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Elder Scrolls Online “going with the subscription model”

In an interview with GameStar, Matt Firor, General Manager of ZeniMax Online, has confirmed that The Elder Scrolls Online will require a subscription fee. This news, in conjunction with the fact that upcoming MMOs Final Fantasy XIV: Realm Reborn and WildStar have also announced subscription fees, suggests that publishers still feel that the subscription model is viable for the genre.

The Elder Scrolls Online will also require purchase of the game itself, which includes a free month’s subscription. No word yet on exact pricing, but it’s not looking like the World of Warcraft payment formula will be deviated from.

It’s looking like there will be three key MMO players in the coming months; ESO, FFXIV:RR, and WildStar. With all three using the same subscription model, with similar pricing, it will be interesting to see how each one fares both short and long-term. Free-to-play hasn’t killed the subscription MMO just yet, and the economic performance of these three games will likely... (PC, PS4, The Elder Scrolls Online, Xbox One)

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TheKingWilliamV  +   528d ago
Subscription? What is this cable? LMAO no way in hell I will just restart Skyrim :-)
zeal0us  +   528d ago
I get free cable. The mods in skyrim will keep you busy for a while.
golding89  +   528d ago

These guys just lost me. Not free to play..then not for me.
Thepharaoh  +   528d ago
Yeah no
SlavisH2  +   528d ago
wow they just killed a good game to me. I think when the numbers are low enough they will take it off
Eizhale  +   528d ago
Should have done what Guild Wars 2 did...I'm canceling my pre order. Really disappointed!!
GezForce  +   528d ago
no thanks, I pay for plus already. If that's how your gonna be you can count me out.
modesign  +   528d ago
No ones buying this trashy game especially with a subscription
annus  +   528d ago
Yeah, look how bad WoW is going with subscriptions!
TrevorPhillips  +   528d ago
Should have left if Free to play, not subscription fee. I mean, we will already be paying for PS Plus and now we have to pay for this. No thanks :/
ElementX  +   528d ago
Wow people are stingy! Waaaah! I don't want to pay $15/mo. Maybe it'll filter out the casuals and less dedicated players.

Cheaper than a movie or case of beer.
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TheKingWilliamV  +   528d ago
$15 x 12 months= $180

$180= 2 $60 games and $40 for gas in the car

$180= 1 nights stay with your GF at the Westin Hotel

$180= Concert Tickets to Lady Gaga

$180= A Hand Job from Sarah on Craigslist
Kamikaze135  +   528d ago
You DO realize that the longer you subscribe for, the cheaper it is, right? Chances are that a year sub will be like $120. Plus games like this get constant updates that would otherwise translate to DLC expansions, which would be more than $120.
rdgneoz3  +   528d ago
"$180= 2 $60 games and $40 for gas in the car "

Dear god the math....

180 - (60*2 [2 games]) = 60
60 =/= 40 (gas)

So either 3 $60 games or 2 $60 games and $60 for gas.
Red_Devilz  +   528d ago
I'd say go for Sarah. :|

At least she's not asking for $15 a f*king month.

Was really ready to pay $60 for pre-order for TESO. Bethesda screwed it for me.

Sarah, here I come.
evilhasitsway  +   528d ago
I don't mind I mean look all these mmos like dc universe and swtor are these so called free to play games but you really can't enjoy the game unless you pay the subscription to have everything in the game. dc if your a subscriber you get all dlc free but if you go free to play you have to buy them you also don't have enough inventory or cash cause you only get to carry so much with free to play so either way your gonna pay. to really experice the game anyway. plus its fucking elder scrolls.:)
NirvanaInChains  +   528d ago
wow isnt doing bad because of a monthly sub its because its stale.
annus  +   528d ago
Even though it's dropped a massive amount, 8 million subscribers isn't considered bad. There are developers that would love a one time fee from 8 million people, yet alone monthly payments.
Good_news_every1   528d ago | Spam
annus  +   528d ago
According to who? Q3 isn't over, and Q2 report was 7.7 million. And by your logic, if 3 months ago it was 7.7million, it would be 7 million now.
Blackcanary  +   528d ago
I only need one mmo that i'm gonna pay for and thats FFXIV.
ThatCanadianGuy514  +   528d ago
Good.I hate F2P MMO's.They almost always end up Pay 2 win in some way or another.And i prefer the sense of community that a Paid game offers, rather then the casual flakes who come and go while messing about in F2P.
scotchmouth  +   528d ago
Not always true. Look at Path of Exile
Rai  +   528d ago
hmm...wonder how long it'll take before they decide to go to a F2P
cellur111  +   528d ago
So you have to buy the game and pay monthly for it? No thanks especially not for this game anyway. It doesn't even look that good..
cyclindk  +   528d ago
Crazy... game is too ugly to pay monthly for, not to mention it looks like nothing but your stats increasing vs enemies' stats increasing.

Challenge NEEDS to take the form of layered characters, peel away their layers and their tactics change, dynamic based on your strength, their strength, numbers, all that, no more simple AI DEVS!!! Get to work!
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walkincarpet  +   528d ago
at least there will be one less multiplayer game we will have to fit in...

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