SCEJA to hold PlayStation press conference on September 9

Sony Computer Entertainment Japan Asia will host a press conference regarding its PlayStation business sales strategy on September 9 at 3:00 p.m. Japan time.

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sherimae24131676d ago

playstation conference a week before TGS?
what could that be mean?

nick3091676d ago

Press events all year, so much games, though i wanna see AAA titles for vita and ps4 more than the indie stuff

sherimae24131676d ago

maybe its time for Gravity Rush 2? i wiiissshh!!

abzdine1676d ago

TGS conference will be about release plans of PS4 in Japan, and the september 9th conference could be about software cause right now there isn't a single japanese game announced on PS4.

abzdine1676d ago (Edited 1676d ago )

why do you complain if you think there are too many games?
House said yesterday that 14 Sony studios are all working on a PS4 game, isn't that enough?
whether they've shown trailers or not, none of these games would have made it to day one release date anyway.

TGS is coming and VGAs as well. Expect goos stuff to be revealed there too.

The LAST GUARDIAN on PS4 day one in Japan, MEGATON!

ZHZ901676d ago

I'll never lose faith in Sony because they still have games in development and there'll VGA and TGS.

No FanS Land1676d ago

it will mostly be the yen pricing and the release date in asian countries, so far there's nothing on that matter.

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nick3091676d ago

I sure hope so gravity rush was one of the best vita games

JunioRS1011676d ago

Well, I think that could be mean that they have more stuff to announce! So who cares lol I'm all for as many Sony conferences as they want to have!

Otoshigamisama1676d ago

I'm hyped for TGS even though it is still weeks away if they announce P5,or possibility of Persona 4 arena 2 on vita and many more games coming to US then I'm gunna be a happy man! :)

-Superman-1676d ago

We haven´t seen role and play games, this means we could see more of that.

I think Sony is going to something. I mean First press was about games, E3 was about PS4, Gamecon was about indie games, SCEJA is mostly likley about RPG games, and TGS could some big games?

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CaptainPunch1676d ago

Hoping to see some quality JRPGs on the Vita.

ZHZ901676d ago

And for PS4 as well.

I hope for Dark Cloud 3 to happen.

Inception1676d ago

I hope new Wild Arms are one of the JRPG that Shahid mention.

r211676d ago

Agreed, actual JRPGs. As much as I liked the past monhun type games, I really just wanna JRPG exclusives like Radiata Stories, Rouge Galaxy or even Dark Cloud.

j-blaze1676d ago

and on PS4 especially PS4! the console is filled with western games, we need Japanese games god's sake!

Inception1676d ago

Wait for TGS. I'm sure sony will announce more titles from japanese devs besides Deep Down, FF XIV, FF XV, KH 3, Evil Within, MGS V, and Soul Saga.

But i'm sure NIS will give Disgaea, Namdai with their Tales and maybe Tekken 7 / new Ridge Racer, Level 5 with their new RPG (the CEO already gave a hint about this), and ArcSystemWork with their Guilty Gear Xrd and new fighting game, all for PS4.

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pyramidshead1676d ago

Cool. That's much earlier than waiting a whole month for the keynote. Will definitely tune in.

younglj011676d ago

Wow they had an event before E3,now Sony having another one before TGS...Sony must have a lot more surprises in store for us...This is getting really crazy at the moment..

_FantasmA_1676d ago (Edited 1676d ago )

PlayStation overload, PlayStation overload! I can't take it anymore. I'm going into hibernation, wake me up November 10.

andibandit1676d ago (Edited 1676d ago )

Yeah i know what you mean, if I hear any more about indie games, my brain will melt.

ArronC071676d ago

We get it, you don't like indie games. You can shut up now.

Skips1676d ago

Would rather have a conference filled with indies than a conference filled with TV GARBAGE (MS's reveal) or than not have a conference at all (MS @ Gamescom)... lmao

andibandit1675d ago (Edited 1675d ago )


Im not a big fan of indie games, it's nothing against Sony. I own a 360 and i dont think i've bought any indie games over it's lifetime.

btw instead of trolling every xbox related article, maybe you should take your own advice.

christrules00411676d ago

I think you mean November 14th. You want to be there for the midnight release right?

_FantasmA_1676d ago

No I don't care about midnight release because I'm getting it shipped to my house. If I wake up Nov 14 I won't have enough time to prepare for greatness. I need a few days to get ready.

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