Renegade Kid calls Moon 'more ambitious' than Dementium

Joystiq reports:

''Dementium: The Ward, developer Renegade Kid's debut release for the Nintendo DS, certainly pushed the frontier of what we expect from handheld gaming, but it was far from perfect. Company co-owner Jools Watsham conceded as much to us during a recent interview, but added that Renegade Kid's next project, the recently announced DS title Moon, will be even "more ambitious" than the studio's freshman effort.

"We're being much more ambitious with the environments, particle effects, enemies and cinematic cut-scenes," commented Watsham. "Even though we pushed the DS with Demenitum, we were still being slightly cautious due to our time frame and growing experience with the platform. This time around with Moon, we are being a little less cautious while still be expressive and ambitious."

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PS360WII3902d ago

This game really does look good. It's always good when a dev sticks to a platform because they learned some tricks and try out some new stuff while progressing all the time.

ps360s3902d ago

like Bungie (Halo series)

Insomniac Games (Resistance)

I respect these companies for sticking to a certain console to make full use and progress

damn btw liek your nickname lol

ItsDubC3902d ago

I applaud any dev who is determined to push the bounds of a platform.

Harry1903902d ago

guys commenting in this section.

Condemned clone.

ItsDubC3902d ago

Now we just need a 4th =)

PS360WII3902d ago

what's a condemned clone? A sci fi shooter taking place on the moon vs a horror melee game?

Harry1903902d ago

structurally,they are quite similar.

PS360WII3902d ago

oh i see i see. Well they say Condemned is a good game seeing that it's getting a sequel and all so all the more power for Moon then eh? :)

Harry1903902d ago

it is a good game,and also a rare find for this handheld(pretty dark and gloomy.)

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