Second round of Aussie PS4 stock mightn’t hit shelves until 2014: retailer

EB Games Australia has today sent an email to customers telling them that any new PlayStation 4 pre-order would only ‘reserve (their) place in the queue for 2014′.

This is despite the same email heralding the console’s Gamescom announcement that it will launch on 29 November in Australia.

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allformats985d ago

Be a bit clearer with your news, please. That's for Australia, isn't it?

Shaungamerthumb985d ago

Yes, the Aussie retailer aspect kind of gives that away.

Shaungamerthumb985d ago

Allformats - Ive just modified the headline here for a global audience based on your feedback. Cheers

Shaungamerthumb985d ago

Of course, it now may not be correct. Australia is part of the PAL market, which includes Europe and the UK. Fingers crossed for those guys.

shikamaroooo985d ago (Edited 985d ago )

"Orders before 5th of July are guaranteed". Phew, lucky I per-orderd mine on the 24th of June!!

Jury985d ago

Looks like gta 5, puppeteer and beyond will get my purchase as I wait for stock.