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Sony’s gamescom 2013 press conference wrap up

El33tonline writes:

"Sony’s recently concluded gamescom press conference may not have featured any new AAA title announcements, but a wide array of new indie games were confirmed for PlayStation platforms (particularly the PS4) and we learned when and where the PS4 will launch later this year." (Gamescom 2013, PS Vita, PS3, PS4, Sony)

sckipt  +   495d ago
Sony again will wait for TGS and VGA for the big announcements probably and till then i just want the thing so bad
minimur12  +   495d ago
I would wet myself if they announced ND's game as a launch title at TGS, I know it's unlikely but hey - i can dream!
iamnsuperman  +   495d ago
It is most likely going to be seen at the VGAs with more of a gameplay showing at E3. TGS is more of Japanese developer orientated conference.
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minimur12  +   495d ago

would've thought so - Whatsort of news would come from there then, I mean just a load new ps4 games from random dev's accross the country.
I gauruntee more gameplay from knack aswell haha
NewMonday  +   495d ago
- The user interface demonstration was great, it shows one of the best improvements in next gen, how Yoshida viewed the full stream of a PSN friend playing KZ and very quickly joined the match

- The EU "dedicated bandwidth for PS4" deal with ISP providers is a really "big deal"

- Vita is ALIVE

- ND and SSM games are set for a 2014 reveal

- 14 day free PSN+ and an extra 90 day bonus for new 1 year subscribers

- Discounts for PS3 to PS4 game upgrades

- Many more games like Journey, Limbo and Unfinished Swan

- Shadow of the Beast remake
SpideySpeakz  +   495d ago
What makes you believe Sony will reveal something 'big' at the Tokyo Game Show? They didn't reveal nothing significant at E3 or Gamescom. If they didn't do it at E3/GC, then they have nothing 'big' to reveal - since E3 & GC has a much broader audience.

MS and Sony are both lackluster, and possibly launching both the most lackluster consoles ever in history.
iamnsuperman  +   495d ago
I can see Sony showing big Japanese games at TGS as they haven't shown a lot from those developers. Will these games make it over here? I do not know but TGS is going to be Sony pandering to the Japanese market. So they will reveal something big that people like in that market (may not be a big thing here but a big thing there)
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Tiqila  +   495d ago
I agree with MassEffect23. The line-up sucks (of both consoles).

In my opinion they should have waited longer, so we get some more launch-games, but that is I guess unprofitable since they need to get the holiday business.
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ABeastNamedTariq  +   495d ago

The Order was pretty significant..my opinion though...

And, they can announce JRPGs. Come on now!

JRPGs wouldn't mix well with a European or American show. JRPGs should be announced at a Japanese show.

Also, I guess you missed that article about how Sony wasn't done announcing everything they had, and that there's a JRPG for Vita in development, huh? :P


If you waited for every major PS developer to develop PS4 games for launch... You'd be waiting for 2,3, 4 more years after launch so they can develop more exclusives again! Think about it. You're right: they need to get it out before the holidays.
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DaGR8JIBRALTAR  +   495d ago
damn!...who pissed in your cheerios this morning?
younglj01  +   495d ago
Mass the fact Sony haven't shown any "big" titles should make you want the PS4 even more...Just take an moment and think about what developers haven't even teased their next-gen titles yet...
Salooh  +   495d ago
It doesn't work that way. If ND are not ready to show their game how do you expect them to show it in E3 or gamescom . When they are ready they will show it . It's that simple. They don't even need a conference . GC wasn't huge but it was alright . Price cut for vita/memories and ps3 . New trailers of announced games . UI , network partnership..etc , the best part that everything they showed is about games not like MS that do partnerships for sports and tv's ..
KingKelloggTheWH  +   495d ago
Hopefully they have some big things to show at TGS, I want some action RPG's!
M-M  +   495d ago
The best type of RPG =).
ABeastNamedTariq  +   495d ago
I thought wrap-ups weren't allowed on N4G?

OT: They had a pretty good conference. Now my anticipation is increasing for TGS! I need some Persona in my life. And other JRPG goodness, of course!
andibandit  +   495d ago
I would rate it, below average.
cyguration  +   495d ago
Really? When were wrap-ups not allowed? The entirety of E3 coverage is about press conference wrap-ups and opinions.

