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PS3 Call of Duty: Ghosts Owners Can Upgrade to PS4 Version for Just $10

Hardcore Gamer: Mentioned briefly at Sony's Gamescom presser earlier today, Activision has revealed the price for the Call of Duty: Ghosts PS4 Upgrade program. Those who simply cannot wait the ten days between Call of Duty: Ghosts' release on PS3 and PS4 will be glad to know that they can upgrade to the next-gen version for only ten dollars. (Call of Duty: Ghosts, PS3, PS4)

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Relientk77  +   680d ago
Wow, when Sony announced at Gamescom that you could upgrade to PS4 versions of certain games for a big discount, I didn't think the prices would be that low

that's frigging awesome
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sengoku  +   680d ago
what a great program..
hopfully we will be getting the juice details soon.
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cleft5  +   680d ago
Thats an insanely good deal.
Raf1k1  +   680d ago
I agree. I was kind of expecting a $10 - $20 reduction but to get it for that low is pretty surprising.
CommonSense  +   680d ago
You guys do realize this is pretty much the standard for both consoles, right? Even gamestop is making the same offer. Amazon, too: http://www.joystiq.com/2013...

stop getting all wet in your panties because it's a sony announcement.
ZodTheRipper  +   680d ago
lol wut? My question is only whether we can keep the PS3 version or not after "upgrading" ...if not, I'm not really interested. If yes that would be awesome and make me buy CoD despite not being interested in it!

This would mean that I don't have to wait for the PS4 versions and also that my brother who'll get my PS3, can play them too after the PS4 launch.
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ab5olut10n  +   680d ago
Hopefully they do something like this for GTA 5
ZidaneNL  +   680d ago
You're honestly expecting GTA V to appear on next-gen consoles? Best joke of 2013 so far.
awesomeperson  +   680d ago
I believe it will, alongside the PC port they'll do. It would make sense - considering how it should feasibly be easy with new console(s) architecture and would give a wider population from who to gain revenue.

That said, I don't believe they'ld do a similar "cheap upgrade" deal - simply because it hasn't been announced for next-gen yet.
ZidaneNL  +   680d ago
I admire everyone's optimism, I really do, but I honestly think Rockstar would only be hurting themselves with a next-gen port. Most people who want GTA V in the first place will get it on the current-gen consoles. Sure, the ability to play it on your PS4 or XBO is useful, but I doubt Rockstar would want to invest in them right now.
TheOneEyedHound  +   680d ago
Why not Rockstar only cares about money.

Maybe it will make it's way 6-10 months later.

The answer is Gaikai, they can simply port it to the PSN Store. They don't have to change a thing.
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Chard  +   680d ago
Clearly Rockstar are considering it. They've been very vague about it when they could have just outright ruled out the possibility. Understandably they don't want the promise of a next gen version to hamper current gen sales, but they could increase their early current gen sales by securing all the fence sitters who are waiting for a 'possible' next gen version. All they have to do is give a definitive statement.
morganfell  +   680d ago
Rock star stated two weeks ago they are "Heavily supporting"next generation consoles so you might want to rethink your comment.
thehitman  +   680d ago
@Zidane I contemplated not getting GTAV because its not on ps4. I will most likely just borrow it from a friend who buys it and is done with it for ps3. I think not having a ps4 version and it releasing this late is a mistake by TakeTwo if they dont have a version in the works already(which it seems like they really dont).
ABeastNamedTariq  +   680d ago
I think that by the time GTA V came out for next gen consoles, if it ever does (why shouldn't it, though), the value would be too depreciated to get something significant back. R* is gonna want to let the PS3/60 sales reach their peak and then some (because GTA games always sell for years). We're talking a year, year and a half, methinks.
princejb134  +   680d ago
Agree. The only reason I'm not buying this game is because I'm done with buying ps3 games
I'm all hyped up and my pockets are full of money for the ps4
gaelic_laoch  +   680d ago
SONY again Walking the Walk after Talking the Talk! Unlike others shuffling around like brain starved zombies on drugs!
aiBreeze  +   680d ago
Zombies don't know how to do 180 turns.
gaelic_laoch  +   680d ago
:( I really should not be insulting Zombies :(
_FantasmA_  +   680d ago
If they could use guns and get organized back in 2005, I'm sure by now zombies are teaching quantum physics and flying zombies to the moon by now. Romero lost the touch after Land of the Dead :(
theWB27  +   680d ago
*Steps into circle jerk*
You two are having a circle jerk when Microsoft is doing the same thing through Amazon and Gamestop on more games than just COD.

