Most Impressive Trailers From Gamescom 2013

BootHammer - "We all knew about Ryse, Titanfall, Killzone: Shadow Fall, inFAMOUS Second Son, Battlefied 4, Dead Rising 3 and Killzone: Mercenary; but seeing more footage of each game builds the anticipation that much higher for the launch of Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Join BootHammer as we take a look at our favorite trailers from Gamescom 2013."

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ContraCode1764d ago

Actually really excited for Ryse now. Crytek may actually nail this one. It's aiming to be a great launch title.

BootHammer1764d ago

Gladiator Mode looked like a lot of fun! I'm hopeful it's well done come time for launch.

TheKingWilliamV1764d ago

Indeed, Ryse certainly rose from the ashes of E3 yesterday. I am currently at 8 games paid off and soon to be 9 I can not wait for my Xbox 1

Dead Rising 3
Fifa 14
COD Ghost
NBA 2K14

And now after watching the Forza 5 gameplay have to go reserve that as well.

ContraCode1764d ago

Nice list! All of those games are going to be killer. I think we are all going to be "game broke" come this fall, lol.

BootHammer1764d ago

That's a great lineup King William. What is your #1 pick at launch? Tough question with so many incredible games coming out at once ;)

TongkatAli1764d ago (Edited 1764d ago )

Nice, mine would be.

Killzone Mercenary
Battlefield 4
Murasaki Baby
Infamous Second Son

Damn, that disagree was fast : )

Genesis12951764d ago

You definately don't deserve that disagree thats for sure, pointing out at least that he had a 'nice' range of games even if there xbox one exclusives shows that you at least have the decency to approve other peoples opinions, by the way good list yourself.

HammadTheBeast1763d ago

Blowing stacks, are we now lol.

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PrimeGrime1764d ago


Don't forget Rime. That game looks awesome.

HammadTheBeast1763d ago

Ryse looked great, but Killzone Shadowfall's MP trailer sealed the deal for me. I'm hoping for some Halo news soon.

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Genesis12951764d ago

Titanfall's trailer was magnificent and showed that this game has amazing potential to be a top game.

Infamous & Ryse are looking great as well.

ContraCode1764d ago

I agree, Titanfall is looking insane!

n4rc1764d ago

Bf4 was most impressive imo

BootHammer1764d ago

Battlefield 4 is definitely on another level. Cannot wait to fire that one up!

rmw2hot1764d ago (Edited 1764d ago )

I'm so hyped for Killzone shadow fall multiplayer. Hopefully they'll bring back spawn grenades in multiplayer.

TheKingWilliamV1764d ago

@BootHammer my number 1 most anticipated game for Xbox 1 for launch is surprisingly Dead Rising 3 have you seen this game play?

BootHammer1764d ago

Not surprised, it's looking fantastic and very polished. I love the amount of zombies and carnage on screen at once!

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