Do you have any idea how barren N4G would be without wrap-up articles and post-conference analysis articles?
ABeastNamedTariq  +   494d ago
I saw pending articles talking about conference wrap ups being failed because they were wrap ups. Reason? "N4G is a wrap up site." That's all I'm saying.
jackanderson1985  +   495d ago
i thought it was a great conference for the vita but the PS4 show was kinda lacking
BOWZER35  +   495d ago
So i missed the conference, was it good or bad?
Majin-vegeta  +   495d ago
Oh it was quite delightful if i do say so.
BOWZER35  +   494d ago
ABeastNamedTariq  +   495d ago
It was really good. They announced a hell of a lot of games for PS3/4/Vita. Mostly 4 and Vita though. Most were indie, but all looked interesting. Everybody's Gone to the Rapture and Rime were standouts for me, you should look them up. Hmm..what else..GT6 releases in December. PS3/4/Vita are getting Minecraft now. Infamous, Killzone, DriveClub, and Knack are looking great as usual. The Infamous trailer showed off Delsin absorbing someone's powers (light, I think).

Overall, they announced a lot. You can base it off of that I guess lol. Sorry for the recap you didn't ask for. XD

EDIT: And Shadow of the Beast! Thanks for remaining me Sniper.
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SniperControl  +   495d ago
You forgot to mention Shadow of the Beast! As a Amiga gamer back in the day, I am looking forward to this.
SpideySpeakz  +   495d ago
Mediocre, at best. 90% of PS4 exclusives were 2D indie games. Most of them, I can play on the PC. Nothing really meaty.
sly-Famous  +   495d ago
Yor comment just shows me that you are all about graphics, FPS and no gameplay.
andibandit  +   495d ago

Well...if you're into Indie Games, you're in for a treat.

There were a few games that did catch my eye namely:

Altered Beast. The original(1988) was a sidescrolling beat'em up, but we didnt see any gamepay from this new game.

War Thunder. A game that I think is similar to BF1942.
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devwan  +   495d ago
+ Shadow Of The

Reflections/Psygnosis game from the Amiga, ST, Lynx, C64, Mega Drive, etc. Side-scrolling platformer with a disgusting amount of parallax.
cyguration  +   495d ago
Ugh, a lot of people missed the point of the conference...

there weren't just a "lot of indie games". They showed a range of games from low-budget side-scrollers to mid-budget adventure and platforming games to AAA titles.

There's literally a mixed bag of games. I wouldn't really classify Everybody's Gone to the Rapture and RIME as traditional indie titles but closer to a mid-budget game you might have seen during the PS2 era when devs actually took risks.

So yeah... Sony showed off a lot of "risky" games, I should say. They sprinkled in some AAA footage and some typical indie titles like Res0gun, but they had literally something for everyone.

I'm most excited about Starbound on the PS4, though. Now that's a straight-up indie game.
sly-Famous  +   495d ago
So no TLG then?
andibandit  +   495d ago

but there was a game called "Rime" which I personally, group in the same category, but I could be wrong as those are not my type of games.
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Majin-vegeta  +   494d ago
Thats better suited for Tokyo Game show in its homeland.
babis1974  +   495d ago
I dont't know why they are waiting to reveal the big guns but maybe they want to have some aces up their sleeve...i am waiting and i think all should wait till they open their mouth because SONY is more careful with what they are doing with PS4!! They 've done some big mistakes with PS3.Remember remember the 29th of November...
babis1974  +   495d ago
Indie games are growing up and bring some good stuff
Sarobi  +   495d ago
I was pleased with it, there was a lot of variety.
GreenRanger  +   495d ago
I heard on a Youtube video that there was a bat flying around the conference hall.

https://www.youtube.com/wat... around 30 seconds in.
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garos82  +   495d ago
Batman confirmed?!!
MrBeatdown  +   495d ago
Sony offered up info on pretty much everything you could ask for.

They demoed the XMB, which looked fantastic, and confirmed features like Twitch, background music, and the ability to hop into MP right from viewing a stream, which says a lot about the overall design and thought that went into the level of functionality and features it offers.

They announced tons of indie games, big and small (Rapture being my favorite).

They announced that every one of their 14 first party studios is working on PS4. If you were paying close attention to the map in the background during that announcement, even the formerly handheld-only studio Sony Bend, the guys who made Syphon Filter, are working on PS4.

And if that wasn't enough, they announced they've got over 50 external teams working on exclusive games.

I guess unless you wanted them to just announce games that are still over a year off and hurl AAA games into the audience, or think packing in a soccer game for some pre-order customers is the greatest thing ever, Sony did a pretty good job laying out what to expect from PS4.
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Bundi  +   495d ago
Not impressed greatly myself. Where are all the AAA games the PS fans were saying Sony were saving for gamescon? Are we going back to the wait until dance?
Indies on is what it should have been called.
vivid83  +   495d ago
I don't think the conference was great but it was consistent and a natural progression from e3. I didn't really need any convincing so I think they got it just right with the announcement and price drops

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