There is no way you'll be able to keep the old game. Think they'll give away two just launched, AAA titles for 70 bucks.

*Steps out of the circle jerk*

Carry on.
gaelic_laoch  +   680d ago
I am a married man and not interested in taking part in a circle jerk but i am flattered.

But i agree there is always a catch!
pyramidshead  +   680d ago
like dead rising 3 but with much better frame rates :P
Jeff257  +   680d ago
The only downside I see for some people is that you have to buy the game on PS4 as a digital copy. Still the fact that the price is so low and that DLC and Season Pass will carry over for no additional cost could get people to go that route. Also I expect you will be able to keep your PS3 copy and continue to play it as well. That will be good for people like myself who have friends I game with on PS3 that may not be getting a PS4 at launch. Can still game with them and also game with those who do have the PS4.
_FantasmA_  +   680d ago
Who cares man. I like both. Some games are cheap with PS Plus and some games you can find cheap online or in the store. I like having alot of digital games and my main game in the Blu Ray drive. I can switch games easily by just laying in bed and using the DS3. No I'm not some lazy 400 pound fat bastard who craps in bucket by the side of the bed, but I want my PS3 to last me a really long time. By not having to use the drive all the time, I can keep it lasting longer. Digital and physical copies means more choices and as long as both exist, each with their advantages, then every gamer can be happy.
Jeff257  +   680d ago
I never said I had an issue with Digital. I said some people will have an issue. I for one am debating whether I want to go mostly digital so that it will be easier to access my games from anywhere or if I still want to collect physical and have them on my shelves. One thing that may sway me is how easy would it be to access remote play on the Vita between digital titles and physical. I expect with physical you will need that disc in the system. But maybe with digital you will be able to boot your PS4 from the Vita and play any digital title on that system remotely.
Gamesgbkiller  +   680d ago
They said it will be for a limited time.

What if I bought BF4 next year for PS3, will I have a discount for the PS4 version?

Or I have to buy it before PS4 launch ?
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iamnsuperman  +   680d ago
It is probably for those games that are months within launch. A year down the line people would be upgrading/upgraded anyway and less games will be releasing on the PS3 (which have a PS4 version). I assume those games released after a year will not have this function nor if you buy BF4 on PS3 next year as it and the PS4 has been out for sometime. I m assuming this programme would last until sometime between early and mid next year
first1NFANTRY  +   680d ago
That's $10 too much for a current gen looking game. Anyway KZ and Battlefield will have my attention for shooters this holiday season.
listenkids  +   680d ago
BF is one of the upgradable games. It's just an option.
cellur111  +   680d ago
Am i the only one who think this whole program is quite dumb? Why would i want to purchase the same game twice?
The Meerkat  +   680d ago
You're not. You would be purchasing it 1.2 times.

It enables people to but it on a PS3 at launch then upgrade to the PS4 they get at christmas.

Its a bloody brilliant idea.
CommonSense  +   680d ago
it is brilliant. which is how you know sony didn't think of it. they are just doing it to compete with what's already being done.


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MasterCornholio  +   680d ago
If it works for HD remakes that would be something but for regular current gen titles i would prefer to just buy the PS4 version.

@The Meerkat

Now that you mention it doesnt seem like such a bad idea. But honestly, if you could wait a few weeks for the PS4 version and save 10€ wouldnt you do that?

Oh i got an idea how this might work well. Hand me down consoles. Imagine this i hand down my PS3 to my brother and i let him buy the PS3 versions of the game. Then with my superior PS4 i buy them at a heavily discounted price. This would only work if all users on the console have access to the same content though.

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iamnsuperman  +   680d ago
It is for those games that come out on the older systems first. Then you get a PS4 and you want to play BF4/COD online on the PS4 but you have this PS3 version. So it is reduced instead of having to pay the same price again. There will be a difference between BF4/COD online on the PS3 and PS4
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banoyong  +   680d ago
Hopefully they do something like this for GTA 5
CommonSense  +   680d ago
Not a chance. There is a time limit on this transaction. It's not like you can buy a ps3 game today, then in 6 months trade it for the ps4 version for 10 dollars.

