GC: Forza 5 gameplay (Offscreen 1080p 60fps)

Here we are on the Gamesomc showfloor, and we'll start with some Forza Motorsport 5, played by Helios from Turn10

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thereapersson1550d ago

Forza 5 is looking like a nice step up for the new generation.

abzdine1549d ago

of course it looks good, it's a next gen game.
but i have to admit DriveClub blows F5.

colt-of-tipton1549d ago

Other way round in my opinion.

dark_1011549d ago (Edited 1549d ago )

Sorry mate
Maybe DriveClub is "visually" impressive
If you are really into car games, you wouldn't compare this with Forza, its nothing like other Sim-racing games such Froza and GT you can easy tell from watching gameplays

I feel like its like Test Driver Unlimited or Forza horizon with race tracks instead of having massive open world environment and with some stunning graphics
honestly, DriveClub combined the best of both worlds

ABizzel11549d ago


It's a next-gen game using current-gen features and tech, to put out a rushed 360 game turned XB1.

The storefront and auction house are gone, still no weather, no night racing, the lighting is pre-baked (you're driving straight into the sun at 2:55 yet the bridge is still casting a HEAVY shadow under it). DriveClub has all of that (a true next-gen racer like Project Cars)

Forza 5 looks great graphically, but it's a 360 game bumped up to XB1 and missing features from the previous game.

ProjectVulcan1549d ago (Edited 1549d ago )

This might get me slaughtered, but the leap over Forza 4 seems pretty small in context of the game being on considerably more expensive next generation hardware 8 years newer than 360.

I mean yes, the resolution has doubled. Which should really be expected. Ignoring the fancy menu and car show off modes that existed in Forza 4 anyway and used extreme detail models you never had actually in game (autovista) it isn't exactly a leap over Forza 4 visually.

Its an improvement no doubt, one that couldn't be done without new hardware.

But when I think back to this ridiculous leap between say PGR2 on Xbox and PGR3 on 360, that was a huge leap and the fact is, the time gap was far smaller, just 4 years between Xbox launching and PGR3 launching with Xbox 360.

The models and the textures and the lighting and the trackside detail and the motion blur went off the charts, not to mention the inclusion of this insanely detailed cockpit view that didn't exist in the older games.

Forza 5 looks like it'll be a fantastic racing game but I'm not seeing this incredible improvement over Forza 4 that I expected (and hoped for) on brand new hardware the better part of a decade newer. This is a first party IP after all.

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Insomnia_841549d ago

Wow! This game is a straight up COPY of GRAN TURISMO!! From how you choose the color of your car to the camara movements and how the cars are showcased.

Damn! A little originality would've been nice.

Animal Mutha 761550d ago (Edited 1550d ago )

wow the bonnet reflections in race are so clear. Car sounds meaty as well.

In this game I will be the Stig.

The Meerkat1550d ago

Does anyone know what steering wheel option there are for the X1?

MadSientist891550d ago

Thrust Master and a new Mad catz wheel, either way hope you have 400$+ ready if you are going to buy a wheel.

r211550d ago

Impressive, props to the devs.

urwifeminder1550d ago

Looking forward to seeing what they say tonight in the conference most anticipated game for me.

mcstorm1549d ago

I agree it is for me to Loved all the other forza games. What I want to know though is have the put the head tracking in this game with the new Kinect? As I loved using this option on 4 when online racing.

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