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Sony: No Official PS Vita Price Cut For UK

Dealspwn reports: "Sony announced that the PS Vita would receive an official price cut in the US and mainland Europe yesterday, but according to a new statement made to Dealspwn, it appears that retailers will have the final say here in the UK." (PS Vita)

Raf1k1  +   342d ago
That's a shame. Currently you can get a Vita, mega pack and 8GB cards for £170. Was hoping this would drop too.

I'm tempted to get one at that price anyway but I think I'll wait to see what offers pop up during Christmas.
iamnsuperman  +   342d ago
Well that isn't such a loss since there was no RRP to begin with. This could explain how I got my Vita with a good deal (£100 off with the new Spiderman film, a memory card and LBP vita) back in January.
Blues Cowboy  +   342d ago
Agreed, the fact that retailers can set the pace means that they're more free to viciously compete with each other. Meaning that we win!
TripC50  +   342d ago
Oh blimey.... Right? That's UK speak right? Put anotha shrimp on the barbay!!!
Blues Cowboy  +   342d ago
Not quite, old chum. Wrong hemisphere, perhaps?
iamnsuperman  +   342d ago
"Look at this geezer. Being all posh and what not. I'll F**K you up blud"

Sorry I had to, sadly, show the other side of Britishness that should die in a fiery hell hole. I couldn't bring myself to do the illiterate grammar that is involved in such a sentence. I am not personally attacking you

@ TripC50 these are more traditional British sayings http://resources.woodlands-...
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TripC50  +   342d ago
Darn, I wasn't even close.
GribbleGrunger  +   342d ago
LOL! That aint anyfing like we speak, mate.
Koyes  +   342d ago
Nope. Not even close
Mikelarry  +   342d ago
Someone's been watching too much SCRUBS (awesome show BTW)
r21  +   342d ago
Oh JD, such an awesome show. Oh well, at least we got 8 seasons of hilarity. And no,there is no season 9, Scrubs ended at 8, 8 i tell ya!
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JackVagina  +   342d ago
that's the Australian stereotype...
Bundi  +   342d ago
Then may it continue to not sell over there.
CRAIG667  +   342d ago
Come on Sony, as soon as I heard about BL2 and the price cut I was all set, but not here in the UK? WHY!!??
Mr_Writer85  +   342d ago
Did you not read the link?

We don't have an RRP so UK retailers can put there own price cuts on which they are already doing.
CRAIG667  +   342d ago
No, I didn't read it, cool man!
Bowzabub  +   342d ago
Can't people in UK just import from neighboring satellites?
Blues Cowboy  +   342d ago
Vita is region-free, so yeah, it's more than possible. That said, I stupidly thought you meant actual satellites at first. Like, from space. Space importing would be very expensive, if awesome. #imanidiot

My idiocy aside, shipping could well offset any potential savings.
Bowzabub  +   342d ago
Looking at my avatar I could see how you got that. Wasn't sure if UK had certain restrictions or not, thx for the reply.
Frodododo  +   342d ago
Oops a bit of a slip by Sony here, most UK gamers already think we live in rip off Britain where corporations stiff their customers at every turn.

If no price cut then I'm sure Sony could do something around a better bundle, making your UK gamers feel wanted and not ignored???

Come on Sony, you were doing sooo well up-to now, don't drop the ball here!
Blues Cowboy  +   342d ago
Zavvi have massively dropped their prices according to a new thread - http://n4g.com/news/1337532...

As the article says, just because Sony can't set the RRP in the UK doesn't mean that we won't get some mean deals over here. Retailer competition is going to be fierce.

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