even if we do see a gta 5 on one/ps4, it won't be for a long time.
Number-Nine  +   680d ago
better off holding out until the ps4 version is out. paying 70$ for the same game.
ZBlacktt  +   680d ago
True, but if most of your friends are still on the PS3. Some might just hang with the current console still. Then upgrade later on down the road. But still, $10 is nothing. More so when either way your going to pay full price for either console at one point.
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_FantasmA_  +   680d ago
But you can play it on two systems or maybe your friends and family can. Also, double the trophies, or lets say somebody steals or scratches one copy. Better to have an extra one for 10 than 60.
gamingfriend  +   680d ago
Its great what sony are doing,but if I can buy cod ghosts for a tenner anyway might be worth a buy
More like downgrade.
ZBlacktt  +   680d ago
That's a really good deal, wow... One Subway footlong meal.
JohnApocalypse  +   680d ago
I'm glad of this because now I don't have to wait an extra month to play Ghosts and Battlefield 4 because of Euro release
MrBeatdown  +   680d ago

If they let you keep the PS3 copy, regardless of what you think of Call of Duty, that is one hell of a deal.
jp_footy2  +   680d ago
Watch Microsoft follow suit.
theWB27  +   680d ago
Microsoft already announced this yesterday. They're offering more games and through Amazon and Gamestop.


You still gonna watch them?
rustyspoon80  +   680d ago
More details are required on this. What if I rent the game will I be able to upgrade for $10 then. I'll have the full disk version.
theWB27  +   680d ago
Look at the Sony fanatics going crazy over something Microsoft already announced YESTERDAY. Plus Microsoft is offering more games than just COD and through more retailers.

"GameStop isn't the only establishment offering Xbox One upgrades. Amazon has announced it too will allow users to upgrade from their Xbox 360 game to the same version on Xbox One, for a $10 fee.

Each eligible Xbox 360 game traded in to Amazon prior to December 31 will be valued at $25 and, as part of this promotion, Amazon will tack on another $25. That leaves you to make up the $10 in-between.

Amazon will support eight games over GameStop's five: Battlefield 4, Need for Speed: Rivals, Madden NFL 25, Call of Duty: Ghosts, FIFA 14, Watch Dogs, NBA 2K13 and Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag. Just make sure you read the full terms and conditions before you start boxing up your games. okay?"


Lol at you people.
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listenkids  +   680d ago
If this is a competition, clearly the better option ( if priced right ) will be Sony.

You buy BF4 on 360, you trade it in + $10 for X1 version, total cost roughly $70.

You buy BF4 on PS3, you use a code given to you for a digital download discount, let's say $20, you then sell the PS3 version on Amazon/Ebay for $30-40, total cost roughly $40.

If we want to be petty dicks about the whole thing.
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theWB27  +   680d ago
Listen kid...there's no way you're going to be able to keep the other lower version. Your're not buying 2 AAA titles for 70 bucks.

Petty or not...that's wishful thinking bud.
MrBeatdown  +   680d ago
Even though neither Sony nor Activision mentioned having to go to a retailer to forfeit their physical copy, it sounds like WB's going to assume that's the case anyway, just so he can troll the "Sony fanatics" with accusations of hypocrisy.

Because, you know, it's not like Sony would ever give you two versions of the same game at a discount and encourage publishers to do the same.

You know, aside from Sly Cooper. And PS Allstars. And Ratchet and Clank. And Sound Shapes. And Guacamelee. And Retro City Rampage. And MotorStorm RC. And...
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theWB27  +   680d ago
You're right Beatdown
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Kryptix  +   680d ago
"Look at the Sony fanatics going crazy over something Microsoft already announced YESTERDAY."

Wait, Microsoft announced that PS3 users can upgrade their Call of Duty: Ghosts copy to a PS4 version for just $10? I didn't know they teamed up with Sony. lol I find it funny that you try to spin new positive information into a negative for the people that are getting a PS4. Be glad that both sides are doing this so new generation consoles after the Xbox One and PS4 can have the same deals.
SharnOfTheDEAD  +   680d ago
Chances are it could be the same as Amazon and Gamestop (I live in the UK and seen no such deal btw) Or, we could be getting a discounted digital download as well and keeping the previous copy. Publishers probably wouldn't want a new game being traded in and stores probably wouldn't want several hundred current gen copies being returned in space of a few weeks literally filling the shelves! What they gunna do with them? Stick em with the ET games?

According to videogamer.com they believe it will be done digitally, but more info will come soon.
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PSnation4  +   680d ago
i wonder how this will be done.. if u buy the games at retail stores like gamestop and bestbuy etc etc..or if u buy the ps3 download digital games

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