GamesCom 2013 – Day 1 – PlayStation 4 Complete Summary

PS4Home: "Well, it’s that time of year again, when all the video game developers, fans and merchants rush to Cologne, Germany for the annual trade fair known as GamesCom."

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Hellsvacancy1763d ago

I thought it sucked this year, no games for me, I doubt very much that i'll bother getting a PS4 at launch

I was really hoping The Last Guardian would make an appearance, but no


sobotz1763d ago

Just wait till E3!

I mean, Gamescom!

no? okay, TGS then..

GravelerMagnitude91763d ago

You have to be patient man.

Let Sony's First Party Studio put in there extra work on their titles.

What they release next year will define PS4.

Its a new system and not every First Party Exclusive have to be a launch title.

The Free 2 Plays (about 6 or 5 of them) alone are worth purchasing a PS4 for.

Just give it time my friend

RedHawkX1763d ago

ps4 summary

its better then the xbox one and cheaper
no one who is a gamer should get the xbox one over the ps4
ps4 will sell out and is the better system to get so you can flip consoles for money. why buy a xbox one when you can flip ps4 consoles for more money?

that about sums up the summary

ps xbox one sucks and is over priced weak trash