Elder Scrolls Online “going with the subscription model”

In an interview with GameStar, Matt Firor, General Manager of ZeniMax Online, has confirmed that The Elder Scrolls Online will require a subscription fee. This news, in conjunction with the fact that upcoming MMOs Final Fantasy XIV: Realm Reborn and WildStar have also announced subscription fees, suggests that publishers still feel that the subscription model is viable for the genre.

The Elder Scrolls Online will also require purchase of the game itself, which includes a free month’s subscription. No word yet on exact pricing, but it’s not looking like the World of Warcraft payment formula will be deviated from.

It’s looking like there will be three key MMO players in the coming months; ESO, FFXIV:RR, and WildStar. With all three using the same subscription model, with similar pricing, it will be interesting to see how each one fares both short and long-term. Free-to-play hasn’t killed the subscription MMO just yet, and the economic performance of these three games will likely...

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TheKingWilliamV1462d ago

Subscription? What is this cable? LMAO no way in hell I will just restart Skyrim :-)

zeal0us1461d ago

I get free cable. The mods in skyrim will keep you busy for a while.

golding891461d ago

These guys just lost me. Not free to play..then not for me.

SlavisH21462d ago

wow they just killed a good game to me. I think when the numbers are low enough they will take it off

Eizhale1462d ago

Should have done what Guild Wars 2 did...I'm canceling my pre order. Really disappointed!!

GezForce1462d ago

no thanks, I pay for plus already. If that's how your gonna be you can count me out.

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The story is too old to be commented.