1734d ago

The games are about Geralt, doubt there will be any customization.

CJDUNCAN1734d ago

There was customization for Geralt in The Witcher 2, so no doubt you can customize him in TW3.

Sideras1734d ago

Armor and hairstyles probably.

Xof1734d ago

Lots of different armors; CDR has claimed we'll be able to change hair style, color and facial hair, too--but they said we'd be able to change hair in Witcher 2, so who knows.

As for the game delivering... of course it will. It's CDR--how could it not?

What matters most at this point is how well optimized it will be--how well it will scale. Witcher 1 was pretty well-optimized in the end; Witcher 2 really wasn't.

Blackdeath_6631734d ago (Edited 1734d ago )

same beyond a change of costume like in witcher 2 i highly doubt any appearance customization even more so now that geralt looks older. its a story driven game people need to accept that. while i am super excited about witcher 3 everything i read and see about it make me more excited for cyberpunk 2077 for some reason. CDprojektRED are awesome.

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RedHawkX1734d ago

lol all these games look generic and the same. thief, witcher 3, skyrim, oblivion, etc all look generic and the same yet pc gamers are always like omg what mods im gonna use and crap. its just pathetic. get a new art style and some creativity pc gamers.

Baka-akaB1734d ago (Edited 1734d ago )

How can you even lump the Witcher with Skyrim or Oblivion ?

besides the witcher is hardly mod intensive compared stuff like elder scrolls , and actually have a creative artstyle and direction , npot to mention an actual story . So your anger is highly misplaced .. but i dont expect to convince you

blackmagic1734d ago

Looks at the top five best selling games on playstation, sees that call of duty is the first, second, third and fifth best selling game on the platform. Laughs.

RedHawkX1734d ago

all pc games are the same and its because of mods. hey lets mod the game so it has the same stuff as skyrim herp derp.

addictgamer1734d ago

Maybe RedhawkX can recommend a good real-time strategy game for playstation! lol

Mr Tretton1734d ago

Obvious troll is obvious. Glad I was the one that took your last bubble.

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theWB271734d ago

For a game to look that good and be that big and a launch title. The X1 and PS4 will deliver some epicness this upcoming gen.

BigShotSmoov0071734d ago

The Witcher 3 isn't a launch title. Its coming out sometime in 2014.

theWB271734d ago

My bad...I sometimes refer to 1st gen titles as launch. Usually keep that to myself...I did know it wasn't a day one title though. ; )

CaptainPunch1734d ago

Looks great as always, easily one of my most anticipated games on next gen.

Master-H1734d ago

A must buy next gen game right here. Along with Infamous SS
and FF15 and MGS5

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