GC: DriveClub gameplay (Offscreen 1080p)

No need to be jealoux, after Forza here is our video of DriveClub

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theWB271709d ago

That was simply gorgeous. Bravo Evolution..Bravo. The scenery especially looked great.

Abash1709d ago

I love the sense of speed the gameplay has, it looks damn fun to race in this game

1709d ago
abzdine1709d ago

DriveClub just set the standard for next gen racing graphics. Bottom line!!
Evolution Studios nailed it with MotorStorm, DriveClub will be no exception. Hope it supports 3D

ZodTheRipper1709d ago

Hopefully all those haters shut up now ...this is gorgeous.

abzdine1709d ago (Edited 1709d ago )

you can even feel the suspensions and dampers in the car while it's driving!! amazing

notice that this is only Alpha Code!!

mewhy321709d ago

this game looks amazing. all online and living world to drive and explore. I can't wait.

badz1491708d ago

agree that it looks really good. I already have this in my must buy list. November can't come soon enough!

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Blaze9291709d ago (Edited 1709d ago )

Looks like Need for Speed SHIFT - are you all really excited about this? The car gives the impression of no weight to it and the twitchy steering animation doesn't help. I know its a free arcade racer but I must be missing something...

"DriveClub just set the standard for next gen racing graphics. Bottom line!! "

lolwut? ok...

voodoochildnyc1709d ago

i know, like seriously i think gran turismo on ps3 looks better

VonBraunschweigg1709d ago (Edited 1709d ago )

You can all disagree with blaze and voodoo all you want but if you would just boot up your PS3, set up your wheel, select a City track or the Nordschleife at dawn, or anything, you would see for yourself those 16 superdetailed Japans Super GT cars look way, waaay better than anything DriveClub has shown so far. Day and night.

DriveClub looks good, better than last time, and I'm hoping they'll notch it up, but right now GT on PS3 still looks better. By the end of this year Forza will look best, then GT6, then DriveClub. First 2 are sims or semi-sim, DriveClub looks to be arcady.

And that's not bad, it reminds me of OutRun back in the days, and also no surprise, I played all the MotorStorm games. 1st one was the best, so I have hope for this game. But right now GT looks better.

scott1821709d ago

I don't know why people even bother to try and hate anymore. We all have eyes, we can see this is the next gen racer to beat.... Looks absolutely stunning. There are even better gameplay videos than this posted.

WickedLester1709d ago (Edited 1709d ago )

I agree. What is everyone else seeing that I'm not? The game is fast but it lacks smoothness. Everything from the camera changes to the driver animations seem so jerky. Graphically, I just don't see what the big deal is TBH. It has some nice lighting and shading but I don't think the cars look any better than GT on PS3. To be honest I'm looking more forward to GT6 on PS3.

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RedHawkX1709d ago

drive club is way better then forza. no one is going to be playing the xbox one or forza online for that matter. everyone will be playing the ps4 and drive club as the ps4 is sold out and will conintue to be selling big time. its the new go to console and drive club gonna be awesome.

JaPo1709d ago

Troll. The amount of bias here is just disturbing. Apart from the fact it's free, how is this game better than Forza or even Gran Turismo 5 in any way? Explain before you click disagree.

LordNikon1709d ago (Edited 1709d ago )

The free version isn't the full game. You have to actually buy the game to get all the content. And you never know, this game could turn out better than both of those games. Though, this game is quite different from Forza and GT. So it might not be what you're looking for in a car game.

JaPo1709d ago

They've shown nothing and promised nothing which propels it above other games, though? Evolution did well with Motorstorm but there was always something which prevented it becoming 'great'. How is the full retail version better than those two games? It's not a graphical powerhouse, and no account of it by any reputable source has said it breaks boundaries or is even particularly enjoyable. I'm a Sony guy, but the way people appropriate ANYTHING exclusive to Sony as an amazing positive is honestly absurd. It's dishonest.

LordNikon1709d ago

That's subjective.

And its a club based racing gaming. That's what they advertised it as. For what it is, it could be better than Forza or GT. I'm not saying it is, i'm saying it COULD be better. You'll only know once you actually played the game.

Why do you care if people think the game(s) is amazing? Its there opinion... i guess, which has nothing to do with you?

"It's not a graphical powerhouse, and no
account of it by any reputable source has said it breaks
boundaries or is even particularly enjoyable."

So did Forza 4/5 and GT5/6 break boundaries?
Was Driveclub playable at gamescon? I'd like to actually know what people thought of it, could you post a source of a number of people's opinion on the game?

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slimeybrainboy1709d ago

I'm dissapointed after seeing Forza. There isnt much time left for them to make the game look as great as it should. I guess that's the reason we're not seeing direct game capture footage.

Meh it's still free so you can't complain too much, I guess there's a little time to make it look better.

TrevorPhillips1709d ago

not sure if serious or not :/

Game is shaping up to be one of the most amazing racing games and the full game won't be out this year, they are still working on it.

JunkieJedi1709d ago

But it's a launch title...the retail version it has to be out this year!

slimeybrainboy1709d ago

The visuals are not on the same level as Forza or the driveclub trailers. Why do you think there's zero direct capture gameplay? inFamous is coming out months later and has agameplay demo, and its an open world game.

CGI-Quality1709d ago

Game is only free on PS+ (retail version is full) and the game looks as good as a launch title should. It's also doing things that Forza 5 isn't, and doesn't seem rushed, either.

So, nice try.

slimeybrainboy1709d ago

What's your problem? I've had PS+ since it's launch I know all that shiz. My PS+ is through untill January so it's basically free to me.

Despite features the fact reamins that Forza looks much better, and the game doesnt appear to have the quality or style that it portrays in the awesome trailers.

What are you talking about nice try? I want this game to be good, I want it to be 100x better than Forza because I'm getiing a PS4, and I don't really like MS as a company. What is it that you think i am trying?

RedHawkX1709d ago

I agree the only people hyping forza are xbox fanboys and they arent smart anyways because they paying 500 dollars for an inferior product and they been paying 60 a year for live for 7+ years. and the x360 is also weaker then the ps3. so we know the iq of xbox fanboys is zero.

ABizzel11709d ago


The visuals in Drive Club are all real time and rendered (same as Project Cars), the same cannot be said for Forza (which is what most Current-gen racers do).

Forza 5 also lacks, night racing, weather, the storefront, auction house, and current-gen lighting (and probably other effects now in high resolution). Forza 5 is a rush to get a good looking XB1 game out, and this is coming from a Forza fan, because Gran Turismo 5 all of this (- the auction house).

Drive Club has real time day / night, weather, and everything runs real time. There's a price to pay for real-time everything and more dynamic gameplay, and on top of that there's 3 months left for finishing the game, and you can bet everything from this point forward is getting 60fps locked and getting the graphics the best they can (Sony first party is known for bumping up graphics in a couple of months).

Technical merit
Project Cars > Drive Club >>> Forza 5

Project Cars >>> Forza 5 > Drive Club

TrevorPhillips1709d ago

Here is the youtube clip of the gameplay guys:

enjoy :)

fsfsxii1709d ago

Oh my god. Stunning. Are they still debating weather the game is 30 or 60fps??!
I really hope the game tops the first Motorstorm.

windblowsagain1709d ago

Hopefully pushing for 60fps.

But as long as smooth i'll be happy.

Weather - rain,wind etc.

Whether - I don't know whether to stay or go.

shivvy241709d ago

i hope it has different weather

G20WLY1709d ago

My interest won't wither with a game like this, whether with a weather system or not! ;P

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