Battlefield 4 "Second Assault" DLC maps revealed - Rumour

Images emerge showing the potential Second Assault maps for BF4.

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SmoothC9111761d ago

no big shock there, right? In the premium video they already named all of the 5 or so DLC packs

but I get what you mean; I wish we could just get the game out before we start talking about DLC

off topic: did you hear anything about premium now costing $100? I saw that but no confirmation; if that hits I will have to think twice about buying it!

DeadlyFire1761d ago

Why buy Premium. I waited and bought it when they discounted it to 20 bucks on a sale.

3-4-51761d ago

Firestorm is an awful map on consoles, not sure how it plays on PC.

famoussasjohn1761d ago

I saw Operation Metro in the Premium video during this sequence. Really disappointed in that map coming back if it's true.

xxxsiegezzz1761d ago

I'm not if they remake operation metro, they will change it dramatically. Maybe openining the upper are and making possible to collapse the metro tunnel.

Master-H1761d ago

Great, you really gain trust in developers when they show you DLC maps of their upcoming game before even showing you the retail maps and before the game coming out or reaching Beta /s
I rather deal with CoD and Activisions's incompetence than EA's excessive greed tbh