Screenshots: DriveClub, Killzone: Mercenary, more

More Screenshots:

DriveClub (PS4) – 11 screenshots
Invizimals: The Alliance (PSV) – 5 screenshots
Killzone: Mercenary (PSV) – 15 screenshots
The Order: 1886 (PS4) – 3 artworks
PlayStation Vita Pets (PSV) – 10 screenshots
Tearaway (PSV) – 42 screenshots

The_Infected982d ago

These Driveclub screens are amazing! When are we going to see the new new demo?

abzdine982d ago

i'm downloading KZ beta right now.

For those who are interested, i have a voucher code for the beta, if someone wants it just send me a PM.

first one gets it!

Pintheshadows982d ago (Edited 982d ago )

I hope all the Driveclub haters will shut up now. Driveclub looks absolutely stunning and easily competes with the competition. Just look at those enviroments and car models.

Holy crap, the last Order concept art is incredible. That is clearly a concept for gameplay. If it looks close to that in action that will be one of the best looking games of all time.

CocoWolfie982d ago

just.. as long as its fun :) thats all that matters

CocoWolfie982d ago

im downloading the beta rn, theres like 3 minuets left! ^-^

colinf438982d ago

I got my KZ beta the 19th at like 11PM (: i love it, it looks increadible for a handheld device and it suprises me everytime I turn it on again! Go Kill Zone

medman982d ago

Sony is kicking the other guy's teeth in. The other guy needs surgery to remove the kinect that has been shoved in a dark, dark place.